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Moonglow Farm Alpacas We are a farm that focuses on fiber including alpacas, cormo sheep and angora rabbits. We also offer


This is from the fleece of my cormo ram named Elvis. He sheared a 12-lb blanket this year...woo-hoo!!!


This is from my cormo ram Charlie. He is getting older but he still has beautifully soft and silky wool.


After triangle loom has sat empty for weeks, finally found a little time to start weaving. Weaving with my cormo yarn with silk noil and hand dyed by me. The colors pop more in real time. Gotta learn how to use my iPhone camera!


Will it ever end??????


Typical Ohio weather. Warm enough to open the windows a couple of days ago and today we have snow.


Cormo wool/silk noil in the dye pot. This will become a shawl in the next few weeks.


My client is giving away her alpacas which are located on my farm. There are three breeding females and one gelded male. The two oldest girls have birthed successfully and the youngest is still a maiden. The youngest also took a fifth place ribbon at a large show a few years ago. Their registrations come with them. Please pm me if interested.


At Sayler Park today...lots of vendors and a beautiful day...stop by!


A beautiful sky after the heavy rains the other night. It made everything look purple!


One of my hives Swarmed to a small bush close to the ground. This is going to be a tough one to get!


Cormo boys just hanging out on a gloomy April day. They can't wait for shearing!!!!!


Last Saturday at the Sayler Park Harvest Fest. A beautiful day and lots of customers!


I love this daylily, especially after a summer rain shower!


Charlie is the laziest barn cat I have ever seen. He'd rather be sunning himself on a rock than catching mice in the barn!


Berry bushes doing much better this year!


Finally picked up my nuc colonies today. I was totally amazed by how huge the colonies were. Love these bees...was able to install both nucs in shorts and a tee shirt. The Carniolan bees are so gentle. I absolutely love them. A big thank you to Mike's Bees in Forest, Ohio.


2-year-old compost plus a contraption to get rid of stones that my dear neighbor and friend built for me equals...alpaca black gold for my garden!


A very cold and windy day at the Incline District Street Fair. Hope to see the sun soon!


Our little mason bees are hard at work. If you look closely at the second picture you can see one of them entering a tube.


Moonglow's donation to CET's Action Auction which will be held the end of this month. This will benefit our local public broadcast station which we love. The basket looked great until somebody almost hit me head on and I had to slam on my brakes! Hopefully the folks at CET can make it look great again!


Fun day today...found time to do a little weaving with hand-dyed hand-spun weft with silk warp, got another hand-crocheted scarf blocked and then finally a little spinning from hand-dyed fiber.


All set up at Ladies Night Out, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We will be donating 15% of our sales. We will be here until 8:00 p.m. Stop by!


Finally getting a little spinning in.


Spent the morning with a wonderful group of young ladies at Xavier University. We held our Into to Spinning class. Everyone was very attentive and all showed a lot of patience working with drop spindles and wheels. I was very impressed with how quickly everyone was spinning their first yarn!


Kitten, aka Shreds, showed up a few months ago and never left. He has decided his most favorite hangout is with the alpacas and Great Pyranees.


Coming Spring/Summer of 2016...a new way to enjoy alpaca yarn and fiber products. Stay tuned for updates!!!


Cormo with silk noil...weaving and crocheting is definitely my catharsis.


I crocheted a simple little scarf out of Mocha's yarn. I can't believe how soft and spongy it is!


Moonglow Farm Alpacas and Sunburst Valley Alpacas at Oak Hills holiday craft fair today. Stop by and say hi!


Spent a beautiful day in Sayler Park. Met a lot of wonderful people who were really interested alpaca fiber and how to spin it.


More BFL spun into two-ply yarn.


Was able to get a little spinning in at the Mini Maker Faire. I hand dyed BFL and then spun and plyed it into two-ply yarn.


The first day of the Mini Maker Faire at Union Terminal. A lot of interest in alpaca and cormo. Quite a few people coming back to see us tomorrow. A lot of the interest from tweens and teens who crochet and knit. That was good to see!


Is anybody out there? Hello?


2635 Saltair Road
Bethel, OH


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