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Seattle Reptiles

If anyone needs crickets or feeders.

32 miles north of Seattle, it's like a free zoo...


It's looking like now our last day open will be Memorial Day, Monday May 28th. We still have quite a bit left in the store pet supply wise, as well as some random items- storage bins, shelving, metal display racks- come on in & see if you need any of our stuff! We so appreciate all of our customers' support over the years. Come in & say goodbye! 5 days of Pet-Pourri left.


Our last day open will probably be May 31st. Still many deals to be had here! There are 20 & 25 gallon used tanks available in the fish room, along with much merchandise marked 30-50% off.


To some of you this may be a surprise, some of you maybe not. Pet-Pourri is retiring. Yes this means to store will be closing, sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately business has been too slow to sustain us. That being said, we have some amazing deals going on for you to take advantage of. Used fish tanks, 30% off fish under $20, much merchandise is also 30% off with some exclusions. Call the store for the most up to date information.

We are so sad to be closing & we wish all our loyal customers the best.


If you love fish & aquariums, you may find this show quite entertaining!

The co-stars of the show, Wayde King and Brett Raymer, have signed on for a record-breaking second season, 20 episodes in total. The two promise that the new season “is going to be bigger and better than season one.”


Cute new bunnies have arrived! Interesting mixes of Chinchilla (yes this is a breed of rabbit), Mini Lop & Mini Rex rabbits. Softest fur ever!

Taste of the Wild Pet Food

I was unaware of a possible problem, but I guess there isn't one anyway! One of our most popular foods will as always still be available. Whew!

For our many Taste of the Wild fans: Taste of the Wild pet food has not been recalled. The production and distribution of the pet food continues. Thank you.


Getting ready for another day hanging out with the scaly, feathery & furry critters. Happy Tuesday!


It may be cold & dreary today, but it's warm & dry in the store! :) If you have been thinking you might want to start a pond this year or are ready to start some Spring maintenance on an existing pond, we can help you with ideas, problems & supplies!


An update on all the furry critters we have right now:
Mini Rex rabbits
Mini Lop rabbits
Baby Gerbils
Young golden & teddybear hamsters
Young Chinchillas

We also only have 4 tarantulas left, they are on display at the front of the store now.

Since breaking down the old reptile area, we have some used reptile combo strip lights that will be available. Most of the fixtures hold a florescent tube & heat lamps. We have 36" & 48". They will be going for $29.99 & $39.99.

As always, feel free to call us with any questions or post on our wall!
We appreciate all of our customers loyalty- It's you guys that keep our doors open! :)


With the weather finally warming up, now is a great time to make sure you are prepared for any bugs that pets might pick up. Fleas can come from just about anywhere! Whether you like to use natural shampoos or monthly flea drop treatments, we've got you covered!

Carnegiella strigata

A staple in the aquarium trade & sometimes under appreciated!

The unique hatchet shape of this species and its close relatives give them perennial appeal. Since they almost never descend from the surface, they are very useful in procuring interest within aquascapes that are dominated by bottom and midwater dwellers.


Four new little kittens have arrived! More details & pictures coming soon.


Does your dog or cat have a food allergy or sensitivity? Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the right food. We have a large selection of natural & grain-free pet foods. With kibble, canned, freeze-dried & raw food in various flavors, we're sure to find one that suits you and your pet best!

Bag Water: To Dump or Not to Dump?

As a business, we have always recommended to not adding bag water to your home aquarium. Here's some food for thought!

Since I was a child, I was always taught never allow any of a fish’s transport water to enter the aquarium during acclimation. The idea that this shipping water is polluted with both organic wastes and fish parasites is common knowledge to everyone, isn’t it?


Do you have a loved senior pet? We'd love to see them! Post a picture on our wall with a little bit about them.

Knitted Sweaters For Guinea Pigs

Have you ever made a crafty cute outfit for your pet?

Between hens and penguins, it's no doubt that we are suckers for cute animals in even cuter hand knit sweaters. These sweet little guinea pigs were featured on Cute Overload, sporting the handiwork of their loving owner, Savannah, and...

Enjoying a Layout Longer by Replanting the Background

Planted fish tank people, be inspired!

As time passes, stem plants in the background of a Nature Aquarium layout can decline and require replanting. The master aquascaper explains how to work with these plants to maximize a layout’s longevity.

40 Things That Make Corgis Happy

For all you Corgi fans-

40 Things That Make Corgis Happy: Need to make a corgi happy? Take a look at this list for tips!..


Know anybody that enjoys unique fish? We have 2 Freshwater Electric Catfish, free to a good home. They are approximately 8 inches right now.


We'd love to see pictures of your pets. Feel free to post to our wall!


We remember it so clearly- our first pet. How old were you when you got your first pet and what was it?


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Our new store hours are now in effect (as of yesterday) 10am to 8pm Mon-Sat & 10am to 6pm on Sundays. We also have 50 cent V-Day cards for you last minute shoppers!

healthy valentine's day treats | The Honest Kitchen

A treat recipe idea for your pet we know you love.

Valentines Liver Nibbles This recipe uses heart-shaped or other cookie cutters to make pretty treats as a gift for your pet - or his or her boyfriends and


Share this link to let your friends know about Pet-Pourri. The 200th person to 'Like' us on Facebook will receive $15 OFF their next pet supply purchase!


Okay all you Pet-Pourri fans, we have a challenge for you: Invite your friends to 'Like' Pet-Pourri! The 200th person to 'Like' us on Facebook will receive $15 OFF their next pet supply purchase! Just Share this link to let your friends know!

Electric Blue Ram

Great article on Electric Blue Rams. We have some in at the store- and for those of you who have been waiting to get some other rams, we have German Blue & Bolivian too!

The latest color morph of the common ram cichlid, the electric blue ram has proven to be a popular addition to the hobby, though it is slightly more difficult to keep than its wild-type cousin. A cichlid fan describes exactly what it takes to maintain this vibrant fish.


Important Notice: On Monday, February 13th, our hours will change. 10:00am will be the new opening time 7 days a week. We will be open until 8pm as usual with the exception of Sundays' 6pm close time.


Come see whats new at Pet-Pourri! We have 2 sweet kittens waiting for homes, our 2 baby chinchillas are now ready to go home (and super adorable!)- also be sure to take a look at the new Freshwater Stingray pond in the fish room!


Pet Pourri will have puppies again within a week.


Pet Pourri is currently undergoing a bit of re-modeling. We appreciate all your patience and understanding, and apologize for the mess!

We are also having a down-sizing sale on a variety of items!

No puppies at this time, probably not until after the remodeling is finished. Thank you!


New puppies!
Shiba Inu/ Jack Russel mix, Havanese/ Bichon, Havanese/ Maltese, Silky/ Poodle, Pekingese/ Poodle.

Lots of new kittens as well. Tabbies, a calico and a grey & white. All very sweet!


Puppies this week: Two Cava-Tons (Cavalier King Charles/ Coton hybrid) and an English Toy Spaniel.

We also have new kittens! A long-haired tabby and a long-haired black kitty.

Mini-lop and mini-rex bunnies available, along with many different colored guinea pigs.

Take a walk through our fish department! Lots of fish available for both the new hobbyist and experienced aquarist! :)


Happy Easter everyone! We're open today noon-5 PM. Lots of cute bunnies for sale. ;)


Lots of Easter decorations on sale! New bunnies coming in today (April 10th)!


If you have local friends with pets, tell them about our store! We always love to see new faces! :)


This week at Pet Pourri:

New puppies- a mini Dachshund, Maltese-Shih Tzu, Maltese-Pekingese, Shih Tzu- Poodle, and a Cava-Lhasa (Cavalier K.C.-Lhasa Apso).

No kittens at the moment, hoping to have some after Easter.

Lots of fun birds, including many new cockatiels and parakeets and a beautiful yellow canary. Come in and take a look!


This week at Pet Pourri:

Puppies for sale include a Westy, a Pom-Bichon and Yorkie-Schnauzer mix. Soon we'll have a Mal-Shih, Cava-Chon, Hava-Chon, Hava-Shih and Mini Schnauzer.

No kittens at the moment (we expect more as spring picks up).

We have lots of Valentine's cards and gifts on sale, and lots of natural jewelery to choose from! Perfect for a last minute gift. ;) Come on in and take a look!


7207 Evergreen Way, Ste A
Everett, WA


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