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Please ensure that if you are stuffing treat toys and freezing them for your pets to help keep them cool, dont forget to ensure there is a HOLE ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH IT.


Toys such as Kongs have 2 holes in their toys for a reason - TO PREVENT SUCTION.


When your pet licks at the contents of the toy or squeezes it in its mouth, their tongue can get SUCKED into the hole and get STUCK on the dogs tongue and cause horrific injuries to the point where the animal can actually die.

Having 2 HOLES in the toy PREVENTS this from happening.

So if you STUFF your toys with treats, push a straw through it to ensure the 2 HOLES ARE NOT BLOCKED.

If you are going to FREEZE the toy, do so with the straw in place and then REMOVE the straw before giving it to your pet.

So when buying your pet toys, please keep this in mind.

Hope this little tip helps you keep your animals safe!

(Taken from another Facebook site)


This is an X-ray of a dog’s bent front leg. See that tiny white spot? That’s a microchip! It has migrated down the leg - far from where it was inserted, between the dog’s shoulders.

When lost pets are scanned, the entire body SHOULD be scanned to catch any that have migrated. But, as an owner, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AT THEIR YEARLY VET EXAM, to ask for a quick scan to make sure that: (1) the chip is still working, (2) the location of the chip is good, and (3) that the chip info is correct.

Remember microchips save lives and reunite families with their pet - just have it checked regularly!


Kurt Cobain is about a year old, weighs 50 pounds and appears to be a lab basset mix. He is extremely friendly with everyone including dogs, cats and kids. He leash walks and appears housebroken. He is current on vaccines, deworming, and flea and tick prevention and is scheduled to be neutered. You can submit your adoption application at


Best advice! Dogs are family ❤




At 4:45AM a member of the public dumped these bottle babies at our front door.
They are screaming from hunger because they are less than 2 weeks old and they NEED their mama.
We understand that things happen and people may need help and resources. We are happy to provide them. However, we need time to prepare for these types of cases. (That’s why we do managed intake.) We do not keep puppy formula in stock (it’s actually not easy to get) and it expires very quickly.
We are now scrambling this morning to try to find rescue and puppy milk replacer so these babies don’t die. Instead of being able to clean, take care of the animals already here who have their own needs and preparing to open the shelter for the day.
Yes, we are an animal shelter, but that does not automatically mean an animal is safe when they are left at our front door without warning.

Please tag rescues below.
Rescues, please call the shelter for info on pulling these babies. (859)635-2819 ext. 0


Every rescue is doing the best they can, most are all full, and the shelters are all full! We are trying but can’t keep up. Dogs will not be saved.

Please rescue. 🙏❤️🐾


The result of a plastic coat hanger left in a hot car ..... just think what it could do to your dog 😢🐶


Do you do horse transportation or maybe some hauling on the side? We are putting together a list of people. Email us your name and number. Thanks!!


Christmas in July!! Come in on Saturday, July 23rd to get your pet a $10 microchip with a lifetime registration and/or stock up on lots of fun pet Christmas toys and delicious pet treats for only $1 - $5 to spoil your pet at Christmas (or now if you can't wait)!!


This is a great idea for pool owners.


Please make rescue pets the official symbolic pet of the United States.


“How can I make my dog more child friendly?” The question really should be, “How can I make my child more dog friendly?”

This is a subject that I feel very strongly about, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to teach children how to behave around dogs. I often see children treating dogs like toys...jumping on them, pulling them, poking them, kissing and hugging them, screaming and encouraging dogs to chase them, which then sometimes leads to tears, anger, and stressed parents when the dog nips them, or worse. It’s usually the dog that gets the blame when this happens and it really isn’t the dogs fault.

Dogs don’t come with a built-in ability to know how to interact with children, and it’s up to parents to teach their children how to interact with dogs. If children were taught from a very young age how to interact and respect a dog’s space there would be far fewer incidents of dog bites.

The normal “human” behavior of showing affection involves hugging, squeezing, kissing on the face, or leaning against each other, but some dogs find this uncomfortable, stressful, or even frightening, and could easily lead to a dog bite. This is why it’s so important to always supervise young children around be sure you're aware of how YOUR dog feels about this. When a dog is feeling stressed or frightened or trapped, and their attempt to communicate this through their body language is ignored, they may see no other way to make the scary situation go away than to snap or bite.

When you have children and dogs living together in your house, YOU are responsible for ALL of their safety, comfort, and well-being. Make it a top priority to learn your dog's body language so you can see what they're trying communicate at any given time.

Some dogs don’t like being hugged, kissed, or sat on, but because they love their people so much, they tolerate it. Teach your child that dogs usually like quiet, soft, calm voices and that shouting and screaming can scare or concern them. Teach them never to disturb dogs that are sleeping, eating, or chewing something. Teach them now what will be a lifelong understanding of our canine companions.


Let's show them how many people support this! I need your help! On 3/18/22, I need you to help me light up the Ky legislative switchboard! Please help give rescue animals in KY a voice! Please RT! We need everyone to call!


I just talked to Sen Hornback the chair of the KY Senate agriculture committee where my bill is currently assigned. Hopefully Sen Hornback will allow SB 72 to be heard in committee. 🙏🙏🤞🤞 I really need KYians to call daily. Please help me have a voice, I'm just 9, I need support!! Please RT


Please call 800-372-7181 and ask you Kentucky legislator to support HB 100 and SB 72. Thank you!

By far the best !

By far the best !


Free Transports for Spay/Neuter Surgeries

UCAN offers free transports to the clinic from 1311 Shelby St (next to H&R Block) in Falmouth on the 4th Wednesday of every month.

🗓 6:30am dropoff / pick up the next day at 9:30am
🐱Cat surgery is $50
🐕‍🦺 Dog surgery is $20 thanks to funding by Friends of the Shelter.
🦮 Additional $20 for dogs over 100 pounds.

If your dog or cat doesn’t have a current rabies shot (required by law), it will be given a 1 year vaccine for an additional $10.

☎️ Please call 513-762-0130 to schedule a transport appointment.

Visit for more information.


Get your cat spayed or neutered! Pendleton County has monthly transports through Ohio Alleycat Resource.

You can make an appointment at 513-871-0185 or go to and fill out the online form.
Thanks for spaying/neutering your pets!

Drop off and pick up are at the H&R Block parking lot, 1311 W Shelby St, Falmouth.



Butler, KY





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