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Furs and Feathers Homestead Small Homestead raising several breeds of pedigreed rabbits for show, pet and meat, also fresh chicken eggs and natural chicken meat available.

Welcome to FURS AND FEATHERS LLC. We are a small farm outside of Aurora OR. We raise chickens and rabbits. The two variety's of chickens we have are the (Barred Rock & Ameraucana, we also cross them). We sell chicken eggs, as well as fertile eggs for hatching and we hatch chicks and commonly have those available as well. We also raise and process Cornish cross chickens, large batches 2 to 3 times a year. Our Rabbits
We raise the Flemish Giant rabbit (Sandy, Light Grey, Steel Gray and Fawn). We also raise Rhinelander rabbits and Mini Lops. Our rabbits are for pet show or meat purposes.

RABBIT friends .. 🐇
Skagit Breaking

RABBIT friends .. 🐇


“Good morning, as folks venture out for Earth Day events and Free National Parks Day, it’s important for any pet rabbit owners to know about this deadly virus that’s right over the border. Tourists coming from BC, Canada to the tulip fields, for example, could be unknowingly carrying the virus on their shoes, in the threads of their tires, etc. The virus could be carried into WA as easily as being on the feather of a hawk that ate an infected rabbit, or on the shoes of someone who walked around a highway rest area where infected rabbits were. Fair season is approaching and kids that worked all year caring for their project animals may not be able to show their rabbits this year because it’s such a dangerous situation. If a site or home is found to have a confirmed case of this virus, any rabbits, rabbit equipment, barns, bedding, cages, supplies, etc will be ordered to be incinerated. Veterinarians and virologists are mandated to report suspected cases to State officials. This is extremely serious for pet rabbit owners as there is no cure, and the vaccine is not available in the US (Canada had to get special emergency approval to get it shipped to them from France). https://wsvma.org/2018/04/06/rabbit-hemorrhagic-disease-serotype-rhdv2-reported-in-british-columbia/“


I am picking up this afternoon a light gray flemish giant buck who I placed in a home many months ago. He is Neutered, a very sweet boy and has been an indoor pet. I am looking to place him in another forever home... If you are interested or know of anyone looking for a flemish giant please privately message me... I will get photos up when he has settled in once home...


WELL, everyone is hanging in there... forecasted to be 108 today and tomorrow... PRAYING everyone keeps keeping on... Then it cools off into the high 90s... Ha, might feel a lot cooler after today and tomorrow's highs.... Hope everyone else is fairing okay

So here at home I have an overabundance going of Kale, Beets, with HUGE beet leafs and Celery...  Funny as the last few ...

So here at home I have an overabundance going of Kale, Beets, with HUGE beet leafs and Celery... Funny as the last few years growing these, they never really flourished... What my family can't consume the bunnies are loving me for :)
Thought I would share this page as it is a great list to see what you can feed to herbivores...


Safe Food for Rabbits- This is as comprehensive a list as I can come up with, I may have left a few things out and would be happy to hear from you, i will add them and will post comments to this pa…

TK Orchards


Our 2017 peach season has officially started!! So why not do a little giveaway?

We will draw 3 winners on Wednesday July 12th. Each winner will get a 10 lb box of FREE peaches!!!

To enter-
~Make sure you like our page! & Share this post to your page!
BONUS entry if you tag someone in the comments that loves peaches and might want to visit us this season!

We are looking forward to a great season!

* This week we are picking Candor peaches. Open Mon-Fri 8-6 and Saturday from 8-5 (closed on Sundays)

23513 NE Boones Ferry Rd Aurora OR 97002


All chicks have been placed :) ... Will do another batch in another month or 2... Message me if you or anyone you know might be interested in Barred rock chicks :)

Shout out to cat people ;) Any cat out there needing to be altered; Highly recommend this place...  They are wonderful :...

Shout out to cat people ;) Any cat out there needing to be altered; Highly recommend this place... They are wonderful :)

FCCO is the only spay/neuter clinic in the Portland region providing donation-based services for feral and stray cats and low-cost services for pet cats. Vaccines are included. Kittens need to be 2 pounds or 10 weeks old.


I have several dozen packs of eggs available... message me if interested 😃🥚🍳


Early morning... Brought in the 2 cats and even caught the feral tom to the vet this morning to get all 3 altered, vaccinated, wormed and deflead :) ...
Eggs were taken out of the turner :) ... Hatch date is Tuesday :) getting exciting....
For those of you waiting to hear on pet placements... I have not forgotten about you :) ... Things are looking good... Expect to hear from me the 2nd to 3rd week in february :)


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