Shag-N-Shine S**g-n-shine is a family handled business consist of my daughter and I. I have groomed for 20+ years and my daughter has groomed for 10 years

Operating as usual


Im sorry i will not be at the S**g-N-Shine today and Wednesday also Friday i will be there Thursday evening at 2.30 pm and Saturday. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have . but you can go ahead and call me and i will make an appointment. Thank You for being patient with me i will be back up there for sure next week


We have an opening at 3:00pm today


I just got an opening for a small dog if anybody's wants thier dog groomed. Let me know 918.348.9010 m text me or call


Well im back to the living Ive haven't been so sick in a VERY LONG TIME . I will be at work today probably won't be till 12 noon got to go get released from the doctor.but got an opening at 2 if anybody's interested just call me at 918.348.9010. THANKS FOR BEING MY CUSTOMERS. I Appriate YOU u can TEXT me to.


I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS.


I have some openings tomorrow if anybody's interested to get your FURBABY CLEANED UP FOR CHRISTMAS just give me a call or text or pm me 918.348.9010


I have some openings today if you need your furbaby a Bath and clean up nice give or text me a call. 918.


I have an opening for Dec.1stat 9am if anybody wants their furbaby looking pretty for tomorrow just text call or pm me at918.348.9010


I have a open spot at 2 if anybody's interested for today!!!


Well im trying to get things together ive had my phone stolen its been around at least a month ago . I want to apologize for getting on here and telling about it but I just now gotten a NEW PHONE which is the NEW NUMBER IS 918.348.9010 so now you can get ahold of me . Im still grooming at home for now untill I get something working on it. So give me a call


Well I can't stop Grooming I miss it so much till I am going to have to do it at my house. It'll have to be appointment sorry about that but call me i'm back boy that sounds good. Let me make an appointment for your babies cause I miss them they were like my kids I can't stop Grooming . Call 918 577 1557 thank you all for everthing


Well I have officially closed my doors I want to thank all of you guys that have believed in me and trusted me as your baby's groomer I did have fun and enjoyed it so. Maybe one of these days God's Willing I hope to get going again. I want to apologize for not being there these last month. I'm really gonna miss you guys and your baby's


I have gone by appointment now until the spring so if you need your pet bathed or cleaned up just give me a call got a new email my address is S**[email protected] my old one got deleted just Thot I would let everyone know . Again my number is 918 577 1557 call anytime. Janelle


S**g -N - Shine will cut and wash any animals hair from goats, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and more come see us for your next visit !!!



S**g-N-Shine's cover photo

S**g-N-Shine's cover photo

S**g-N-Shine's cover photo

S**g-N-Shine's cover photo


I have a opening if interested get in touch with me


I have some openings for tommorow if anybody wants me to shine their dog!!!!


I have to run some unexpected errands today but I will be back tomorrow just give me a call an i will be glad to groom ure dog . Sorry about the errands but I have to do them!!!


S**g-N-Shine will be moving to 217 S. Main the old tractor supply building in Checotah April 1st u can call me at 918-577-1557. Thanks janelle


I'm not going to be in today I'm going to be there tommorrow but u can give me a call if u need me I'll set up an appointment for tomorrow

Je suis maman et je m'├ęclate

Je suis maman et je m'├ęclate


Please Call me for an appointment otherwise I'm not coming in . 918 577 1557 I'll be glad to come an do ure dog but I'm not going in unless u need me too, so please call if u need to. Janelle


This is really a slow month as to be expected so I've got a sighn on the door if u will just call me I will be glad to go and groom your it wo.t be no problem thank you janelle


There is a RUMOR!!, going around that i'm am not Here and also i only do big dogs THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!! I'm Still Here and also Do bIG AND LITTLE DOGS!!! I'VE HAVEN'T LEFT AND DON'T PLAN TO Just wanted to let everybody know!!! My hours are Monday thru Thursday 9am to 3pm.Friday and Saturday 8am to 5pm . its just me except sometimes i have my Daughter Kaylea to Help on Fridays and Saturdays, Other than that i'm here by myself .!! ive enjoyed being here, and Have enjoyed u coming to let me Bath and Groom your Baby!!!! I'm going to go for now see u at S**g-n-Shine!!!!

S**g-N-Shine's cover photo

S**g-N-Shine's cover photo

S**g-N-Shine's cover photo

S**g-N-Shine's cover photo

Freddie came in shaggy and he he walk out shiny

Freddie came in shaggy and he he walk out shiny

This is a pom I groomed today! Very unusal but hey its too hot out for all that hair

This is a pom I groomed today! Very unusal but hey its too hot out for all that hair


I don't have Roger anymore so my hours have changed to Monday thru Thursday 9 to 3 cuz I have to take George ,(my husband)) to an from work Friday an Saturday 8 to 5 cuz he's off them days but no I am not shutting down I organs on staying there for awhile just Thot I let u know cuz I've had some people that has ask me if I was Shutting Down an again no I am not thanks for reading this Janelle


I will still take walk insi will always try to get ure dog in as soon as I can an I also want to thank u for ure business an suport I couldnt have done it with out u


I'm sorry I meant 9 an to 3 pm Monday thru Thursday an8 an to 5 pm Friday an Saturday


S**g n shine is changing hours since Roger is no longer with me the hours r 9am to 5pm Monday thru Thursday an 8 am to 5 pm Friday An Saturday


Starting sept.1 it will just be me the only groomer again the other one isn't there anymore my hours will change from 9 am to 3 pm Monday thru Thursday, and Friday and Saturday 8 am to 5 pm or till the last dog goes home you will have to call my cell phone for now its 918/577/1557


418 SE.Main In Checotah
Checotah, OK

Opening Hours

Monday 2:30pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday 2:30pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
9pm - 5pm
Thursday 2:30pm - 7:30pm
Friday 2:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm




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Do you bathe English Bulldog's? I have two that I need to find a groomer for regular bathing, etc. Thank you :)