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Operating as usual

Had a great class today. We're half way through the course and the dogs are making good progress.  I'm impressed with Bi...

Had a great class today. We're half way through the course and the dogs are making good progress.
I'm impressed with Big Girl's owner. She is working hard to teach her that the world is a good place.
Hazel's owner is passing new knowledge on to her friends in the walking group. And teaching her 6yr old grandson how be be assertive and use the training to control the dog. Keeping a list of how many times she jumps up and nips his heels. He even drew a picture for us to enjoy.


Great first class today, if a bit hot ūüėČ
Looking forward to working with all the new great dogs.
Great seeing Chewy again.

There is still time to sign up for the next class.It will start 7.14.18 at 9 am at Corwin Rd Park in Apple Valley.Sign u...

There is still time to sign up for the next class.
It will start 7.14.18 at
9 am at Corwin Rd Park in Apple Valley.
Sign up with the towing Apple Valley Park and Recreation Dept.
Bring your vaccination record for review and the town's receipt.
I'll have training equipment available for sale.
Come out and have a good time with your dog.

Dr. Jean Dodds' Hemopet, Petlifeline, Hemolife & Nutriscan
Dr. Jean Dodds' Hemopet, Petlifeline, Hemolife & Nutriscan

Dr. Jean Dodds' Hemopet, Petlifeline, Hemolife & Nutriscan

Controversial coronavirus vaccine. Find out why associations, experts and I do not recommend it. Does your veterinarian still vaccinate against this virus? If so, why?

People for Pet OWNership
People for Pet OWNership

People for Pet OWNership

"I believe that PETA really has no scientific evidence to support the complete abolishment of the use of the kennel crate. It seems to me that their actual desire for banning crating is that in so doing they would make keeping dogs in the house more difficult and the housebreaking of puppies less reliable. This advances their anti-pet agenda by taking away some of the pleasure of pet keeping and in that way it would further their programme aimed at denying us the companionship of our dogs and cats."


As of tonight we do NOT have enough dog handler teams enrolled to start class on Saturday. If you were planning on joint us, we need you to sign up tomorrow as the town offices will be closed this Friday. Unfortunately I am unable to enroll anyone on Saturday. The money part has to be handled by the town.
Don't wait until the minimum teams have signed up, because without you enrolling in class there will not be the minimum.
Please call 760.298.1369 if you have any questions!!


Okay, folks, now is the time to sign up for class to start this Saturday.
We pushed the class back to the 18th so we'd have the minimum clients enrolled. We still need a couple more. The fee is less than PetSmart or Petco and you and your dog will learn in the best environment possible. Not in a pet store where proper training is not possible.
The correct training equipment will be available for purchase. These items work and again at a much more reasonable cost.
Share this with your friends and I will give them a discount on training equipment when they or you mention this post.
Give me a call at 760-298-1369 if you have any questions!


We are getting ready for a brand new session this Saturday!
Still room to sign up!. It will be hot, be sure to bring water for the dogs and yourself!

This is a good thing to keep in mind
the misunderstanding of time

This is a good thing to keep in mind

When I am asked what is the biggest problem I see today in dog training today, it is the same problem I saw  fourteen years ago, and thirty years ago, it is the misunderstanding of time.   It takes…


This session is almost over already. It is amazing how fast seven weeks go by. Especially if you're out having fun with the dogs.
There will be no class next week (3-12-16) due to me having to go to mandatory training on new software. We will have graduation the following week (3-19-16)
It looks like a new session will start up again 6-4-16 and run through 7-23-16, No class 7-2-16.
Another session to start 7-30-16 through 9-10-16.
I hope that I will see all of the current dogs for continuation in the next session.


Class went very well yesterday.
The weather was just gorgeous.
All dogs are making progress, Even KJ. He is a very talkative German Shepherd Dog. He likes to give a very loud running commentary about everything he sees. Maybe he is voicing his opinion on my training methods...
I was impressed with Shelby, who was so very scared last week and was unable to walk on the leash. The owners had to carry her ( Shelby is a Great Pyrenees). The owners persevered and she learned that its ok to walk.
I am looking forward to seeing the dogs in class learn the stay command next week!


Class started today. What a nice group of dogs and clients!
And a large class. Almost filled to capacity. 14 dogs in class!.
Lots of possibilities for socializing, and learning manners! Very excited to work with all the dogs.
Still room for one more dog.


Don't forget to sign up for class starting on the 30th of January.
We will get this new year off to a great start by learning how to get our dogs to be great companions.
Still a few spaces left, so head to the Apple Valley park and rec center to sign up.!!

There are a few minor things I don't agree with, but in general I do...
Rethinking The Ethics of Animal Rescue

There are a few minor things I don't agree with, but in general I do...

Two years ago, while taking photographs,  I met a 30-year- old horse named Arthur who belonged to an 88-year-old widower named James who was diagnosed with dementia and had to go live in a nursing …


Tomorrow we will teach the DOWN command at the Ft Irwin class.
I hope it will not be so hot and humid there as it is here.
Will have to bring lots of ice water:)


Started a new class today at Ft Irwin.
Long drive, but very much worth it. It will be fun to see the progress.
Was happy to meet quite the variety of dogs. From German Shepherds to Yorkies and Corgies and Cane Corsos. Interesting mix,


Unfortunately there is no class this morning due to no enrollment.
So today we'll do chores in the yard...having to chase out a squirrel family that's been gourging on my chicken feed.
Once 5 or clients enroll we'll start the class. I'll keep everyone posted!

how very interesting
Breeding frequency and bitch age

how very interesting

The key to understanding reproductive health in dogs is knowing that, as far as a bitch’s body knows, there is no difference between being pregnant and not being pregnant, after a heat cycle.Those ...

Very interesting view. And thinking on it, it makes sense.Now that you know, it may help avoid problems.
Why Does My Herding Dog Seem to Hate Labs?

Very interesting view. And thinking on it, it makes sense.
Now that you know, it may help avoid problems.

¬†If your herding dog reacts badly to sporting breeds, often Labs in particular, you‚Äôre not alone. ‚ÄúHerding‚ÄĚ can mean anything from gathering a few sheep in the Scottish highlands to managing¬†thousands of sheep in Australia to taking on an uncooperative ‚Ķ Continue reading ‚Üí


Good Morning, Everyone
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Now it is time to go back to work. I am ready for it, How about you?
I am sure it will be very pleasant, since the temperatures are much cooler.
See you in a little while!!

Well written article. Everyone needs to be aware of this!
Spay, Neuter And Joint Disease

Well written article.
Everyone needs to be aware of this!

There are three topics you shouldn't discuss with friends: religion politics and mandatory spay/neuter. Talking frankly about spay/neuter is worth the backlash however because the health risks associated with it, especially when done in a young dog, are worthy of discussion. That isn't to say that dogs shouldn't be spayed or neutered; that's a personal...

Interesting article
The Phenomenon Called ‚ÄúRetail Rescue‚ÄĚ | Havanese World

Interesting article

By Nancy E. Halpern, DVM, Esq. Movement and sales of dogs through ‚Äúrescue channels‚ÄĚ continues to explode. While more and more cities and states are restricting sales of dogs in pet stores to those obtained from animal shelters and rescue groups, the actual source of these dogs remains obscure. Yet,‚Ķ


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I am a member in good standing with the American Kennel Club, Southern California German Wire Haired Pointer Club and the Mojave Greens K9 Training Club. Being an AKC certified evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen and the Puppy S.T.A.R. Program, I am committed to providing the most effective, and convenient solutions to my clients' dog training needs. I avidly pursue ongoing continuing education and professional development by attending seminars and keeping current on industry literature. Sea Wolff Dog School puts clients first and is well respected and referred to by local veterinarians and the Town of Apple Valley and City of Hesperia. When not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions I compete in confirmation, hunt and obedience trials with my own dogs

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