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Hair Force One Dog Grooming NEW ADDRESS:
9205 Stanley Rd
Alamosa, CO 81101 We decided it was time for us to fill the need for dog grooming in Alamosa. We have lots of "big city" experience, and our services are more along the lines of what you'd find in places like Denver or New York.

We feel that anything that's worth doing is worth doing really well, and offer show cuts as well as more modest styles, but all our services are centered on the comfort and well being of the dog. We do not use cages for drying, and take appointments one at a time (like a beauty salon for humans) instead of assembly line style. We prefer to focus 100% on one client at a time, which makes for a happier and less stressful experience all around.

Operating as usual

Wishing everybody a nice and relaxing Christmas.

Wishing everybody a nice and relaxing Christmas.

Wishing everybody a nice and relaxing Christmas.

Service dog missing in Del Norte. Contact info on picture if found.

Service dog missing in Del Norte. Contact info on picture if found.

Service dog missing in Del Norte. Contact info on picture if found.

Working on the final touches in my new shop. Inspection is scheduled for July 7th, so hopefully I’m back in business soo...

Working on the final touches in my new shop. Inspection is scheduled for July 7th, so hopefully I’m back in business soon!


I will be working out of the shop on Main Street until June 12th, and then I’ll be moving the business to the second floor of our new home on 9205 Stanley Rd. Exact opening date will be determined by the State PACFA inspector, but I estimate beginning of July.
It may be a farther drive for some of you, but my schedule will be more flexible for dropping off and picking up.


Starting Tuesday 5/26 I will take a few appointments per day. I try to get back to you all in the order the appointments were cancelled.
Since it’s such a small place, I can’t have another groomer working. That means I can only take small and medium size dogs and no new clients. I cannot take any walk-in nail trims but you are welcome to make an appointment.
Drop off and pick up will be done outside and I will be wearing a mask. Just call the number posted on the door when you arrive. I take only one dog or dogs from the same household at one time to avoid any possibility of cross contamination. Should appointments for any reason overlap, the dogs will be kept in separate rooms. I give myself extra time between clients to thoroughly sanitize the equipment and surfaces, and I have switched to touchless payment processing.

I do my best to get back to everybody and fit you all in as soon as possible, but please bear with me. I have a lot of cancelled appointments to catch up with. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope to see you all soon!
- Martina


A lot of people are wanting to know when I’m going to reopen. At this point, I’m not sure. The new ”home-schooling” is keeping me busy, so I can say for sure that it won’t be until
towards the end of May when school is out for the summer. Follow this page so you’ll receive updates on reopening date and other changes. I hope to see you all soon!


It’s a very hard decision for a small business to make, but I feel I have no choice at this time - we will be closed until further notice. We don’t have child care right now and I can’t take any chances with my son’s health since he only a few months ago was hospitalized due to viral pneumonia. I hope for everyones understanding and apologize for the inconvenience. I will keep a list of cancelled appointments and will get back to you as soon as we are ready to take appointments again.
Stay healthy everybody❣️


For our own safety we require all dogs to be current on rabies vaccination. Paperwork from your vet will be necessary at check-in. (Rabies vaccinations are not valid unless administered by a licensed veterinarian.)

For the dogs' safety we strongly recommend Parvo and Distemper vaccinations as well. Puppies need their full set of puppy shots to be in the shop as they are very susceptible to the most common viruses.

Be very careful, this stuff is deadly!

Be very careful, this stuff is deadly!

Public Service Announcement! If you see Blue Green Algae like this DO NOT PUT YOUR DOGS IN THE WATER! Late summer and early fall are when it is most toxic. There is no cure. If your dog ingests toxic blue green algae blooms while swimming THEY WILL DIE! Understand the water can look clear. It doesn’t have to have this much in it. It loves humid areas with little rain , areas with fertilizer or animal waste runoff. I have seen stories on 12 dogs dying in the last 24 hours in various different parts of the country. This is no joke. Please take this toxin seriously. By the time you know your dog is sick it will be gone. #goosedog #bluegreenalgae #keepyourdogsafe #gcsaa #dogsofturf

We are now able to accommodate large and giant dogs for baths, deshedding, dematting and minor trims-ups again (not full...

We are now able to accommodate large and giant dogs for baths, deshedding, dematting and minor trims-ups again (not full haircuts). If we didn't reach out to you yet, please feel free to check in.

Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital

Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital

Hello Friends and Family,
There have been 3 dog deaths due to the ingestion of blue-green algae. We believe this happened at Prospect Lake here in Colorado Springs. As of right now Prospect Lake has been temporarily closed.
This blue-green algae contains bacteria that releases a toxin into your pet's bloodstream, which eventually goes to the liver. This algae causes severe liver damage, and even death within two days post ingestion. There is no antidote for this horrible bacteria/toxin. Before taking your pet swimming in a pond or lake, be sure to scan for any evidence of this blue-green algae. If you suspect that your pet has ingested this algae, please call Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital or Animal Poison Hotline (1-855-764-7661) IMMEDIATELY! Fast and aggressive treatment (induce vomiting ASAP and supportive care) might help save your furry friend's life. Here are two pictures that might help you identify blue-green algae. We care greatly about you and all of your pets. We want to get the word out.


Due to a severe dog bite taking longer than expected to heal, we are still not able to accommodate large and extra large dogs.(Small and medium sized established clients are fine). If you are in a hurry, we do have the self serve option available. You still need an appointment as our place is very small, so please call first.

Cats Alive SLV

Cats Alive SLV

We are in immediate need of feline foster parents and additional support for the cats we are taking in. Can you help, or know someone who can? Please share, spread the word, or donate. The more help we can build, the sooner we can reach our goals! YOU can make a difference! Call, text or write for more information! 719.298.7028 or 720.525.8695 [email protected]


It's getting close to that time of year again. Shaving certain breeds is a really really bad idea!


🤔We are experiencing massive technical problems lately. (Affecting shop phone, cell phones, email, card reader - everything) If you have tried to reach us and have not received a return call/text/message, please be advised that we are not ignoring anyone. It seems messages have been getting lost. Sorry! We are working on fixing this asap.

Ruff Start New Beginnings

Ruff Start New Beginnings

~ For the Love of Feral Cats ~

~ For the Love of Feral Cats ~

Totally The Bomb

Totally The Bomb


Please be advised that Hair Force One is unable to provide service to wolf dogs/hybrids/wolves. This is simply due to our vaccination policy and nothing else. There is just no approved vaccine as of yet.

We have seen quite a few of these beautiful animals and we love them, but have been forced to decline service. If you are considering getting one, please make sure you educate yourself thoroughly beforehand. There are many things to consider. They are NOT dogs. Some of the concerns are:
1. Vaccination
2. Feeding (Raw meat is a must, kibble will not be sufficient)
3. Not suitable as an indoor pet after sexual maturity. Be prepared.
4. In case of a bite, the animal is likely to be put down, vaccinated or not.

Some links provided below.

All For Paws Outreach

All For Paws Outreach

Soft nail caps for pets will be available soon!If you're having problems with getting furniture, clothes and skin shredd...

Soft nail caps for pets will be available soon!
If you're having problems with getting furniture, clothes and skin shredded, here's your solution. Available for both cats and dogs, in a variety of colors as well as clear.
Please message or email us with any questions.


If anyone has been trying to reach us and has not received a return call yet, please try again. We are experiencing major tech issues with both phones and internet. Also, if you've been relying on text reminders for your appointments, they have not been going out for some reason. We apologize for any inconvenience. We 're working on these issues.

Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic

Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic

Please help us spread the word about this. We are seeing more and more Sago Palm's for sale as house plants. We were very disappointed to see that the Sago Palm plants in some stores still have no warning label. These plants are very toxic to pets. It takes a very small dose to cause liver failure. Many dogs don't survive, even with treatment. We took the picture on the left at Home Depot (warning tag) and the one on the right at Walmart. (None of the Sago's at that Walmart had warning tags.) These have also been seen at Target and Ikea.

Familiarize yourself with its distinctive appearance, because often they are just called "palm plants" (technically they are not palms, but cycads) or not labeled at all.

Edited to ad: The seeds are the most toxic part of the plant, but these small versions usually are not big enough to produce seeds. However, the entire plant is toxic, so please be careful. Also, we are veterinarians. If you have a plant you would like ID'd please consult a horticulturist near you. Many of you are sending pictures of the more common Majesty Palms and asking about those. Those are fine. But we aren't familiar with the appearance of every plant, especially if they aren't grown or sold in our area.

Planet Paws

Planet Paws

Using air fresheners💨, candles🕯 and plug-ins? Here's why you should reconsider!

(Credit: Resposted video from Companion Animal Network)

Soft Spot

Soft Spot

Please keep an eye out for Trouble. Last seen by the old Budweiser plant. Missing for about three weeks now. Contact Mike at 719-480-1067.



95% of pugs need surgery to help them breathe - this is why.

Soft Spot

Soft Spot

We are at the moment holding 10 felines that needed to get out of the fire zone. If you're missing your baby, please contact us!
If you need help with your small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs etc) as well as cats, we plan to do our best to assist until we completely run out of room. If anyone has large wire crates to lend, we could really use some more of those temporarily.

Our phone and internet are both out. If you need to reach us, please TEXT 719-301-5636 as that seems to be the most reliable form of communication at the moment.

Dr. Karen Becker

Dr. Karen Becker

In the case of a life-and-death situation, you can save your pet by by learning how to perform this skill:

We strongly advise against shaving any double coated breed.

We strongly advise against shaving any double coated breed.

More reasons for NOT shaving a husky!! It really does not keep them cooler despite what one might think and it could cause more problems!!


9205 Stanley Rd
Alamosa, CO


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Paula Espinoza
My girls are sad you never featured them... You gave them a complex!!
Looks like you all do a wonderful job. And a charge of 40 for a 2 hr job is very reasonable for now days. I groomed dogs for 25 years and am pleased that there are people who do a wonderful job in the SLV.
Fluffie loved her spa day at Hairforce One!
I have a new shelter client for you. Her name is Princess and she could use a spa day and some royal pampering.
Before and after of Chewy . Thank you for cleaning him up.
It would be great if you would consider starting a mobile grooming service in the Saguache county area.