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BADDogsInc Family Dog Training & Behavior Certified trainer, certified dog behavior consultant! Group & private training, in-home, in-office and phone consultations for serious behavior problems!

BADDogsInc offers a wide variety of dog and puppy training programs, including basic-to-advanced obedience, therapy dog, service dog, tricks, games and lots more! We have something for every one and their dog. Our founder is a certified dog behavior consultant who can help you with any serious behavior problem, including aggression, fear, anxiety, phobias, destructiveness and everything else! Call us today at 951-283-2101!

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The Puppy Club - Saturday Edition

New kid Phineas learns the ropes from Gamine at his first day of school! Lots of fun for everyone! BADDogsInc Family Dog Training & Behavior

The Pet Collective

We learned a lot from our "Imitation Game" workshop, and came away knowing that dogs can learn behaviors just by watching us and performing their own versions! Here's a dog exercising with his dad!

This great dane noticed it's pet parent practicing lunges across the living room....and decided to copy him.

Hey! How come you haven’t signed up for The Puppy Club? Learn how to play nice and lots of other cool stuff! If you’re a...

Hey! How come you haven’t signed up for The Puppy Club? Learn how to play nice and lots of other cool stuff! If you’re at least 8 weeks old and have had some shots, you should come right away! #baddogsinc

This is a fantastic article on the importance of puppy socialization during that critical period before 4 months of age!...
Infection vs. Isolation Risks with Your Puppy - Whole Dog Journal

This is a fantastic article on the importance of puppy socialization during that critical period before 4 months of age! I know there are lots of COVID puppies and Christmas puppies out there; please make sure to give your new pup a great head start on life!

Suddenly, thanks to COVID-19, the whole world is asking the question that’s all too familiar to savvy puppy owners: “How likely is this experience to result in infection, and is this particular interaction worth it?” There’s a stretch in puppyhood – up through around 4 months – when pupp...


That baby slide is harder than it looks! #baddogsinc


Ruby rocks the ramp and platform while Gamine masters the baby slide! #baddogsinc


Gamine totally rocks the tunnel! #baddogsinc


Gamine makes a new friend, Ruby Tuesday, a mini poodle. For once Gamine is the tallest kid in class! #baddogsinc


We’re pleased to host pet photographer Alejandra Robles of Oaks Photography on Sunday, November 15! Seasonal photo shoots for your critters (and you can sit in, too!). Call or text 951-412-5100 for your reservation!


When all your puppy class puppies are huge!


Does it with dad, too! #baddogsinc


Having attained his PhD, Bogart has moved on to some advanced trick training. Here he demonstrates Do As I Do, where the dog learns behaviors by watching and copying. Watch how his mom asks for attention, asks him to watch her and then do a spin. When it’s his turn, Bogart spins too! Bogart is brilliant, and his people are pretty cool, too! #baddogsinc


Bogart started school with us in The Puppy Club and has been pursuing his higher education ever since. Here is a clip from his graduation ceremony, receiving his CLASS Ph.D ribbon! Congratulations, Bogart! #baddogsinc


Mango practices extreme settle. Does your dog have trouble calming down? Extreme settle may be the answer! #baddogsinc

What’s your pup’s favorite pandemic pastimes? #baddogsinc

What’s your pup’s favorite pandemic pastimes? #baddogsinc


Otis, who has a lot of trouble chilling out, practices his extreme settle. Much chillier now. #baddogsinc


Koda hoping somebody notices her cool Hawaiian shirt! #thepuppyclub #baddogsinc


Finn the Lab and Gamine the Brussels Griffon demonstrate how big puppies and teenie puppies can learn to play nicely! Another benefit of #thepuppyclub! #baddogsinc


Sophia sports an athletic look. Only Under Armor for her! #baddogsinc #thepuppyclub


The dress up kids check out each other’s duds, and demonstrate that pups of all sizes can play together nicely! #ThePuppyClub #BADDogsInc


Time for The Puppy Club again! Can you identify the breeds?


Tucker came in this afternoon to tell me how his life is going these days! Apparently it’s going great!

Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon

Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon

With your help, we can save them.

We are reaching our hands around the world to help dogs in need. Golden Bond Rescue has joined a team of 9 American rescue organizations and 4 Chinese rescuers to save 99 dogs in China who desperately need help. But we can’t make it happen without you.

The dogs were scheduled to come to the United States this spring. But when international flights were cancelled, they lost their chance to be rescued. And then more challenges arose for rescuers in China.

When the coronavirus broke out in China, there was misinformation about dogs spreading the virus. As a result, many dogs were abandoned by their owners or confiscated by local authorities. Now Chinese rescuers are in crisis. Private shelters and foster homes are over capacity and the dogs will be stuck in cramped conditions, potentially for years.

To make matters worse, the Yulin dog meat festival is happening soon. Dogs are typically crammed into cages to maximize space on meat market delivery trucks. They often travel this way for ten or more hours, heading for certain death. Chinese rescuers could save some of these dogs from slaughter, but only if space is freed up at the overcrowded shelters.

With the borders closed there is no other international rescue happening, so the dogs stand no chance. Unless you can help us save them.

Working with our rescue partners, we found a way, against all odds, to secure a private charter plane at below cost. 99 dogs are vetted and ready to travel. If we can transport them here, it will free them from cramped shelters and open up space for dogs who otherwise will be slaughtered. We are working together to raise the $268,000 needed to fund the rescue. Upon their arrival in America, the dogs will be divided among our rescue groups. Golden Bond Rescue will be taking in 10 dogs. The exact date is still being set, but we anticipate their arrival the first week of July if we can raise the money to save them.

Please help us save the lives of these dogs who desperately need our help.

This is why⁣

Be kind. Be safe. Be well. Stay home. Please remember to thank those who are working to keep us safe, fed, and able to stay at home. Thank you!! 🙏👏❤⁣

Dr. Karen Becker

Worth repeating! Don’t feed your dog poison!

For the sake of your fur baby’s health, avoid these pet treats at all costs.

Dry Bar Comedy

Dry Bar Comedy

We hope someone got Mike on camera when he had to stop his deaf dog from running away...

This beautiful girl is less than 2 years old, sociable with dogs and children. She does need training but we’re offering...

This beautiful girl is less than 2 years old, sociable with dogs and children. She does need training but we’re offering a lifetime scholarship that goes home with her. She would prefer an active lifestyle and would enjoy hiking or jogging with her person. Looking for a house full of loving, dog-savvy people committed to her higher education.

Here’s a great free resource for everyone! Keep you and your dog busy and happy while we’re stuck at home! Register free...
Home School The Dog - DogsThat

Here’s a great free resource for everyone! Keep you and your dog busy and happy while we’re stuck at home! Register free through the end of April!

Join us for games of choice to play while you are homeschooling your dog.

Have you tried PORTAL training? PORTAL stands for Personal Online Real Time Animal Learning! Use Zoom to communicate wit...
PORTAL: Personal Online Real Time Animal Learning

Have you tried PORTAL training? PORTAL stands for Personal Online Real Time Animal Learning! Use Zoom to communicate with a certified dog trainer/behavior consultant and join puppy classes, private lessons and behavior consultations! Don't let social distancing keep you from getting help for your dog's behavior problems! Need more info? Call us at 951-412-5100!

PORTAL offers personalized online, real time, dog training and behavior sessions!


What people do to their dogs in quarantine...

Caption that!

Caption that!

Online Training & Behavior Help Is Here!

Did you know we always offered dog training and behavior help using video chat? It's true! Getting your help online is as effective as if it were done in person, and sometimes even more effective, as your dog doesn't have to leave his home, and his behavior isn't effected because of the trainer's presence. And during this time of practicing safe social distancing, we can keep each other safe and do our part to protect our community by staying home!

Whether you're ready to get started or just have some questions, give us a call at 951-412-5100 to find out more, or set up your first consultation or training session!


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Hi Barbara, I just watched your Raising Canine webinar on Attention Seeking Abatement (a frequent problem with my clients lately, especially nipping and jumping), and I just wanted to say thank you! It was very useful information. After watching this webinar, I'm sure I'll be purchasing more of your webinars. Thanks again!
We love to visit Barbara and Baddogs inc. She always has the answers. 😀
Someone needs to learn “back”!
Look at the patience on Bentley’s face 😂
Maggie giving Emma some lovin’.
New Classes! Yappy Hour is back! What happens when you graduate from The Puppy Club? Move on up to Yappy Hour,a unique adolescent play group and social hour for friendly dogs aged 6 months to 2 years! Meets most Tuesdays at 6:30! Hounds About Town is the IE's only destination dog class! Have you wanted to bring your dog all kinds of places but were hesitant because you weren't sure how he'd behave! This is the one for you! We visit shops, restaurants, malls and other fund places while we practice manners and other skills! Meets most Wednesdays at 6:30PM! Visit our schedule page for more information and to sign up. Register soon, as space is limited!
New Classes Added! Hounds About Town is back! The Inland Empire's only destination dog class! Visit cool and exotic destinations and learn the best way to behave in each one! Best of all, hang with other happy dog people while you enjoy the experience! Yappy Hour Returns! What's after The Puppy Club? Yappy Hour is a super cool hangout for youngsters aged 6-24 months. Continue working on your social skills and have fun doing it! Visit our schedule page to sign up for these and other great dog training classes available right now!
Did you ever notice how many lost pets posts you see on social media? Did you know your dog may be a good candidate for a career as a pet detective? If your dog has a good sniffer and loves to use it, this could be his calling! Seminar in Corona, August 3-4; sign up while seats are still available!
Train Your Dog To Find Lost Pets! Seminar coming Aug 3-4, 2019! Sign up now!
Hi . I got some products from a link of your site . The Products are named Tethers for a total of $ 40,11 on February 9. Is this a company of yours, if it is not , could you please text me the phone number to call and leave a friendly reminder . :-) My dogs are not with me right now but they will be at home in 3 weeks .I would like to know when i will get the merchandise. Thank you for your help.
Winslow practicing “leave it” . 😂
Oct missing since 10/7/2018 Ontario California 91761 Nov. still missing Bear🐻 -Please call is seen (714) 273-7411 please check your neighbors backyard,, maybe they have a new Dog,not realizing he has a family. Maybe they don't have social media. please ,please. Missing Bear🐻