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Abney Canine Training Providing canine training in Behavior Modifications, Obedience, Tracking, Blood Trails, Search and Rescue, all facets, Bomb Detection, Arson, Narcotics, and Canine Good Citizen, Star Puppy, and UKC Spot certifications.

Our Facility is Fully Licensed and Insured. Master Trainer in Obedience, Tracking, Hunting, Search & Rescue, and Detector Dogs since 1980. Court Certified Expert in the field of Canine Training & Tracking through the Criminal District Courts of New Orleans, Louisiana, December 10, 1998, by Judge Julian Parker. UKC Conformation & Jr. Showmanship Judge. AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Co-author o

Our Facility is Fully Licensed and Insured. Master Trainer in Obedience, Tracking, Hunting, Search & Rescue, and Detector Dogs since 1980. Court Certified Expert in the field of Canine Training & Tracking through the Criminal District Courts of New Orleans, Louisiana, December 10, 1998, by Judge Julian Parker. UKC Conformation & Jr. Showmanship Judge. AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Co-author o

Operating as usual


I have always said that when the day comes that I must leave this earth, that I will be holding a Catahoula.
The decision has been made, and let me introduce you to
White Oak's Shawnee

Photos from Blood Dog Training / Tracking's post

Photos from Blood Dog Training / Tracking's post

This was sent to me by one of my clients:Thank you again for starting Scarlett in human trailing. I knew absolutely noth...

This was sent to me by one of my clients:

Thank you again for starting Scarlett in human trailing. I knew absolutely nothing when I brought her to you - as was evident. I kept my promise that I wasn't wasting your time. We have since made the State Fire Marshal's Search and Rescue team and helped find Bryson Thibideaux last weekend which resulted in the arrest of his parents. The little red useless Bloodhound ain't half bad. Thanks again, Mr. Don.



Catahoula Obedience Competition pictures needed. Please pm me if you are interested in sharing


Beginning October 1, 2017, I will no longer be accepting one on one Obedience Training, only. We will still be accepting Boarded Training.
James Roberts - 985 590 7547 will be taking over that portion of the training. James has studied under me for the past 6 1/2 years and continues to be a part of ABCANTRA. He is fully qualified to handle your needs.
Many Thanks to all of you who have used my services, and I am still available for discussion and advice.


Worth Repeating>>>>>>
I can train your dog.
You have to continue with his training when you return home.
Teaching a dog to obey or work is what we do, but if you don't repeat the training by giving occasional reminders, then the dog will revert to his instincts.
i.e. Unless you're a carpenter or work with measurements, when you are posed with working fractions, I hear, I can do it, but it will take me a few minutes to remember..
Your dog functions in the same manner. If it's not a recurring thing,
he won't want to do it.


Attention Veterans
Those veterans with service dogs wishing to acquire the Canine Good Citizen certificate may do so at no cost to you.
Abney Canine Training is setting up a group testing for you.
Contact us at 985 892 6773


Let me start off by saying that I am an advocate for Service Dogs, but, there is a loophole in the law that needs closing, and I need your help.
The law plainly states “that once a Service Vest is on the dog, the owner/handler may not be questioned as to the reason for the service dog.”
This has given way to people buying a Service Vest and placing it on their dog, allowing them to take their pets with them wherever they go. This is not the purpose of the service dog.
I have tried to close that loophole by asking my congressman to institute an article within the law mandating that all dogs be obedience trained and pass a CGC or STOP test.
His office answered with “who is going to monitor this?”
It’s not that hard.
The first thing required is a letter from a Mental Health Professional.
Next, undergo basic obedience training, individual or professional.
Then, pass the CGD or STOP exam.
The Department of Agriculture controls these laws.
As for monitoring it’s a simple matter of issuing a number along with the CGC (AKC) or STOP(UKC) certification indicating the dog has qualified to be used as a Service Dog.
If you have a better idea, I’m opened to it.
Our veterans, who utilize these dogs are getting the short end when anyone can just put on a vest and bring their pet with them.
What can you do?
Contact those political officers in your area and ask for their help.


Beginning this month, I will no longer be providing SAR training at my facility. Set up/Tear down, has gotten to be too much for me. I will be happy to assist with training off site, and I am still available for seminars and certifications.
I'm sorry, but father time is telling me to slow down.


We are now providing Service Dog and Therapy Dog training.
We will train or help you train your dog to pass the requirements of either application. Call 985 892 6773 to schedule.


There has been a lot of discussion pertaining to the injuries caused by Pinch or Prong collars.
The majority of the injuries reported were caused by improperly fitted collars.
Too many owners read about the successes of this collar, go out and get one, and put it on their dog without understanding the manner in which it is to be fitted.
This collar does not slip over the head of the dog as many correction collars do. It is to be pulled apart in the middle of the links and adjusted to fit the dog’s neck with 2 inches of chain slack. It is then placed around the neck and refastened.
The object of this collar is to administer a pinch similar to the Dam’s bite when correcting her pups.
Like any other tool in your box, if used improperly, it is dangerous.
Used properly, and it is an effective tool.


Dealing with Aggressive Dogs.
One of my apprentices when asked, “Are you afraid of the dog?”
Answered, “I really don’t want to be bitten.”
Nobody does, but if you’re going to train dogs, you’re going to get bit.
I can’t say when, but it will happen.
When dealing with a dog that shows aggression, you must:
1. Show no fear. It’s okay to be scared, just don’t show it.
2. Be Cautious. Stand your ground, but don’t be foolish. .
3. Gain their confidence. Most dogs are also scared themselves, but by gaining their confidence will lower their guard, and allow you to get inside their head.
4. Be confident. You know what to do and how to do it. Proceed with Caution.
5. Once you’re both comfortable with each other, training begins.
Training any dog is not a one day process. It all takes time, so there is never a need to rush to establish dominance or control.
Go slowly and be rewarded…. Go quickly and be bitten.


Most of you know that when you’re walking two or more dogs simultaneously, it’s called a Brace. There is a device that connects the two dogs together, allowing you to control them with one lead.
If you are looking for one of these devices,
DO NOT search for a BRACE. It will take you to all kinds of orthopedic devices.
DO NOT look up Leads/Leashes, it’s not there.
DO NOT look up Collars, it isn’t there either.
If you’re in need of a Bracing Collar, search for it under the title COUPLER, DOG COUPLER, or COUPLER LEAD.
For the Record, the Dictionary describes brace as:
“something that holds parts together or in place, as a clasp or clamp.”

I guess calling it by its true intent was too hard to understand.


Those of you posting “Beware of Dog” signs around your property may want to give this some thought.
Posting that particular sign could be considered an admission of guilt if someone is bitten on your property. You are admitting that you have a dangerous dog.
Before posting them, check with your insurance companies and/or attorneys.
It is much better to post “No Trespassing” signs. Then if an intruder is bitten, they were warned not to trespass. Nothing is said about a dog


Give them an UPPERCUT. That’s right, I just said to give your dog an uppercut.
1. Hold your hand, palm up, as if someone was going to place money in it.
2. Close your hand into a fist while holding your palm up.
3. Place your thumb to the side of your index finger, out of the way.
With your hand in this configuration, you will make a correction by hitting the underside of the lower jaw hard enough to make the dog’s teeth clash together.
This must be done within 3-5 seconds of the attempted bite.
Puppies and grown dogs may be corrected in this manner. You must be quick, and firm.
If the animal attempts to bite after a correction, the correction force must be increased.
If he attempts to lick, he accepts the correction and will hasten his biting.
If he bites his tongue, it will heal, and the action will stop that same day.
Never make a correction to the top of the head, side of the face, or top of the nose. These are agitation maneuvers and will cause greater efforts to bite.
Before you tell me that I’m being cruel, consider this.
What correction does the bitch use with her litter to stop their biting her?
She doesn’t offer them any treats, or speeches. She corrects them with a return bite, quickly and effectively.
If you have questions, EMAIL me. I answer those much quicker.


Next Lesson – Fear Imprint Cycle
I’m sure I’ve posted this somewhere in the past, but it is well worth repeating.
Between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks is a period in a puppy’s life known as the Fear Imprint Cycle. During this period any trauma, as viewed by the puppy, could be behavior setting for the life of the dog. This includes, dragging the puppy with a lead, slapping the puppy for ill behavior, poor potty training techniques, improper corrections for biting.. etc.
It’s best to try to work through this period without any corrections if possible. If it becomes necessary to correct such a small dog, then perform it in a manner that teaches and does not create or cause a traumatic experience for the puppy.
For example: The puppy comes into your home and leaves a nice brown package on your living room rug. Grabbing the puppy, pushing his nose in it, and slapping, does nothing more than scare the BeJesus out of the dog. TRAUMA. After all this puppy has been leaving that package all over the place and no one cared, and now it’s a crime. The scenario I just gave is acted out every day somewhere and I assure you there is a puppy that has been traumatized.
If you don’t know how to fix the problem, that’s what I do for a living. I give away more than I’ve ever charged for, so call, email, text, or stop me on the street, I’ll do my best to give you a solution.
By the way, Fear Imprinting occurs again at 10 months of age, but is not as severe a period as the first.
Good Day… and Good Training.


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of calls asking for help with behavior problems. I try to help as many people as I can, but I can’t pay my bills by being on the phone with people who either will not listen or are determined to prove me wrong.
The majority of those, when asked if they have had any training with their dogs, will reply that they have taken the class from Pet-Smart. I’m sorry, but I’ve observed their training and methods, and all I see is “Lead and Treat” the dog. There are no corrections for ill behaviors, or stubborn dogs, but they still collect the money. Granted, some dogs will complete the course, but then they probably could have been trained by a 10 year old.
Please before saving a few dollars, seek out an experienced trainer who is familiar with behavioral issues before just jumping into any training class.
As I’ve stated before, EVERY TRAINER has a different opinion of solving problems. If you were to put 5 trainers in a room and give them an hour to come up with a solution, at the end of the hour there would be 6 solutions, and someone would have a black eye. – That’s Trainers.
Now, I’m sure I’ve made the top of some people’s Dung List with this rant, but the truth is hard to accept.


I'm searching for pictures of dogs performing in all varieties of trials, and/or pictures of misbehaving dogs. If you have a picture that you are willing to share, contact me via FB message and I'll direct you from there... This is not breed specific.


We at ABCANTRA, have begun using Red Dingo harnesses as our tracking harness. I’ve found it to be reliable, strong, great adjustments, and easy on/off with their snap buckle system. Next time you’re in the market for a harness, give them a try. You won’t regret it.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

The Canine Tracking Guide is back in print.
It is being re-released in paperback and is available on any of my websites.

I'm often asked if I would do Personal Protection, and the answer is NO.  There is a trainer that will, and he's one of ...
Dog Training Academy - Narcotics/Explosives Detection Patrol Dogs Personal/Executive Protection...

I'm often asked if I would do Personal Protection, and the answer is NO.
There is a trainer that will, and he's one of the best in the industry.
Roger Abshire. Give him a call.

Our Police Dog Training Academy trains dogs for Narcotics Detection, Security Patrol, Explosives Detection and Arson Investigation. US K-9 Dog Training Academy offers dog handler training for law enforcement officers.


So you want a professional to train your dog… GREAT…
During the interview you will be asked these questions.
“Is there any previous training? If yes, by whom?”
The quick reply of “NO” may take the pressure off of you because you feel that somewhere or sometime during YOUR training you may have made mistakes and you don’t want the instructor to chastise you.
You may feel that you’ve managed to escape any discussion pertaining to your inexperience, but you’ve also managed to add confusion to the training of your dog.
Example: Client teaches the dog to come to him by giving the commands “here, heel, or he-yah,” and the word “here” always ends up being “he-yah.”
If the instructor is not aware of previous teachings and continues on to teach the dog to come when called by using the command “come,” the dog will not associate the action with the command and his training is hindered by teaching the dog something that goes against his previous training.
This is a simple example, but ANY previous training should be explained during your initial interview. Whether you or another person have handled or instructed your dog previously, be honest and forthcoming with your answers.
To be honest, I don’t care what you’ve taught your dog….
Just let me know… It’s easier on the dog.


I've been queried to present an example of my statement about working dogs. Here it is.
An unsuspecting, uninformed person wants a dog that will provide protection. Instinctually, they do a search for dogs that will protect and are drawn to those breeders touting their "working" line of dogs. Unfortunately, some of those are breeding dogs that offer nothing more than pure aggression. This does not make a working dog, it makes a mean dog that eventually will bite its owner. Aggression bred to aggression will only produce aggression and cannot be changed, and control requires only the strongest of will and strength.
Breeding dogs with good temperaments will provide a line that will perform whatever feat you desire. You can change a Poodle into an aggressively defense animal, but still maintain control and ease of handling. Why? Because the temperament is solid.
Compare Schutzhund trained dogs to other dogs of the same breed, and you'll find that the very first test given to them is Temperament Testing. Fail this test and you're out of the program. This is where I'm trying to educate the public. Be sure that the puppy you're getting comes from a line of dogs with good, stable temperaments.
You can train a good tempered dog to be a lap dog or a killer, but you will never train an aggressively bred dog to be a companion.


“A working dog is any canine that has been bred or trained to perform a specific function to assist humans on a regular basis.”
This is the true definition of a working dog, but, many people buy a puppy for a specific purpose, but don’t stop to ask, “What type of work do your dogs perform?”
This is not to stir up any controversial conversations but to implore buyers to ask this question.
I am not singling out any specific breed, but only relating what we have been experiencing in our training camp.
I have had dogs come into our training camp for obedience training and find that the puppy they have purchased is from WORKING stock. Not that this is bad, but unless the dogs have been temperament tested and perform, that word STOCK could mean trouble.
Too many breeders have taken to breeding dogs simply because their dog comes from a line and another dog comes from a line of “Working Dogs” without doing any genetic investigation into the backgrounds of the dogs listed in their pedigree.

Buyer Beware:
The dog you purchase just may eat your face when he turns 2 years of age because of ill breeding practices.


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