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Valley Humane League

Valley Humane League

Pet Food Pantry today 12-2. Drive up only again. 513 6th. Alamosa. Thank you!

Valley Humane League

Valley Humane League

UPDATE: OUT OF FOOD. Closing at 1:30pm.

PET FOOD PANTRY IS TODAY! 12-2. 513 6th Alamosa. All are welcome!

Today’s pantry is DRIVE UP ONLY!

Please form an orderly line at the van. We will be practicing social distancing and placing your food in the vehicle trunk. DO NOT EXIT THE VEHICLE TO HELP! We got it! Do not walk up to any volunteer! I cannot stress enough to STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL WE ASK YOU TO OPEN A DOOR OR TRUNK. If we find that the rules can’t be followed we WILL cancel until further notice! These rules are to keep YOU and our VOLUNTEERS safe!



The Giving Paw Inc.

The Giving Paw Inc.

If you have to self-quarantine, why not foster a dog or cat? They would love the company! Contact your local animal rescue/shelter PLEASE!

🐱 DONATIONS NEEDED 🐱 Cats Alive SLV is seeking donations to be able to build a low cost spay/neuter clinic and offer $20...
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic for Cats Alive!slv organized by Lisa Karst


Cats Alive SLV is seeking donations to be able to build a low cost spay/neuter clinic and offer $20 spay/neuter vouchers for the cats of the SLV!

Anything helps, even sharing!

Help Cats Alive BUILD A SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC! Last year, we helped get 400 cat… Lisa Karst needs your support for Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic for Cats Alive!slv

I ღ Cats

I ღ Cats

First Gentleman Marlon Reis

First Gentleman Marlon Reis

Good Afternoon, Friends,

Did you know that up to 2 million pets are stolen each year and that 1 in 3 pets will go missing at some point in their lives, according to And, sadly, only about 10% are ever returned home. Where do these dogs end up? In unimaginable places, from research laboratories to puppy mills to dogfighting rings as bait dogs.

Today is Pet Theft Awareness Day and here are some helpful tips to make sure you keep your companion safe from harm.



#BREAKING: Denver's pit bull ban was neutered Monday night following a 7-4 vote by city council.

The new law will take effect in 90 days.

First Gentleman Marlon Reis
First Gentleman Marlon Reis

First Gentleman Marlon Reis

Good Morning, Friends,

When a pet runs away from home, it’s a combination of sadness and fear. To make things worse, scammers take advantage of that sadness. This story is a good reminder to microchip your furry friends.

Here is the link to the story:

Cats Alive SLV is in need of donations! They do so much for the cats and kittens of the SLV, and they need all of the su...

Cats Alive SLV is in need of donations!

They do so much for the cats and kittens of the SLV, and they need all of the support they can get! 🐱

Won't you be my Valentine? We need to have supplies for kittens at the ready for spring, because they don't give much warning before they show up. Neonates, in particular, need to be kept warm at all times, be fed kitten milk replacer every 2-3 hours, and be kept meticulously clean. While we would love to have ANY kitten supplies you can help us with, these are our favorite items: And if you buy from Amazon, don't forget to use Amazon Smile and give us a free donation at the same time!

Spay Colorado

Spay Colorado has been a huge help with getting cats/kittens and pit bulls/pit bull mixes spayed and neutered in the SLV!

We helped fix 1050 cats, pit bulls, and pit mixes last year! 8642 total since 2012! Like us and spread the word please!

Gooood Morning!! Please remember to bring your pets in out of the cold! 🤗🙏🏻

Gooood Morning!!

Please remember to bring your pets in out of the cold! 🤗🙏🏻

Cats Alive SLV

Cats Alive SLV

UPDATE: originally found in SE Hooper.

This lovely dude was found bleeding on the street in Hooper a few days ago. He's very tame and in good condition, aside from being hungry, thirsty, and having a bite wound (deep, maybe from a dog). Because of his serious injury, we had him taken in for surgery and now have him in foster. Please share his photo widely, we think he has a home to get back to.

Valley Humane League

Valley Humane League

Pet Food pantry is today 12-2. 513 6th Alamosa. PLEASE BRING PROOF YOUR PETS ARE SPAY OR NEUTERED! We have given plenty of notice. We do not provide food for unaltered pets or feral colonies. Sorry.

Cats Alive SLV will soon have a location in Monte Vista! They are in need of a few items to get their space up and runni...

Cats Alive SLV will soon have a location in Monte Vista!

They are in need of a few items to get their space up and running, and anything you can donate is tax deductible!

Please contact Lisa Karst if you have anything you think they might be able to use!

The Valley has desperately needed a location for stray and abandoned cats, so let’s all do what we can to support the new 501(c)3 nonprofit cat rescue & resource center in Monte Vista!


Valley Humane League is in need of donations to cover the cost of fixing their transport vehicle! Anything helps!

Valley Humane League is in need of donations to cover the cost of fixing their transport vehicle!
Anything helps!

This van is a vital part of shelter. Last week it broke down half way to our transfer partner. We picked it up today and the damage was very expensive. VERY! Four figure expensive. If we were not able to transfer dogs on a regular basis some of our dogs would sit in the shelter for months. We need to ask for donations to help with this unexpected expense. Anything you can donate helps! Small or large it is all appreciated!!!


Alamosa, CO

Today is the monthly pet food bank! This one is for December. Please remember you can only utilize this bi monthly!

“We can help feed up to 4 pets! Cats or dogs. Bring your ID and proof of address to the parking lot across from the depot in alamosa (The parking lot of the regular food bank!) We will also need proof of spay/neuter on pets you are claiming for food! You can bring the animal(s) or vet paperwork for proof. Your pets MUST be fixed to utilize this!! Its from 12 to 2 pm. Please come, Income doesnt matter! We just wanna help you feed your animals ♡

Tag, share, tell anyone who could use it!”

Missing from a neighboring community

Missing from a neighboring community

Hello Team Robin -

As you may know, there have not been any verifiable sightings of Robin since October 17th. We know that with this weather it is not likely he has survived on his own outside for this long, but we haven’t given up.

We have not wanted to say anything because it seems so unbelievable, but we have heard for some time now that Robin may be with someone in Hartsel, someone who may know he is missing. We have a hard time believing someone would keep him out of spite, but as the personal attacks, accusations and hateful comments continue, we are open to the possibility that someone may actually have him. If this is the case, we hope that Robin is getting the care he needs and will be returned to us soon.

We are increasing our cash reward to $2000, payable to anyone who can provide information leading to his safe return, no questions asked. If someone has Robin and is not comfortable coming forward, please know that Robin can be brought to any local vet or Ark Valley Humane. We are not interested in anything but getting our boy back home.

Please call or text 720-808-4315 or message the page with any information. All information will be kept confidential.

Thank you all for your continued support and God Bless.

P.S. There is another dog resembling Robin in the area, a possible boxer mix with a long tail. Robin is a German Boxer, cinnamon color with white on his face and white on his paws, and he has a short tail. Also, we block those who leave negative comments or send us hateful messages. We thank all of you who continue to keep this page positive and focused on Robin.

US National Weather Service Pueblo Colorado



The low so far in Alamosa this morning is -26F, which, surprisingly, is not the new record low temperature for today. The record is -28F, set in 2007. #COwx #Colorado

Valley Humane League

Valley Humane League

NOTICE: The pet food pantry scheduled for Monday, December 30th has been postponed until January 6th due to predicted cold temperatures. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Valley Humane League

Valley Humane League

Duties and Responsibilities:

● Maintain clean, sanitary kennels for the animals in their care.
● Provide care, health, and handling of the animals.
● Monitor and maintain food and supplies.
● Perform or assist with maintenance of equipment.
● Contribute to and lead initiatives to improve processes and procedures.
● Perform data entry and documentation to update animal records.
● Act as a resource for volunteers by answering questions, providing training and coaching in the moment, and addressing concerns.

● Facilitate adoption process with patrons.
● Facilitate intake process of animals.
● Answer patron questions via phone or in person.
● Maintain a professional demeanor at all times even in stressful or uncomfortable situations.

Work Environment
While performing the duties of the job, the employee is frequently exposed to odors or airborne particles including animal fur and toxic chemicals. The noise level in the work environment is very loud.

● Dog handling and care experience.
● Ability to utilize effective problem solving/decision-making skills
● Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Email cover letter and resume to [email protected].


Alamosa, CO

Valley Humane League

Valley Humane League

Things to remember when it adopting a puppy at Christmas:

1. One in three dogs are returned after Christmas because of spontaneous puppy/dog adoptions.

2. It takes about three weeks for a dog to adjust to its new home environment. Bringing a dog home at the most busy time of the year can be a recipe for failure. Lots of people, lots of noise and lots of pressure can be very stressful for a dog. Provide a quiet safe space for a new pooch.

3. Cute puppies and their sweet breath grow into bulls in china shops with smelly doggy booty. RESEARCH BREEDS. There is nothing cuter than a Pyrenees puppy. BUT they are roamers who grow to be over 100lbs and need to be in charge of something.

With proper preparation and research a Christmas pup can be successful. Just remember that five year olds are not going to be feeding, walking or driving the new pup to the vet let alone house training. That will fall to you so be prepared!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Candy canes can kill your dog! Please keep them away & be careful 🙏🏼🐾

JS Doodles

JS Doodles


Alamosa, CO


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Who can I call for dogs mistreated in the north valley please? Very frustrating situation to witness near me. Not sure who to contact. Thanks 🙏
Hi, I am looking for a pet sitter who does sitting in their home. Looking for someone who is close to my place of employment in Alamosa, I am a Rn and looking for someone who can watch my smart well behaved dog from 745 to 445, Monday through Friday! Thanks! Christine
I would like to sigh up for spay clinic March 13. Please direct me.
Female dog found in center area. If missing please comment or message me with details so we can get her home.
My son is missing his blue heeler dog. He has a long tail. Last seen at Walmart on Friday night. Please let us know if you have seen him.
I can't afford to pay for spaying my dog. Where and when can I get her spayed? She's a Chihuahua.
Something that I can do for a dogs ear either its mites or infection, cant get to monte vista till tue and don't want it to get worse. Any ointments recommend.
2 black dogs are missing from the joyful journey area. One is a lab and one is newfoundland/border collie mix. They don't know which way they went.
I'm looking for some part-time work and I love animals and am trustworthy and can provide references. Wondering if anyone has any need to look after their pets, dog walks during the day, or grooming ranch animals, etc. or if any of our shelters are hiring? Send me a private message if so. Thanks.
Please let me know if this isn't allowed. My daughter is desperately needing to rehome 2 of her 4 dogs. She is currently needing to move back out here (she's in okc), due to her current house having mold in it, and she will only be able to keep 2 of her fur babies. They are very sweet dogs.