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Dalmatian breeds dog lovers...especially, dalmatian breed...sales and pet service available.


30 days dalmatian puppies....barking, playing, running....book now.....reasonable price for serious dog lovers....


Dalmatian puppies on sale....good price.....inbox , brown spot female, black spot male, black spot females.... 17 days old...learning to walk, eyes open....you can even book now!!


now litters learning to walk in all direction......eyes opening.....cry for milk..and the bitch knows when to clean up and feed them....PUPPIES ARE GETTING READY FOR GOOD HOME....BOOK NOW....


The Dalmatian has a unique urinary tract system which makes them susceptible to the formation of urinary tract stones (Urolithiasis). The urine of a Dalmatian contains uric acid instead of urea or allantoin. Stones are formed from the salts of the uric acid. Large stones will lodge in the urethra; small stones also called gravel may pass with the urine. If the urinary tract becomes completely blocked and the condition is not treated promptly it will be fatal. Dalmatians must have adequate water at all times and dietary management with food that is not high in purines can be helpful. You can ask your vet to check your dogs' urine at regular intervals for urate crystals. There is a lot of research being done in this area so new treatment and management protocols are always being developed.


11 days old...dalmatian ( canis familiaris) booking open.....Liver spot female 2, black spot male 3...




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