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Aardwolf Alpacas Aardwolf Alpacas is a full service Alpaca Ranch with Quality Peruvian Huacaya alpacas. We provide training for new alpaca breeders, felting workshops,and Alpaca Sales.

including lodging at our B&B to experience the total alpaca lifestyle.


Animal Free! Still taking in B&B Guests (Don't worry we have loaner animals for you to enjoy).


Delivering 6 alpacas out this weekend.. Then we only have 5 left and the two dogs that will be delivered to their new home Dec 4.... What a change it will be! Still will be doing B&B though so come visit over the holidays. We will have alpacas here for you!


Wow, Sent out an email blast this morning about our herd liquidation sale and sold 3 already, maybe 5, and 3 more inquiries yet to answer! Why didn't I do that years ago, then maybe we wouldn't be liquidating ;-)


Had 3 babies at the ranch on Sunday. An all time record for us, One born in the morning as it should be, one in the afternoon and "stuck" in the fence, and one at 11pm... Very Bizarre day, and Mike and I were not even home to attend. Thanks Paula for your help!


Juno had her first baby last night... Yep night. About 5pm. But all was well. A strong Beautiful Boy.... I'm in Chicago so hopin' Mike will post photos soon.


If we sell a few more alpacas to go back east we will do the transport ourselves! Roadtrip!


Reduce your prices enough and you WILL sell alpacas.. They are selling like hotcakes! Last to sell, little Lincoln pictured below.


First baby of the year today. First of 20. Unfortunately a "Stickin' Fawn" boy ;-) Pictures to follow.


Wow, we were administering vitamins today to our latest crop of babies and WOW, the fleece is coming in nicely. Josephine for one, is one girl to watch, out of our black boy Abyss, she is really nice. Guess I need to get out with my camera, maybe after the temp goes up past freezing!


Heading to the stock show today for the Alpaca Show this weekend. The Show is the biggest stock show in the country (I think). Great stuff happening there! We are taking two boys to the show and we will be talking until we are hoarse!


Some friends tell me we shouldn't wash our eggs, and others say we shouldn't refrigerate them. Both apparently effect their longevity. What do you say?


Wow, with only 40 alpacas at the ranch now, our herd (and the workload) feels SMALL!


Going home to the ranch Monday, woo hoo! Hoping the kittens are still friendly.


OK since Ranch Days (Sept 28) we have spent 1 week in Salt Lake and then took a 3900 mile trek to North Carolina and back (via stops in IN, SC, and TX) to deliver customers alpacas! I love a good road trip... will blog soon.


Slamming weekend with Ranchdays.. Busy from opening to close both days!


@StephanieBoe Thanks Stephanie for the visit and good publicity this weekend!
We are almost recovered ;-)


Made Rice Krispies Treats this morning! Ranch Days and Road Trips.. What goes better with Rice Kripies Treats.


Countdown to Ranch Days this weekend... two more days to get ready.


Tv guy just came out to do a story on our Ranch days. We don't have TV! someone will have to tape it for us.


The kittens are getting unbearably cute! Took more video yesterday, but gotta get it off the camera.. blah, blah, blah... I need a an Kodak Z8i.


Interviewed some folks yesterday who might want to agist (or board for those of you that don't speak Alpacese) some alpacas here. We have lots of room now, and it is a service we provide.


9 eggs a day now from the chickens. Trying all the egg recipes I can find!


We have let the alpacas out in the pasture this summer for the first time... They LOVE it!


Hey, that girl finally had her baby yesterday.. Had visitors over too... Always like when the girls oblige the guests like that! This was the last baby for 20102. Had a girl! That makes 10 girls out of 13 babies for the year! Woo hoo! Makes up for last year!


Waiting on our last cria for the year! Mom looks so big we wonder if she is having twins! (Wishful thinking.. or is it)


Heading out first of October to deliver some alpacas to Indiana and more to South Carolina... Anyone else want me to bring some alpacas out to you on the way? See our selection at www.aardwolfalpacas.com.

Bottle Fed Cria at Aardwolf Alpacas.AVI

Uploaded two new videos today... One showing our two bottle babies, and one with out new kittens... CUTE!


http://www.aardwolfalpacas.com Look in on our two bottle fed baby alpacas. These two are Colorado alpacas for sale from Aardwolf Alpacas. They are extremely friendly because since they are bottle fed, we are their mommas! Cute and touchable.. so unlike most alpacas. Penrose (with the face markin...


Last Friday morning we had a cria born from a Mom that the vet had told us could not get pregnant (obviously not) and said if she did, we would probably have to have a C-section... (obviously not, since she was up and eating when we found her at 7:30 am! COOL! that makes 9 girls and 3 boys for us in 2010... double cool!


Left the ranch for the weekend. While we were gone a mom of a 3 week old cria died.. A new baby was born that did not bond with its mother, so we came home to two bottle babies.. AND we have had two more crias this week, one that was very weak (but is now ok) and one that is fine, but born at 10pm!!! What a strange week!


Thought we were going to have 3 female crias in three days at the ranch, but Trinity did not oblige today! Oh well, we have had 7 babies so far this year, and 5 have been female... Can't ask for better odds than that. 4 more due before the end of June! What fun!


The B&B guests just left. While they were here we did some shearing, breeding, and had a baby for them.. could hardly have been more accomodating!


So, the bed and breakfast guests checked in today about 2pm. They want to know everything about alpacas! So we started them out right by "letting" them help us shear a few. Carmel, and Symphony and quietly praising us now.. Barbara is nearly 360 days pregnant and we just hope she goes into labor from the experience!


Sophia *FINALLY* had her baby today. A beautiful big 19 pound boy. I'll have photos tomorrow.


Well things are looking up at the ranch! Both bee hives seem to be thriving, and Carmel finally had her baby this morning.. A girl of a most interesting color... pictures later.

Started the halter training today for GWAS (two weeks from today) after going to the vet on Monday for health certificat...
Great Western Alpaca Show 2010

Started the halter training today for GWAS (two weeks from today) after going to the vet on Monday for health certificates and noticed one girl with a distinct LACK of training!!

Anyone in the area who wants to see a LOT of alpacas, GWAS (the Great Western Alpaca Show) is April 30, May 1, and 2nd at the National Western Stock show grounds in Denver. 1500 alpacas will be there. The biggest show in the country and free for spectators!


Welcome to the 271 farms registered for GWAS 2010 and thank you for choosing to attend our showas we celebrate the coming of May with a great show and lively Saturday night party ~ A Night of Elegance!!


Anyone want to buy the ranch next door and raise alpacas, share tractors, chores, etc.. and/or open a fiber mill? Southern Colorado, baby!


167 Cactus Dr W
Canon City, CO



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