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Chasing Tailz Dog Walking Structured dog walking and puppy training. I always focus on draining the pups energy. The first step to a happy dog is through the leash. I do some training, although mainly puppy obedience.

Willing to travel up to the Verde Valley also. I love walking, and ensure a great leash trained pup as long as you are willing to try.

Operating as usual


Merry Christmas everyone! Been a while, but wanted to do a post for those who still follow. I lost Dexter this year and cannot get over him. But I finally married my Chris (3x). Just had to be sure😉. I miss all of you and especially all of the pups. I loved watching them all grow more than any job I could have had! I hope you all are safe and healthy! Turner Barnes


Hi everyone! It’s been forever. I apologize for not keeping up as well as I want to. I am praying I can move back to AZ... I’m allergic to Colorado and both Teller and Annie have had to have emergency surgeries within the year of being here. They are good now. Dexter is showing his age and we are doing what we can to keep him comfortable until it is time. But all three agree they would like to get back to AZ also. Chris and I are FINALLY engaged... miracles happen. Lol! Please post an update for me? I miss the pack so much and think of you all often!!! Even though I am horrible about saying hello.

Wish I was there to help! As so many of us know, it's not the dog but the human who makes the dog! Teller was extremely ...
Springfield News-Leader

Wish I was there to help! As so many of us know, it's not the dog but the human who makes the dog! Teller was extremely aggressive when I got him! After some time with an excellent trainer and a ton of patience he is now the most loveable boy ever!!! I trust him to be surrounded by children. Which he often is, who yank, bite, and squeeze. Never once has he even protested. Please people help prevent this breedism! Yes, strictly my opinion, but please show me empirical research that says all pits are aggressive.

The group has less than 30 days to gather at least 2,228 signatures from registered Springfield voters for a referendum petition.


These two are rocking the walks!


Happy Easter everyone! Today is probably one of the most pet safe holidays ever. Dogs love eggs, and eggs love dogs... shells and all. Stay safe and have a fun holiday!


Merry Christmas everyone! Hope all of you are enjoying the day


Hello Everyone! I just wanted to check in and say I miss all of you. I was going through my puppy pictures on Monday, and wanted to call all of you, but I rarely have a moment to personalize anything these days. School is crazy and defeating, but I'm surviving somehow (irregular Maggie moments)! Hope you guys are having amazing holidays and everyone is healthy and happy. Stay safe and warm.

Go vote for our Maggie Floyd at the Barker Shoppe!

Go vote for our Maggie Floyd at the Barker Shoppe!

I just voted for the Barker Shoppe for best 417 Doggie Day Care!


Hello everyone! I know this is short notice, BUT... I will be in Springfield this weekend!!! I would love to see some pups, and am available for appointments :) Please let me know if I can at least visit. I miss all of you!


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