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Joy's Clip n' Dip Pet Grooming A locally owned and operated all breed, full service dog grooming salon. Welcome to Joy's Clip-N-Dip Pet Grooming. We are a professional all breed dog grooming salon located in Everett, Washington
at 6124 Evergreen Way since 1986.

The owner, Joy Porter, graduated from The International School of Animal Arts located in Manhattan, New York in 1979 and has been professionally grooming ever since. She taught grooming at the school for a year following graduation. She then groomed for other salons in New Jersey, her home state, and Washington before opening her own salon, Joy's Clip-N-Dip
Pet Grooming in 1986. While living in N

The owner, Joy Porter, graduated from The International School of Animal Arts located in Manhattan, New York in 1979 and has been professionally grooming ever since. She taught grooming at the school for a year following graduation. She then groomed for other salons in New Jersey, her home state, and Washington before opening her own salon, Joy's Clip-N-Dip
Pet Grooming in 1986. While living in N

Operating as usual


Hi All

As you can see above October 29, 2021 will be the last day at my storefront.

I will be mobile mid Nov. The new mobile grooming van will be ready for pick up or delivery on Nov 1, 2021. We are currently trying to figure out the logistics of getting it here to Washington as it is coming from Indiana.

Many of you know my groomer Peggy. She has been with me for 15 years and is a daughter to me. Peggy has been the groomer for many of you and would love as much as I to welcome you on our new mobile salon if you choose to continue to have us groom your pups. She and I are partners in the van. When she has it that will be her business, when I have it that will be my business. So one van … 2 separate businesses.

Mobile grooming is a premium at home professional service. It is a one on one personal service for you and your dog in a stress free, crate free environment where your dog will be pampered in luxury in a completely self contained state of the art grooming salon. We will not need to plug in to your electricity or hook up to your water.

As stated in my previous posting we completely understand if this is not a viable option for some families.

If you have appointments scheduled through the end of 2021, I am wholeheartedly sorry but I will not be able to honor those appointments at the Clip-N-Dip store front. If you would like to have us come to you, which I would love, or simply want more information please e-mail myself at [email protected] or Peggy at [email protected] so we can move your appointments to either Peggy’s or my van schedules.

NOTE: We will only be able to accommodate 4-6 dogs a day on the van. I will not be working anymore than 3 1/2-4 days per week. Peggy will be working 2-2 1/2 days although this is a preliminary schedule at this time. Also.. I’m getting older and need to take care of my body and specifically my arms. I will not be able to do large dogs.

If you would like another option I am recommending
Muddy Paws. Many of you know my groomer Kaitlin. She will be starting at Muddy Paws on November 9. She’s been with me for 8 years and I’ve trained her myself. She is a great groomer. They are located at 7207 Evergreen Way. Only about 30 seconds south of my shop. Phone # 425-355-8429. You can call before November 9 and ask for Kelsey. Tell her you’d like to book with Kaitlin November 9 or after that.

Stay tuned for further updates. Thank you



Changes on the horizon for Clip-n-Dip!

After much consideration, it’s time for me to shift my focus from a busy, high volume storefront to a more flexible one on one experience with your beloved pets.

After 43 years as a Professional Pet Groomer and 35 years serving all our amazing clients in a salon environment, I am excited to announce Clip-n-Dip is making the change to mobile grooming.

Our storefront will be closing and we will be grooming out of a Mercedes Sprinter mobile grooming van.


CURBSIDE SERVICE! We will bring a brand spanking new self contained state of the art grooming salon right to your front door.

ONE ON ONE ATTENTION! Your favorite groomer will be able to provide your pet with the most luxurious spa treatments all to themselves while giving your dog our undivided attention.

EFFICIENCY! Significantly shorter appointment times. We will be able to provide your pups with a thorough luxury experience in 1-2 hours start to finish.

ALL INCLUSIVE! For one base rate per hour you will receive all the extras we have to offer. Teeth cleaning, skin treatments, specialty shampoos and conditioners plus more!

Our timeline is very fluid right now. We most likely will not have the van until December as it is not yet off the Mercedes assembly line. From there it will go to the mobile van conversion company in Indiana where they will build it into a beautiful mobile salon. We are so excited about this new adventure and cannot wait to share it with you. We do, however, understand mobile grooming may not suit every families needs and we want to thank you for your loyal patronage. We are experiencing all the emotions with you and will greatly miss those of you that mobile grooming may not be a viable option for.

For more details or questions you can reach Joy at [email protected].


Good Day Clients. I received news today that a long time client has passed from Covid 19. My heart breaks for the family and friends. This passing, along with the rise in Covid 19 cases in Snohomish County and news of several other clients who have struggled through Covid 19, has given me pause to reevaluate how we are conducting our Covid 19 protocol at Clip N Dip.

I feel it necessary to beef up our efforts to try to keep myself and my staff safe from Covid 19. 2 of my staff are pregnant and have toddlers as well. I am over 60, have asthma and my parents are in their mid 80’s. I need to be available for my parents and cannot risk taking this horrible disease to them.

# 1 I must insist that when you arrive in our parking lot with your pet that you be masked during our exchange. No mask no service.

# 2 You will need to get out of your car with your dog as we will no longer be putting our heads into your car to get your dog out.

I am sorry to have to step up our protocol but Covid 19 has been circulating too close for comfort.

On behalf of myself and my staff, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation until further notice.

I wish you all a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year

Thank you Joy.


At this time we are offering curbside service. When you arrive for your appointment please call 425-353-1544 to let us know you are here. We will be out momentarily to retrieve your pet and bring them back out to you when you arrive to pick them up. We will use our own leash on your pet. We will be masked and gloved. We ask that you mask as well.

Walk in services are temporarily suspended. We are doing what are usually walk in services by appointment only for the time being. Those services have all gone up $3.00 - $5.00. They include nail clips, face trims, feet trims, sanitary trims, ear plucking and cleaning, a**l gland expression.

To save time on our end running back and forth we would appreciate exact change cash or check for payment. If credit/debit is your preferred method of payment we are happy to accommodate that.

We are happy to be back to work and very much appreciate your patience and cooperation during these strange times in our lives. Take care everyone and Wash Your Hands! 😊😊❤️


First week back is in the books. What a week it’s been. Thank you everyone who came in this week for cooperating with such patience with our Covid protocol, for understanding that we needed extra time with your fur babies and so graciously allowing us to have that time, to those we had to take short or shave thank you for understanding Humanity before Vanity, and thank you all for your generosity. It has been very much appreciated. ❤️❤️❤️


Good Evening Folks

Well ...I think we’re ready. At least I hope so. Hopefully, after 4 solid days of calls I have reached everyone and got you rescheduled for appointments to get your overly fluffy fur babies cleaned up. Right now we are booked until the middle of July. If I’ve missed getting in contact with you, I am truly sorry. Please call and let me know so that we can get you scheduled. 425-353-1544. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as I’ve called and booked your appointments. Absolutely everyone has been wonderful. The entire process went very smooth.

There are many factors to be considered when booking our days.

#1. Covid 19 protocol such as constant sanitizing and curbside service that takes a lot of time throughout the day,

#2. My girls have children they need to get home to.

#3. I’m 61....well almost...and though my mind thinks I’m 29.. the reality is that I just am not physically capable of grooming as many dogs in a day as I once could... tho I tend to over do it.

That being said.. we won’t be slacking anywhere. We will still, as always, be putting in our best efforts to accommodate where we can. I have the best crew and they work their butts off for me and you.

Thank you all again for your patience. You’ve no idea how much it has been appreciated❤️❤️
See you all soon. Glad to be back!!


Good Evening Folks

I’ve put in 8 hours yesterday and 12 today calling. If I haven’t called you yet I will be calling tomorrow. I’m going through the appointment book day by day starting at March 24 and am now near the end of April. I know there’s about 20 more of you who had appointments canceled to call. I want to thank you for your patience in waiting for me. I also want to thank everyone I have already called for being so understanding and also having continued patience. You are all wonderful. I truly have the best clients❤️❤️

If you have left a message on the voicemail at the shop I will be tackling that tomorrow and Monday as well. Yesterday am there were only a couple messages. This morning am there were 68. Just want you to know I know your there and I will be reaching out to you soon.


Good Morning Everyone

Just want to let you know a bit about how appointments will work.

Appointments are being scheduled according to those appointments canceled first when the shut down began starting with March 25 and moving forward through April and May to today June 6th. Yesterday I began reaching out and scheduling new appointments. I am taking today and probably tomorrow and Monday to continue to reach out through phone call and text message to everyone who had a scheduled appointment that was canceled. It will take me a few days to reach everyone as there are over 400 appointments to reschedule. Though many of those are repeats due to those of you that schedule the whole year, it will take at least 30-45 days to get everyone in as due to required Covid-19 protocol we cannot groom our usual amount of dogs per day. If you did not have a previous appointment scheduled, I am sorry but it will be well into July before we will be able to get you in. We will not be able to accept new clients for quite some time. Walk in services such as nail clips will need to call and schedule an appointment. Thank you. Have a great weekend😊


I’m busy making calls to schedule everyone. It might take me a few days to reach everyone but I’m on it. Please be patient. I will get to you. I’m starting with those canceled first on March 24 and working from there. Can’t wait to get back ❤️❤️


We still don’t have an opening date. 👀🤷‍♀️


Good Day Lovely Clients

Hopefully we are getting close to reopening. Phase 2 is proposed to begin on June 1st but it is not a confirmed date as of yet. Understandably, We have been receiving lots of request for appointments. I’m not excepting appointments at this time as June 1 is a maybe not a positive. Also, Covid-19 protocol will have to be in place for our industry before we can open as well. ( SIDENOTE: Dog walkers were due to open in phase 1 but it took an extra week to get their Covid protocol in place before they could actually go to work) Therefore, once I have a positively confirmed date I will begin reaching out to make appointments starting with those of you that had to be canceled first when the shutdown began and working my way through the end of March, April and May. Due to having to have whatever our Covid-19 protocol will be, ie: curbside service, only so many dogs in shop at a time, I don’t know what it will require just yet, it will hinder our ability to work as full a schedule as we did when the world was normal. Appointments will be given with priority going to folks that pre-scheduled appointments and had them canceled due to the virus. Next will be those regular clients that don’t pre-schedule appointments but have been coming to us for a long time. It will take us quite a while to get caught up and we ask for your patience while we do our very best to take care of you all with time. Hope you are all well and looking forward to seeing you all as soon as we are able. Thank you


Good Day Valued Clients. Our Governor has said the Stay at Home Order will not be lifted on May 4. He has not given us an extension date as of yet. For the safety of my beloved staff, treasured clients and my own health we will continue to honor the Stay at Home Order through till we get the green light to return to work. When we have a confirmed date that we can return to work we will be in touch with you to reschedule all your fuzzy puppies. We will be scheduling in the order of those that were canceled first when the quarantine began. There will be Covid -19 practices in place that will take up a considerable amount of our time during the day. This will greatly hinder our ability to take on our usual amount of dogs we can groom during our work day. We will not be making any appointments until we know of a certain return to work date. We ask for your continued patience with us through this time and patience with our ability to accommodate you when we do return. Please know we will absolutely do our very best to get caught up on our work. We greatly value each and every one of you. Hug your pups for us❤️ Stay safe and well❤️


Our Governor has extended the Stay at Home Order until May 4 with the possibility of longer. Please stay safe everyone. If you must wash your dog at home please be sure to brush and comb before and after. Looking forward to seeing you and your fur babies in the future.

Proper Brushing And Combing Techniques
Proper Brushing And Combing Techniques

Proper Brushing And Combing Techniques

Andis Grooming Educator Diane Betelak demonstrates how to use proper brushing and combing techniques with Andis grooming tools.


Hello Treasured Clients. We regret to inform you that we will be closed until further notice due to Covid 19. The City of Everett Mayor has ordered businesses to close and residents to shelter in place as of 12:00 noon on Monday 3/23. We wish you all to stay safe and well. Please follow us here on FB for updates as to when we will be returning to work.


Happy National Dog Day!!


These beauties came to see us today.

“Bernice” the happiest sweetest rolly polly bulldog ever. She is always so excited to visit us.

”Buster” Mr Serious and boy does he love his girls. He’s a very handsome gentle soul.

“Crackalackadingdong” Adorable sweet girl. Still a puppy and such a good girl. And yes.... that is her name. I just love saying it.

These dogs just make me smile all day when they come in for grooming 😊😊😊


Wishing all our clients a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We will be closed 12/23-1/1/19 so we may enjoy the Holidays with our families.


6124 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 7:30am - 4pm
Wednesday 7:30am - 4pm
Thursday 7:30am - 4pm
Friday 7:30am - 4pm
Saturday 7:30am - 4pm


(425) 353-1544


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