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Adix's Bed & Bath for Dogs & Cats Proudly serving the pet community for 41 years, we are the ultimate in care and accommodations for your dog or cat. We'll care for your pets as if they were our own.

Our employees are experienced pet handlers who know how to manage a variety of animals from the shyest personality to the more outgoing temperament. Our canine guests enjoy a clean, spacious 4 foot by 5 foot room with heated floors and clean bedding daily. Each room has an attached 4 foot By 18 feet covered run with a cement floor and raised fencing to separate them from their neighbor. Your dog w

Our employees are experienced pet handlers who know how to manage a variety of animals from the shyest personality to the more outgoing temperament. Our canine guests enjoy a clean, spacious 4 foot by 5 foot room with heated floors and clean bedding daily. Each room has an attached 4 foot By 18 feet covered run with a cement floor and raised fencing to separate them from their neighbor. Your dog w

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Hello from Idaho. Just a friendly reminder to keep your pets inside tonight. Crank the music or turn on the tv. Keep them cal and cool on this Independence Day.


Hey there. Hope all are having a wonderful Halloween so far. Just a friendly reminder your pets may not be as stoked as you are with all the costumes. They don't always know there's someone they love behind the mask. Have a wonderful night of trick or treating. Whichever you prefer. I myself prefer the trick. Go figure right. 😈


Hey all I hope you are all surviving the heat. Upper nineties here in northern Idaho. Just dropping by for a friendly reminder about tomorrow. Some
pets most dreaded holiday. Please keep in mind your pets don't always like the big bangs in the sky. So please keep them home. Possibly in a crate where it is safe and they can't dig out and flee or a bedroom. Don't forget to turn on some music or tv so they can't hear all the fireworks. Thanks everyone and have a happy and safe fourth. 💥🎉💥🎉


In addition to giving your pet a healthy look, a groomer can also alert you to any potential problems they might notice during the grooming process. Groomers are familiar with a healthy dog's anatomy and will be able to identify any abnormalities.


Did you know that some pet owners see occasional pet boarding as an opportunity for their pets to interact with other pets? These pet owners like to use boarding facilities as a "doggie day care" so their pets are not lonely while owners are at work.


If your pet has special dietary needs, feel free to discuss them with us. Actually, there's a big trend these day toward premium and specialized diets that help control a pet's weight, reduce the risk of allergies, manage discomfort from joint problems, and promote a healthy, shiny coat.


A vacation can be a nice change of pace from the everyday life, even if that change of pace includes leaving the pets at home. When it’s time for your vacation, give us a call and we’ll take care of your pets while you’re gone.


Do you notice when your dog's nails have gotten too long and are causing some discomfort for your pet? Professional groomers will regularly clip nails so that your dog can walk comfortably.


Hey all. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. It is almost 90 here in Naples Idaho. So just a reminder please leave your dogs at home instead of leaving them in the car. Got into my truck this afternoon and it was 111 degrees and that was with the windows down. Hope everyone is well and I miss you all.


Did you know that dogs generally need a nail trim once a month? Rather than struggling to get your beloved pet to cooperate while trying to make sure the cuts are correct, why not incorporate this service into your regular pet grooming service?


Many specialty breeds like poodles and schnauzers require a trimming that involves using clippers, and this means that occasional "clipper burn" can occur. Talking to your groomer beforehand about what length of clipping you would like for your pet can often prevent clipper burn.


All dogs require regular grooming to stay healthy. This means a professional bathing with the appropriate shampoo, a thorough drying and brushing, as well as a nail clipping. Some groomers even brush your dog’s teeth.


If you have to board a pet who has a medical condition, make sure that the boarding home knows about it. Being as honest as possible about your pet's veterinary needs will ensure that there are no surprises and minimize the chances that your pet's condition could become complicated or worsen.


One of the many benefits of pet boarding is that pets are taken for walks. This is important especially if you have an older pet or one who is overweight. Pet boarding employees are very aware of the importance of exercise and will see to it that your pet stays fit while you are away.


If your long-haired pet has hair matting, then it’s best to have him or her groomed. Severe hair mats are problematic for your pet, as they can cause any of a number of different painful conditions such as inflammation, irritation, redness, swelling, scabs, sores, seborrhea, and dermatitis, among others.


You might find it convenient to schedule additional services for your pet while he or she is being boarded. Common services that are often taken advantage of include grooming and bathing, and training sessions.


Did you know that the idea of boarding dogs has actually been around for much of the 20th century? However, it was only in the latter part of the 1900s that the dog boarding industry began to take off, as pet owners took longer trips, and began to seek better care for their animals.


As part of the grooming process, your groomer will clean your pet's ears, and if necessary trim any excess hair. Sometimes, the ears become overgrown with hair, which makes it even more difficult to spot inflammation that could indicate a bacterial infection.


Don't worry about your pet being frightened and alone at our facility. Our goal is to make boarding a fun time for pets and our employees are pet lovers who make sure that every animal with us gets special attention.


Unless you have an extremely docile and trusting pet, bath time has the potential to be a stressful disaster. When you want to avoid a watery mess in your bathroom, you may want to consider leaving his or her grooming to us instead.


Cats clean themselves more than dogs, and if you have cats, you will notice that they are always cleaning themselves. However, a dog's saliva actually contains natural antibiotics, which help heal open wounds and repel parasites.


Did you know that cats react to being boarded differently than dogs do? This is because cats are solitary and private. Sometimes, boarding a cat will cause him or her to withdraw. Ironically, it is for this very reason that cats adapt better to being boarded than dogs do.


Boarding is not always easy on anyone. Your pet will be made comfortable, of course, but it’s not home. A great kennel will also offer plenty to keep their mind off of being away from home, though, and will make their stay fun and exciting.


In order to desensitize your puppy to what it will experience at the groomer, try putting it up on a table, and hold it at all times. Let your pup see you pick up and bring the following objects close to its body: scissors, blow dryers, brushes of varying sizes, and combs.


Did you know it costs approximately $10,000 to train a federally certified search and rescue dog? We can guarantee your pets stay with us will be a bargain in comparison!

Photos from Adix's Bed & Bath for Dogs & Cats's post

Photos from Adix's Bed & Bath for Dogs & Cats's post


What happens if you arrange for someone to feed and care for your pet at home, and that person is called away because of a family emergency? When you board your pet, you can rest assured that quality care will be available at all times.


Regularly teeth cleaning is important, and a pet groomer can show you how to take care of your pet's teeth. Did you know gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is very common in dogs and cats? For example, at least 80 percent of dogs five years and older have some type of gum disease, according to the ASPCA.

Adix's Bed & Bath for Dogs & Cats

Adix's Bed & Bath for Dogs & Cats

Sunday morning lovings.

Sunday morning lovings.


Taking care of the ears is an important part of your pet’s overall grooming. Groomers will remove any hair and ear wax that may be in there, and if he or she has ear mites, then they can also help to treat that as well.


I am very sad to say that Deanna, your wonderful groomer and I, Kristin, have given our notice. Deanna's last day is April 15 and mine April 22. We are very sad to leave and to leave with such short notice. Our customers are amazing and we are sad that we will not be able to say goodbye to all. You are more than customers you are family that is very hard to leave behind. Some of you have watched me grow up and know we watch your grandkids grow up. Thank you thank you for allowing me this opportunity to take care of your pets and to watch us all grow. Words can never explain my gratitude to you. Thank you.


Hair matting can easily be remedied by a trip to the groomer. Do you know what causes hair matting? Excessive scratching, due to skin issues such as dry skin or fleas, can cause a pet's hair to clump. Skin or food allergies can also cause hair matting, which can be painful and even irritate the underlying skin.


Do you know how to handle a section of matted hair on your pet or how to clean out its ears? As a professional groomer, we are experts at cleaning your pet from head to toe.


As most pet owners are well aware of by now, owning a pet is a lot like having a child. This is true in the love they give as well as the constant care they need. If you’re going out of town, let us watch over your loved ones.


21100 72nd Ave W
Edmonds, WA


(425) 778-1475


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