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I will be doing things a little differently with my next litter. So I ask if you wanna be notified and get a shot of picking before others on my page please let me know now you want on my waiting list! If you've told me recently you want on the list please contact me again my waiting list paper got wet and I'm having to start over! Please include color/gender/ best form of communication


Dear Past And Future Puppy Owners,

I loved them first.

I thought of them years before you even realized. I planned for and cared about your baby long before you started thinking of adding to your family.

I worried about your future with that puppy before you knew there would be one.

There were hours upon hours spent...

Researching the lines for the parents of your puppy.

Going over lines with fellow breeders, scrutinizing my bitch and the Sire, tracing their lines back as far as I could, learning the ins and outs not only for my knowledge but so that I was informed, prepared to go over every detail with you, to answer the questions that sometimes you don't even ask.

Watching your puppies parent grow. Loving and enjoying them as part of my family, training them, socializing them, watching how mature, scrutinizing their conformation, how they move, and their temperament.... Asking myself, had I made the right choice in both of them.

Finally, came the time to put your puppies parents together. For the next 63 days I worried, I obsessed, I grew excited. I watched your puppies mom like a hawk. Making sure my baby was ok, monitoring her diet better than I do my own. Concerned that she was getting enough of the right nutrients and that your growing baby was getting the best start possible. I spent hours on the couch, floor, and dog bed with her watching her tummy grow and anxiously waiting. As your baby and mine grew I laid my hands on her tummy and felt the first movements of your puppy. As the time grew close I spent most nights in the nursery with her. Making sure she didn't go into labor without me knowing, in case something went wrong and one of our babies needed help.

When they were born the first 8 weeks most of my life was filled with your baby. Watching them grow and making sure I was doing everything possible to make sure they started their lives the right way. Making sure each one was getting enough to eat, that they were warm, that they got enough socialization time, that they were de-wormed, and given their shots. I was the first person they saw when they opened their eyes. I spent my weeks playing with them and keeping them safe.

I searched for you and interviewed you. As you spoke I tried to read your character.

Would you love them as much as I do?

Would you bring them in as part of your family?

Would you care for this tiny life that I brought into this world that I am responsible for?

The day you took your baby home was harder than I'd ever let on. I was excited for you but I was also terrified. Had I chosen correctly?

My love and worry didn't end there. I thought about your baby regularly, saddened when I didn't get updates, ecstatic when I did. I hoped you were caring for your baby the way I care for mine. I answered your questions happily and answered them again just as happily to your babies siblings new parents.

I loved your baby first and I will never stop.

I didn't write this the -Author is Unknown- But I couldn't have said or worded it any better.


Chatsworth, GA


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