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Hidden Acres Rabbitry Hidden Acres Rabbitry is home to pedigreed Mini Rex and Rex rabbits. We are members of ARBA, the Na

Kalina Starowitz

Kalina Starowitz


Who wants to play? Lily and Gus Gus, Californian Rex

Cavy Breed Quiz

I got 7 out of 11 right. I challenge you to beat me....

Can you name the breed and showroom variety of cavy? All animals are free from color disqualifications to the best of my knowledge.

Rabbit Breed Quiz

Rabbit Breed Quiz

Can you correctly identify all fifty breeds of rabbits shown? Note: Where applicable, all breed photos used are based more on ARBA (USA) body types and names. I have also tried to include UK names, but I do not know the names in other countries.


Yippes Jerry! Looks like you need another haircut!


Our newest Sable Point litter. Yep, one Sable Point Marten is stealing the show!


Kalina Starowitz was so excited today after winning her first ever Best in Show with her Broken Black Mini Rex Jr Buck, Minion at the Chautauqua County Rabbit Show in Dunkirk! Even better yet, she also won Reserve in Show with her Black Otter Sr Rex Doe, Foxy Roxy. Thank you to all the judges, member and other rabbit friends for a wonderful show!

We also can't forget little Booboo, our Himalayan Mini Rex, he took 2nd in the high jump at 18", beating his former record of 14", losing to a big Rhinelander!


Did anyone check out the latest issue of Mini Rex magazine? Kalina got her picture in 3 times for the 2013 ARBA Convention with Wildfyre (BOSV Lilac), Gaia (BOV Sable Point) and Buzz (BOSV Sable Point). Congratulations also to Zack Ludwig for his BOV Chinchilla with nice pic!


Our very first litter in these rare colors. Six does, three of each color.


Tea anyone?


Here's Booboo doing some winter hopping training. I don't know who is having more fun, Booboo or Andy? Mini Rex CAN jump!


Here are some pics of our first ever Seal litter. Cute, cute, cute!


Kalina Starowitz was so excited! We just looked at the Youth Sweepstakes postings for the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club and she is #12 Nationwide, #1 in Himilayan, Lilac & Sable Point and #4 in Red. You can see the rest of the standings here: http://www.nmrrc.net/youth-sweepstakes.html

Youth sweeps have been updated on 12/11/2013


Teke will be 10 this year. Bless her old heart, 75 years young.

How old is your bunny? :(


So Kalina & I decided today to go ahead and order the BunnyVac Pasteurella Vaccine. We haven't had a problem in our barn and don't want it. I understand that there is something to building immunity naturally by culling weak animals but there is also something to accepting a vaccine that may help to eradicate the disease if more breeders vaccinated. Just think of how many folks would not have been crippled with polio in the 1940's-50's if the vaccine was able to eradicate the disease sooner? Your feelings on this matter are welcome.


We have a new litter of broken Silver Marten Mini Rex! Our first ever. Thank you to Zack & Julie Ludwig for helping us with them!


Returned from 2013 ARBA Convention. Kalina won BOV & BOSV with Gaia and Bon Jovi our Sable Point, BOSV with our Lilac buck Wildfyre, and BOV with her Opal standard Rex, Thor. Thor was a rescue from a meat auction! We also picked up the Open Sable Point BOV winner, Landau. Beautiful babies in our future.


Here is our lovely Sable Point Jr Doe, Gaia. Wish her luck at Convention!


Mini Rex and Rex for sale updated 9/29/13. May consider trades.


Lovely bunnies looking for a pet home.


Just updated my For Sale page with new listings. Free delivery to ARBA Convention! Please visit my website sale page:


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