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ISpeak for Dogs iSpeak for Dogs iSpeak for Dogs is the voice for every dog to communicate their mindset, motives and needs in a confusing world of humans. 'Wholeness of Being' is the focal point of my business, offering Obedience Courses, Reiki and Dog Massage.

My in-home sessions are designed to meet your dog's challenge and your unique family dynamic, using a variety of tools, techniques and approaches. Check out my website at

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Don't forget to get the water out for the pooches in this warmer weather. And they need lots of shade if they're having to hang out in the yard too.

Happy walking!


Beautiful weather out. Make sure you've got lots of water and shade for your critters. Oh, and all the cool smells of springtime. Let your pup learn her surroundings and environment by sniffing along the way. Happy trails!

Holistic Pet Care: Organic Gardening
Holistic Pet Care: Organic Gardening

Holistic Pet Care: Organic Gardening

The holistic approach to pet health begins with a healthy and balanced diet that provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.


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How's walking your dog everyday going? Gosh, I just marvel at all the distractions out there -- the obvious ones like chirping squirrels, roaming cats, barking dogs behind fences, revving motorcycle engines, honking horns. And what about the subtle sounds of leaves rustling down the path, a jogger approaching from quarter of a mile away, a bicycle turning the corner half a block down the street? Goodness, there are so many more I haven't even touched on.

To think that a dog's sense of smell is almost a million times greater than ours? Can you even IMAGINE what that's like? I can't. No wonder they get so distracted.

I haven't even touched on their sense of smell. Ummmm, some things to think about when you're both out there and your dog's head tilts to one side or her ear turns slightly or her nose twitches.

Enjoy your walks!


January is NATIONAL WALK YOUR DOG Month! So grab your leash and p**p bags and enjoy the weather. Your pup will love you soooo much.


Now that the holidays are in full swing, please be extra careful with all holiday decorations and plants around your home. Our pets are very curious creatures and can easily get into things that are new and pique their interest and sense of smell.

Decorations are usually something we naturally try to keep away from inquisitive pets. However, plants may not be necessarily be on our radar. So, here are a list of plants to watch out for that can be either toxic or harmful to your pets:

* Pine needles, which become harmful when swallowed
causing punctures to the lining of the stomach or
intestines. And the tree's oil can irritate their mucous

* Poinsettia -- mildly toxic when swallowed.

* Mistletoe -- when swallowed becomes toxic.

* Holly, which includes the leaves, berries and bark. The
effects are similiar to chocolate and caffeine.

* Amaryllis, which can cause convulsions and stomach pain.

Don't forget to remindi family and guests that the foods and alcohol we may enjoy during this season can be too rich and possibly harmful for our companion pets. Stay safe.



Have a relaxed and peaceful Thanksgiving. Be sure to watch for any stress from your dog if there are lots of guests at your home and perhaps find a special spot where he or she can be alone.

Also, be sure to let your family and guests know that feeding your dog anything from the table or appetizers left out will probably cause tummy challenges and even diarrhea.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving and I extend my warmest gratitude for all your support.

A friend sent me this link the other day about dogs being copycats.  Found it extremely interesting as I have found it t...
Your Dog Is a Copycat | Science/AAAS | News

A friend sent me this link the other day about dogs being copycats. Found it extremely interesting as I have found it to be true.

The next time your dog digs a hole in the backyard after watching you garden, don't punish him. He's just imitating you. A new study reveals that our canine pals are capable of copying our behavior as long as 10 minutes after it's happened. The ability is considered mentally demanding and, until thi...



Please keep your pets safe by keeping them inside. For those dogs that are scared by the loud noises, put them in a T-shirt, which helps them feel more comfortable in their bodies and give them a couple of drops of Bach Rescue Remedy (5 flower remedies) in their water. This helps to relax your pets. Additionally, Calms Forte helps, as well as, any 'treat' like Calm Traveler or Happy Traveler for stress. Stay safe and help your pet feel comfortable too.

Now that summer is here, be aware of water intoxication when your dog is playing out in water -- like chasing a ball.  H...
The Danger of Water Intoxication

Now that summer is here, be aware of water intoxication when your dog is playing out in water -- like chasing a ball. Here's a link to read more:

Last week a friend’s dog had a close call with water intoxication. Her crew was playing in a local river when one of her Border Collies emerged staggering and vomiting liquid. Symptoms quickly worsened on the way to the vet, but after a few harrowing days, the dog was fortunate to make a full recove...


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