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Abney Catahoulas Breeding quality Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs for over 30 years. Our dogs will hunt, work, track, blood trail, scent (all facets), and are used in Search and Rescue (all facets).

Visit our website for more information. We maintain a standard of breeding by selecting the best of temperament and conformation. Our dogs have proven themselves in the field and show ring. Although I am not a hunter or work dogs in their traditional fashion, our dogs show their inherent abilities with those that do. I have spent many hours researching the history and genetic influences of these g

Visit our website for more information. We maintain a standard of breeding by selecting the best of temperament and conformation. Our dogs have proven themselves in the field and show ring. Although I am not a hunter or work dogs in their traditional fashion, our dogs show their inherent abilities with those that do. I have spent many hours researching the history and genetic influences of these g

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Abney Catahoulas is still producing puppies in our breeding program. Clients who have already put a deposit on a future ...
Abney Catahoulas by Don Abney Your Catahoula Leopard Dog Authority

Abney Catahoulas is still producing puppies in our breeding program. Clients who have already put a deposit on a future puppy, maintain their position on our wait list. People wishing to make a deposit on a future litter, will be able to do so using our paypal account that can be accessed via our website at or mailing a check to: Don Abney POB 248, Abita Springs, LA 70420. Also, if you wish to contact us, please call 985-892-6773 or email [email protected]

Don Abney, Breeder of Champion Catahoulas. Your Catahoula Authority

I have always said that when the day comes that I must leave this earth, that I will be holding a Catahoula. The decisio...

I have always said that when the day comes that I must leave this earth, that I will be holding a Catahoula.
The decision has been made, and let me introduce you to
White Oak's Shawnee


Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog TRUTH.
For those of you who don’t know of Vernon Traxler, he was one of the first to register Catahoulas in the Animal Research Foundation of Quinlan, TX, and my mentor. He, along with Kline Rushing, NALC’s Betty Ann Eaves’ father, and a few other breeders saw a reason to protect and preserve the abilities and charm of the Catahoula. These were not the only men to do so, but were some of the first.
I’ve provided information about three bloodlines, Wright, Fairbanks, and McMillin, to which some nay-sayers have attacked the information provided. These were not the only bloodlines in existence, but were the most prominent at the time. Newspaper articles and historic facts of that time period will prove the information correct.
The Internet is not the most factual place for information, and a simple reading of historic books will provide valuable information.
When it comes to facts, the biggest problem facing today’s breeders is that many of them are too lazy to do their own research, and will follow the hearsay and myth.
One of the TRUTHS of old time breeders is that they would get stuck on a name that they really liked. For example, Vernon Traxler liked the names Lady, Patches, and Blue to mention a few. He would name multiple dogs the same name, and in order to determine which was which, you had to know a little more information. For example, there was, Lady, Lucky Lady, Little Lady, etc., and if you didn’t know which he was revering to, you were lost, especially when it came to breeding.
In the recent contest I held asking people to name my very first Catahoula by Registered Name; it became a struggle for everyone, including my own family.
You see, Vernon had a female named Patches. I got two male dogs from the Patches litter that I wanted to register. One male was named Chief, and the other Patches. Naming two dogs Patches, even if one was a male, created a registration problem. In order to fix it, my first breeding male Catahoula was named “Abney’s Traxler Patches.” This type of naming is not allowed within NALC today.
The whole point of this article is to advise researchers that when you begin your research, don’t do it with a closed mind. Keeping an open mind will take you to many places that you weren’t expecting to end up, and you will be surprised by what you will find.




I recently received information about additional points being awarded to Blue Leopard Catahoulas at some dog trials. Before you jump my ass, I do not anything against NALC, it’s staff, or its members.
Just give this some consideration.
For years many of us breeders have worked tirelessly to bring the Merle Gene into cooperate.
Some of us successfully; others not so much.
It is my opinion that if you begin rewarding a dog’s color that you will be guiding breeders into attempting to pull out the lighter, more problematic problems. This will only hurt the breed as a whole.
Should you work to perfect color? Of course, but only of the other problems facing the Catahoula are being avoided. Care must be taken when undertaking such projects.
What I see happening is that breeders will begin producing more deaf, blind, and sterile dogs again due to attempts to bring about that one special dog that will gain HIGH POINTS in a SHOW RING.
The idea behind breeding is to better the breed.
Not become the high point holder of a single dog that can’t reproduce its lineage.


This morning I posted a statement naming the founders of ACA. I was sorely mistaken about Francesca Buck being a part of that formation. I was always under the impression that she was a founding member.
I am apologizing to Francesca for my error and for any inconvenience this has caused.


Over the past few weeks there have been attacks on my books and me, personally.
The allegations of falsehoods are named, but nothing specific.
There is mention of my saying Catahoula means, “Clear, or beautiful, Lake.” That is not me.
That was stated by Betty Anne Eaves, founder and owner of the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas.
I present a book about Catahoulas and its history to the best of my abilities. It is not solely about Indians. Indians had a part in Catahoulas, but not solely. There is a lot of information missing, and may never be found.
If my findings do not agree with others opinions, then I suggest they write a book, and learn what public opinion can feel like.
Mostly it stems from what they consider to be a working dog; i.e. hunting/herding. Then someone made an example of a German Shepherd. This was a poor example as the German Shepherd was bred to herd sheep, but is now used for a variety of purposes. It didn’t ruin the breed, it raised it to prominence.
My particular line is used for a variety of purposes, such as Search and Rescue, Body Recovery, Arson, Narcotics, Bomb Detection, Blood Trailing, and simple Tracking. Is this not work? Is this not a Job? Isn’t this some of the same disciplines performed by other breeds?
Take note of this.
I have never spoken ill of anyone working cattle, or herding, or of anyone using their dogs for hunting hogs or any other animal. I have never spoken ill of another breeder. I present the information as I know it and allow the questioner to draw their own conclusions.
No, I’m not a perfect person, but I strive to be honest and breed Catahoulas for the purposes that they can be used.
If you ask if I sell pets, the answer is yes, and, if you question closely those so dedicated to the working/hunting dogs, you’ll find they have as well. They just don’t talk about it.
Have fun with this piece as I’m not going to respond any further. If you want to ask a question or speak about me or this, my phone number is 985 892 6773… I am not a Keyboard Warrior.

Photos from Blood Dog Training / Tracking's post

Photos from Blood Dog Training / Tracking's post


ATTENTION, breeders/owners who feed more than 4 bags of dog food per month:
What brand of food, protein/fat content, are you using?
This is just a sounding board to get an idea of what is being used, and not a platform for arguing over which is best.
Thank You..


Facebook has sent me a message saying that 3500 people are wanting to hear from me.
Well, Here Goes:
Catahoulas come in a wide array of coat colors and patterns. Some will have glass eyes, others plain jane brown eyes.
Everyone wants a Catahoula with color because it's flashy and an eye catcher, but what of the plain wrapper dogs?
Yes, plain wrapper. These are the Black and Black and Tan dogs with plain jane brown eyes.
It's what's on the inside that makes a Catahoula, not the wrapper.
Next time you say you want a Catahoula, think about the plain black wrapper dogs.... They're Great.


To all of the ignorant nay-sayers who are attacking me because of my recent Breeding book. Read Carefully.
When you can identify a dog from my breeding kennel that has been placed in a shelter, then you may have a point to make.
However, if you educate yourself you'll find that most shelter dogs are turned in because of irresponsible ownership, not breeding.
Those dogs that have been undesirably bred should not be given to other homes. You're only extending the inevitable and possibly endangering another human being. Those dogs should be put down for the sake of the dog and humans.
Now, my kennels are inspected by Animal Control on a Quarterly basis and they are the model for the Parish in which I live.
So, get your facts straight, and get off my back.
With Love,
Don Abney

Here is the newest addition to our clanABNEY'S ABITA BLEU

Here is the newest addition to our clan

Now available on any of my Websites... orAmazon.

Now available on any of my Websites...

Released Today, and available on Amazon. I will have copies available beginning September 1, 2018

Released Today, and available on Amazon.
I will have copies available beginning September 1, 2018


I have been accused of being rude by some of those contacting me.
I make reference to the information on my website, but it seems to be too much trouble for them to look it up.
I can answer the questions, but after doing it for this many years, it seems to me that a little research into what is desired is in order. If you can't find it, I'll be happy to help you.
Otherwise, utilize the system that I pay for in an attempt to educate.
Thank You.


When making reference to being a breeder, it is always best to know your bloodline. This isn’t to say that you know the names of the dogs within each of their lineages, or how many times champions appear, nor does it mean the number of champions within the bloodline.

Knowing your bloodline means that you have studied the results of previous breedings within the bloodline. For example: knowing that the Sire and Dam are of sound health, have a good prey drive, fit the standard, and have a decent temperament are important facts, but, what of the litters that they came from? What do you know of the Grandparents, and their associated litters?

Having the results of the litters of Grandparents, and Parents will present a pattern of breeding results. You will have a better idea of what to expect from the breeding pair. By calculating the average health, drive, disposition, and structure of the resultant litters, you are better able to produce the puppies/dogs that you desire.

Putting two dogs together simply because they are the same breed, you’ve seen them work, you believe they are of the best disposition, or they stack up against any conformation champion does not make you a breeder. It makes you someone who is willing to take a chance at breeding two dogs whose background is completely unknown, producing a litter of pups not worth their weight in manure, with the hopes of selling them for a profit.

Anyone who has ever been introduced to genetics, even in its simplest form as from a Biology Book in a high school curriculum, knows that if you want to grow peas, you plant peas. You can’t get a crop of peas from a row of carrots.

Knowing your bloodlines is a lot of work, but it will pay dividends in the end.


I know postings have been limited of late, but with health issues and business, time has not allowed me to get back to posting. I'm working on getting back in the groove.

W E D D I N G --- A N N O U N C E M E N TThe betrothal of Abney's Kono to Double Ott's Cinnamon has been established. Co...

W E D D I N G --- A N N O U N C E M E N T
The betrothal of
Abney's Kono to Double Ott's Cinnamon has been established.
Consummation to take place in Late Fall of 2018.
They are registered at Marsolan's Feed & Seed.


I receive a number of emails inquiring if I have any Wright, McMillin, or Fairbanks bloodlines..
These bloodlines have long since been lost. There may be someone with a 8 or 10 generation, but it's only the first 3 generations that are the most active. The last 2 Fairbanks dogs that I know of were neutered and/or spayed about 10 years ago. So, there are none left. With the interbreeding and bloodlines crossed over the past 40 years, it's doubtful that anyone has a definitive line.
If someone out there does have any of those lines, I'd like to speak with you, and see your papers.


Due to circumstances and a large amount of ignorance, I've had to change the settings on this page.
Friends may view, but visitors will have to make a request.
It seems the time, expense, and effort I've put into breeding Catahoulas over the past 50 years are of no consequence to some.
So, I refuse to argue about a subject that has been published by three (3)
university professors.
Research doesn't end with what you want, it ends with the facts.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos





CCH. ABNEY'S CATORI, DOB 08/12/10, is being retired from the breeding program. If anyone is interested in adopting her, please contact me via email or call 985 892 6773.


For those breeders who seem to know all about my kennel and my procedures, perhaps you should read what is listed on the Catahoula Puppies page of my website. It's been there for years.
"The following lists are displayed for information on current litters, expected litters, and planned breedings. These lists are not meant as a guarantee of breeding, or the acquisition of a puppy. Breedings are not always successful, and changes are sometimes made to a planned breeding."

So, you think you've seen a runt. Here are litter mates @ 4 weeks of age.The Red is 3.8 lbsThe Runt is 1.5 lbs...

So, you think you've seen a runt.
Here are litter mates @ 4 weeks of age.
The Red is 3.8 lbs
The Runt is 1.5 lbs...

OKAY - With all the dog and puppy pictures being posted, I just couldn't resist. First time in 22 years, we've produced ...

OKAY - With all the dog and puppy pictures being posted, I just couldn't resist.
First time in 22 years, we've produced a natural bob-tail offspring.
Sire: GRCH Abney's King Augustus
Dam: Abney's Mocha Bear
And here is ABNEY'S NUB......


Sulfadimethoxine -- Di-Methox
Those of you that are using this product for the treatment of coccidia or as a Cattle Wormer, BE ADVISED----
As of 1/1/17 this product will require a Veterinarian Prescription in order to purchase.
It amazes me that a product that works so well, and has been openly available for years, suddenly requires a prescription.
I guess generic competition became too great for ALBON.


This will surely open a can of Catahoula Worms, but, here goes.
I find it very interesting how many breeders will speak of the Versatility of the Catahoula, but, anyone utilizing the dog in any manner other than the one they are involved, suddenly become an outcast, and in their mind shouldn’t own a Catahoula, let alone breed them.
This is the problem with the Catahoula Community. Each of those that use their dogs for hunting, baying, treeing, herding, or what is considered “FARM WORK” tend to looked down on any other type of use, spouting that theirs is a Working Dog.
Unfortunately they are missing the point of versatility.
What is a Working Dog? It is one that aids a human in the performance of an activity.
SAR Dogs, Arson Dogs, Narcotics Dogs, Bomb Dogs, Apprehension Dogs, Schutzhund Dogs, PTSD Dogs, Tracking/Blood Trailing Dogs, are all a form of working dog, although not used on most farms. How can anyone say this is not a working dog?
Barn Hunts, Tracking Trials, Conformation, Obedience, and almost any other activity which utilizes a dog is a means of giving the dog an outlet for its pent-up energy, and a purpose.
Until ALL Catahoula Breeders come to the realization that OUR VERSATILE DOG is exactly what it says, there will always be a divide by those of such narrow minded thinking.
After all, when you speak of Construction, isn’t the plumber considered a worker? How about the Carpenter; the Mason; the Painter; the Electrician; the Roofer; Each one of them doing their part in the field called Construction.
Isn’t that the same pretense of the Catahoula? One dog, many disciplines.


Whenever I get calls concerning breeding or questions about Catahoulas, I do my best to give the best information I know to be true. Others may disagree with my suggestions or answers, but that’s their opinions, and that’s okay.
What pisses me off is when someone calls, asks questions, then goes to another breeder and begins to stir the Sh*t Pot.
Why can’t breeders agree? Because somewhere there is someone who wants to be recognized and held on high for their achievements, so they place their opinion above helping others.
They prefer to engage in what they are knowledgeable about and miss the entire point.
If you want help, I will try to help you.
If you just want to stir the Sh*t Pot, then go somewhere else. There are plenty out there that will entertain you.
I’m too old and too tired to be bothered with you.


POB 248
Abita Springs, LA

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My beautiful is Lexi. who just turned one year old. Thank you Abney Catahoulas
3x5 $10. Bigger available by request. Shirts also possible. S-XL $22 and free shipping in the 48 contiguous States
At request, I am deeply saddened to announce that, my mentor and friend, Don Abney passed away this morning. I am also asked to convey that all Abney Catahoula breeding plans will continue as he wished. Please keep the Abney Family in your prayers in this difficult time. Funeral arrangements will be posted when plans are finalized.
Didi Willingham smiley face for Don!❤️❤️❤️
Looking for a good Catahoulas pup, let me know if you plan on breeding anytime this spring. Thanks Keith
Don, I contacted you some time ago about the catahoula's. Wasn't in a position to get one at that time but some how by God's grace, I have two from your line. xoxo I took the time to research and they are exercised and trained constantly. I have named my male Cajun - my swamp dog and Jackyl is the jumpingest dog I've ever seen. He's going to be going to dock diving soon enough but I need to research that sport. Thanks again for doing what you do.
Mr. Abney I would like to know what you think about the Blue Lacy breed. We have a Catahoula but I have been looking at Lacy's for a possible future dog. I have been around a lot of working\hunting breeds but never really had much exposure to the Blue Lacy.
With all the negative remarks, I would like to say Thank you. Your work and investment in the Catahoula breed is greatly appreciated by many. Your books have been a great help to me not only on the Catahoula but dog training in General. So Thank you! I appreciate your effort to help others. My Perseus descends from one of your dogs. I love him!
I have a beautiful male out of Abney lines and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Hard working gritty yet gentle and loving with my kids he is hands down my favorite dog on the ranch!
Don- we are so in love with Rosie already and can tell she is a very special, one of a kind dog. Thank you so much for helping us find our new best friend!
Can you give me a price range of a Catahoula puppy I really like that bobtail puppy
Just curious.... My pup Abney's Joe Kenda, who is registered as black, white and grey, has changed colors. At a little over a year old, he is now more hot fudge sunday with butterscotch and the pink on his nose is all but gone. Does the NALC go by the patterns of color when the color changes? Just curious as I was surprised to see such a change. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Have a great day!😀