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It’s official, Dawg Days Grooming Spaw is officially temporarily closed down. Wishing all my dear clients safety and health. God Bless

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

🛑 What Are The Risks of Spay Neuter?
We are often ask this question, so let’s dive in and take a look.
Desexing removes hormone-producing organs (the ovaries or testicles) that researchers are now finding are actually quite important to overall health. Studies also indicate that the earlier a puppy is spayed or neutered, the greater the likelihood of health problems later in life. Here are examples of studies evidencing some of these potential issues.
Studies showed that the hormone estrogen, which is no longer produced in spayed or neutered dogs, plays a crucial role in bone growth and development. The removal of estrogen-producing organs in immature dogs can cause growth plates to remain open. The dogs continue to grow and wind up with abnormal growth patterns and bone structure, which can result in irregular body proportions. (Shown in the photo example)
In a retrospective cohort study conducted at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and published over 10 years ago in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, results showed that both male and female dogs desexed at an early age were more prone to hip dysplasia.
❗️(CCL) Injuries
A study conducted at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center on canine cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injuries concluded that spayed and neutered dogs had a significantly higher incidence of CCL rupture than their intact counterparts. And while large breed dogs had more CCL injuries, sterilized dogs of all breeds and sizes had increased rupture rates.
In a study of Rottweilers published in 2002, it was established that the risk for bone sarcoma was significantly influenced by the age at which the dogs were desexed. For both male and female.
Among the reports and studies pointing to health concerns associated with early spaying and neutering, you can also find mention of increased incidence of:
🔹Adverse reactions to vaccines
🔹Noise phobias
🔹Fearful behavior
Our recommendation is to wait until 2 yrs with responsible pet ownership.

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References used for this write up.

Dementia in Senior Dogs
Dementia in Senior Dogs

Dementia in Senior Dogs

Note: I’ve had so many conversations with people about dementia in senior dogs in the past couple of months I thought perhaps it might be good to re-visit the topic with the hope that my words might be of some help to those of you who are dealing with the issue. When I talk

The warden came with me to work today, she’s a bossy gal I tell ya!

The warden came with me to work today, she’s a bossy gal I tell ya!

A true hero!

A true hero!

Judy, a purebred pointer, was the mascot of several ships in the Pacific, and was captured by the Japanese in 1942 and taken to a prison camp. There she met Aircraftsman Frank Williams, who shared his small portion of rice with her.

Judy raised morale in the POW camp, and also barked when poisonous snakes, crocodiles or even tigers approached the prisoners. When the prisoners were shipped back to Singapore, she was smuggled out in a rice sack, never whimpering or betraying her presence to the guards.

The next day, that ship was torpedoed. Williams pushed Judy out of a porthole in an attempt to save her life, even though there was a 15-foot drop to the sea. He made his own escape from the ship, but was then recaptured and sent to a new POW camp.

He didn't know if Judy had survived, but soon he began hearing stories about a dog helping drowning men reach pieces of debris after the shipwreck. And when Williams arrived at the new camp, he said: "I couldn’t believe my eyes! As I walked through the gate, a scraggly dog hit me square between the shoulders and knocked me over. I’d never been so glad to see the old girl!"

They spent a year together at that camp in Sumatra. "Judy saved my life in so many ways," said Williams. "But the greatest of all was giving me a reason to live. All I had to do was look into those weary, bloodshot eyes and ask myself: 'What would happen to her if I died?' I had to keep going."

Once hostilities ceased, Judy was then smuggled aboard a troopship heading back to Liverpool. In England, she was awarded the Dickin Medal (the "Victoria Cross" for animals) in May 1946. Her citation reads: "For magnificent courage and endurance in Japanese prison camps, which helped to maintain morale among her fellow prisoners, and also for saving many lives through her intelligence and watchfulness".

At the same time, Frank Williams was awarded the PDSA's White Cross of St. Giles for his devotion to Judy. Frank and Judy spent a year after the war visiting the relatives of English POWs who had not survived, and Frank said that Judy "always provided a comforting presence to the families."

When Judy finally died at the age of 13, Frank spent two months building a granite and marble memorial in her memory, which included a plaque describing her life story.

Here is a book that tells more about their story...https://smile.amazon.com/No-Better-Friend-Extraordinary-Survival/dp/0316337056/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=no+better+friend&qid=1571074671&sr=8-1


Just received this beautiful handmade quilt from a regular client, made out of bandannas I’ve used on her dog. Brought me to tears, so kind and thoughtful!!!!!



Get a dog they said. It will be fun they said... 😂😂

Credit: ViralHog


Got Antler?


Patriot Pups and Ponies

Just don’t....it’s NOT funny or cute for your dog.


Adore-a-Bullie Paws and Claws

WARNING!! BEWARE!! This came from a friend of mine and must be read and shared!


Kate's Pawsitive Pups

Just a thought of the day I felt compelled to share..

Working in veterinary medicine is where I single handedly see the most dog to dog mishaps with the general public due to simply lacking knowledge on dog behavior, and lack of respect for both their own dog and other dog’s space. Let me play it out for you, of what I see, all too often. Owner has their dog in the waiting room on a loose, long leash. The Dog is free to roam within a 6 ft radius. Another dog and its owner attempt to come in the doors, only to be blocked and greeted nose to nose by the uncontrolled dog, now tense on his leash, pulling and eager to meet. Its owner speaks out, “oh it’s okay! I’ve got him, and he’s friendly☺️” Here is where I step in to politely ask the owner to keep her dog close to her, only to get a response of “he’s fine, he’s wagging his tail!” 🤦🏼‍♀️ Little do they know, I see something else, way more complex, far beyond their assumptions.

Education and knowledge is power. Especially when you are dealing with an animal that you are supposed to mentor and guide for its lifetime, to ensure stability, confidence, and respect. In my professional and outright personal opinion, never is it okay to:
1) Allow your dog to greet another dog nose to nose on a tense leash
*A dog greeted head on is generally very rude, intrusive, and unnatural in the dog world, and can create conflict right from the get go. Any dog can take this posture as threatening, and begin defensive aggressive behavior. To make matters worse, a tense leash can build the energy in a dog to produce reactive behavior due to space constraints. If you must introduce dogs on leash, it is better to allow them to greet side by side on a LOOSE leash, and relax!

2) Assume that a wagging tail is a happy dog wanting to interact
* A dog will wag its tail for a multitude of emotions. It is VITAL to understand what your dog is saying by it’s tail wag. Based on tail position and speed will indicate how the dog is feeling. For example, A low, fast wag can generally indicate nervous energy, or insecurity, which has potential to cause a fear aggressive response. A high, stiff wag can mean over-arousal/over-stimulation or intent of ready to spring into action. The dog will make lousy choices in this state of mind and make it more difficult to control should they “rev-up” more. A medial, soft & loose wag is generally universal for a happy dog. Get to know your wags!

3) Assume the other dog is just as “friendly” as yours
* Not all dogs are dog friendly. This should be obvious knowledge. Just because your dog is friendly does not mean the other is, too. They could be undersocialized, have social insecurities, or just be dog aggressive. Give other dogs space, please.

4) Allow your dog to interact with other dogs in a veterinary office waiting room
* Dogs often come into the vet office already stressed. It is generally not a place of pleasure as the dog is usually being shuffled into a tight room, being held by strangers only to be poked and prodded at. The smell of other ill dogs or even death is in the air which makes a dog uneasy. Most owners are often nervous FOR their dog during a vet visit so their energy does not help the dog, either. There may be the the smell of cats in the room, stress pheremones, and urine markings from other dogs. Dogs come in not feeling well, or maybe have arthritis, or painful from an injury. They may be recovering from a surgery. Or coming in to be put down due to old age or chronic illness. Now tell me why this sounds like a good spot to “play”?!

We all go to the vet with our dogs. Please make your next visit pleasurable for everyone!

The Dodo

The Dodo

This guy found a tiny kitten in the rubble of a huge fire — and promised to make him a part of his family if he survived 😻


What a remarkable dog!

Chaser the Border Collie knows the names of 1,000 toys. But can she make inferences about new ones? Learn more with Neil deGrasse Tyson in this NOVA l PBS tribute to Chaser's owner and trainer, former Wofford College Professor John Pilley, who passed away last month.


Happy Friday everyone!


Before and after of a sausage roll!!


A Mohawk kind of day at the shop!


It always amazes me how you think a sheep came into your shop but it’s really a dog!!!


This little guy is ready to rock out and look for Thanksgiving scraps!!


I read this off a rescue site and it hit home with me. This is why we do what we do...One wonders why a man would devote his life to such an effort of rescuing dogs. The answer: look into the eyes of a litter of pups with world ahead. See the fun, learning, love, and all the possibilities that could be. Hold them and feel the soft fur. Watch them run with that pure, unquestioning love. Then look into the greying and cloudy eyes of a senior and you see a world of life experiences, a dog that has shared its life looking for human companionship, feel that soft and bumpy coat then you will remember what true love really feels like.

Planet Paws

Planet Paws

Over-vaccinating and the overdosing of pet vaccines has become a global issue. 5 lbs dogs are receiving the same dose of the rabies vaccine as 150 lbs Great Danes, and vets are now witnessing terrible side effects.


Another before and after of a Cairn Terrier this time.


Before and after of a silly wire haired dachshund named Luigi!


Just a little something to remember and most of my clients are GREAT about it for which I am eternally grateful, but, when you don't call and cancel your appointment, and you stand your Groomer up, we can't schedule another client in that spot in time. We lose money and it really is inconsiderate. Thanks for letting me gripe! Rant over




Sit Stay Style - Kim Halligan

DOODLES! (And others)

The perfect photo to show how matting happens at the base (or at the skin). So many doodle owners are saddened to hear the only thing I can do with their pups coat is a shave because they thought brushing the top coat was enough. By looking at this dog, you may not see the knots and you may not feel them as you would a knot on the ends of the fur but once it starts its very difficult/ impossible to brush/COMB out... Not to mention it would be cruel to put the dog through. A quick once over will not work for these guys if you want them in a fuzzy coat. You really need to sit down with a metal comb and make sure you can get it through the entire body a couple times a week.

Often times I feel like owners don't believe groomers when they say the dogs has to be clipped. I always hear "I know he/she is matted, but leave as much as you can"... this photo shows, the only way to get UNDER the matting is nothing left.
I promise you, I'd rather not clip your baby naked either! I also don't want to hurt my reputation when the clients go around complaining about how the last groomer "scalped" their dog....But doodles are easily one of the highest maintenance dogs in reference to their coats. The combination of the soft coat of a golden, or aussie, or newf, or wheaten, or whatever they are mixing poodles with these days is a coat that is SO prone to matting. And even more so are the new "double doodles" that i like to call "double maintenance".

I even find some doodles on a regular schedule still need to be clipped once or twice a year (maybe not shaved, but maybe teddy bear length for a fresh start) because after all of the brushing and de-matting, the damaged coat seems to become even MORE likely to matt.
If you like a fluffy pup, you probably need to consider no more than 3-5 week intervals between grooming AND set aside time for regular COMBING at home. A doodle grooming STARTS at $125 (with my service) so make sure you’ve set aside that budget.

Please know, if you bathe your doodle you really need to blow dry and brush out right after. MOISTURE of any kind; be it a bath, rain, swimming, snow etc are all going to amplify matting. And if you know your dog is already matted-- bathing is only going to make it worse! Brush out BEFORE the bath.

AND!!!!! "breeders" who say they can't/shouldnt be clipped and OR not to give them a hair cut until they are 1 year are out of their minds and setting you up for a SAD SAD SAD day when you finally take your pup to the groomer.

*this photo was originally shared by Paola Perez.


Paw Protectors Rescue

True Story!


Cavilier's make great family dogs, they are sweet!


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