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Happy Tails Superior Quality, Excellent Service and Value for Your Money. Happy Tails Pvt. Ltd. Ltd is a company dedicated towards buying and selling of pets.

The Company was established in the year 2012 and since then has successfully established a niche of its own. Happy Tails believes in buying and selling of quality dogs only. They understand the value and worth of a dog. Dogs are lifelong companions they not just love us unconditionally and provide us a safe shelter but they also become a part of our lives once brought home. Happy Tails therefore understands that selling a dog comes with a huge responsibility. Like any other business Happy Tails is also driven by profit and hence they only sell those dogs that are extremely healthy. Once people buy from us they have never turned around to complain or regret.

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We love our dogs more and more every day, so by the time they’re seniors, the bond is truly irreplaceable. We want to ma...

We love our dogs more and more every day, so by the time they’re seniors, the bond is truly irreplaceable. We want to make sure they’re as happy and healthy as possible throughout their lives, and as they transition into becoming seniors, there are a few specific things we can do to make life easier on them.

Below are few suggestions for 6 things pet parents should do to make life easier on their senior dogs.

1. Make regular appointments with your veterinarian

If your dog is over 6 years old he/she should be examined by a veterinarian at least every 6 months. The idea is to hopefully catch something before it makes your dog sick.

A complete examination, from tip of the nose to the end of the tail
Blood tests including a blood chemistry and a complete blood count
A urinalysis
A complete nutritional analysis
Fecal testing for parasites

2. Better bedding

Why not make his/her places to relax more comfortable?

3. Exercise

…but less intensity! The law of physics states: things in motion stay in motion. Movement helps lubricate joints and maintain muscle mass. We want to keep your senior dog moving.

4. Handicap accessibility

If your aging dog likes to sleep on the couch or bed, why make him jump? You can purchase or build a ramp or steps to make it easier on them. Guess what? They have them for the car as well.

5. Safety considerations

If you live in a house with slippery surfaces (ie, hardwood floors, tile floors, etc.), a slip and fall can be just as much a [safety] hazard for your aging dog as it is for us. I love ToeGrips to help prevent slips and falls. They are just little, pre-made, rubber or silicon slip-on nail covers. Easy peasy.

6. Elevate the food bowls

Raising stands to hold food bowls will make it easier for your aging dog to eat and swallow food.

Woof Woof

Woof Woof

Hmm...I don't think that's the same stick🤔

Sorry, We were wrong. 😔

Sorry, We were wrong. 😔

No one tells you how quickly dogs age. How one day you wake up and suddenly their face is all white, how their eyes star...

No one tells you how quickly dogs age. How one day you wake up and suddenly their face is all white, how their eyes start to seem more milky than before, how you have to call their name a few more times than you used to.

People tell you not to blink when you have children, but what about the dog who was with you before your children were even thought of? The dog who was by your side before you found the love of your life, the dog who jumped from apartment to apartment in your early 20’s. No one tell’s you to cherish every moment you have with them…

Cherish the dog. The one who’s been there through every break up and every dumb fight with your best friend. That dog who slept in the bed with you when you were lonely and made you feel safe when you left home. Cherish him, because one day you’ll take him on a walk and he’ll start to get tired before you and you’ll realize just how many years he’s been walking by your side.

Dog Tag Project

Dog Tag Project

To feed your dog at the time of lockdown or any regular day.
If you can get small amount of meat (liver, stomach, ears, chicken feet) cut into small pieces (No bones), chop veggies that are suitable for dogs eg. potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, green beans and peas. You dont have to mix all these veggies at once but 2 at a time. Boil the meat and veggies together in a big pot (like soup). DO NOT add any spices(no salt, no garlic, no onions nothing) just plain meat, veggies and water. When u know its cooked stack it in different containers and use one at a time. Keep rest in the freezer to keep it frozen. When adding small amount, luke warm it and add it to ur dog food.

Pet Owners Club

Pet Owners Club

Have you ever noticed a dog silently watching you as you eat your sandwich, frankie or panipuri or Icecream from a road side stall? Have you ever wondered what goes through the dogs mind then? He is clueless about why he doesn’t get to eat the stuff you are eating .

He doesn’t know money is needed to purchase food. He doesn’t know that the human he is silently watching doesn’t give a second thought to his hunger. All he can do is only stand there in hope that some piece falls off from their frankie or a little drop of melted ice cream drips on the dirty floor which he can lick off the floor then. Isn’t Hunger a universal feeling of all living beings? Let’s open our heart. Feed a stray. Share and Create awareness.

I wish to spread awareness and compassion for these hungry beings and to provide them one proper meal a day which comes from each of us. Just one meal a day!

A dog who isn’t hungry and starving is less likely to be aggressive too. We all can coexist if only we paid a little attention to these truly neglected section of our society.

Came across this beautiful post so sharing with my friends 🙏

Happy Tails is Proud to be associated with Grand Dog Show.All the Dog Lovers and Participants are warmly welcome.Venue: ...

Happy Tails is Proud to be associated with Grand Dog Show.
All the Dog Lovers and Participants are warmly welcome.
Venue: Satdobato Swimming Pool Ground.
Date: 25th Magh, 2076.
Time: 10:00 am onwards.
Forms available.
Last Date of Form Submission: 20th Magh, Monday.
For details Call 9840225511.

Surprise. ❤️

Surprise. ❤️


Woof Woof

He has Priorities.❤️

This dog has his priorities straight 😂🧀



Quality Rottweilers pups available for Show Homes.Contact 9840225511 for details.

Quality Rottweilers pups available for Show Homes.
Contact 9840225511 for details.

Chihuahua puppies available.Call 9840225511 for details and bookings

Chihuahua puppies available.
Call 9840225511 for details and bookings



"You are what you eat" 😂😂😂

Superpower Dogs

Superpower Dogs

What’s YOUR dog’s superpower? We love these stories and these SUPER 🐶🐶🐶. Every one inspires us! See our upcoming IMAX movie Superpower Dogs, presented by Mars Petcare, A Better World for Pets.

Routine of Nepal banda

Routine of Nepal banda

#Nepali_Hachiko This is the real story....

I saw this dog in Alka Hospital (Alka 2). It seemed at 1st just a stray dog... but when knew about the true story... its just heartbreaking...
3 years ago, his owner was brought here.. and was admitted in ICU. Unfortunately the owner died and he the dog didn't see the owner being taken out. Since that day the dog is staying here... waiting outside the ICU door waiting for his owner... he either stays there or looks in the cabin where the relatives had stayed that time. He was even taken home but he found his way back to the hospital from Imadol....
He's loved by everyone here.... but its just too sad seeing this nature of him... ❤❤
What good things have human done to deserve dogs....😭❤️ [ - Sudha Adhikari]

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

3 years ago an old man lost his dog. He just got a call that is going to break his heart. ❤️


Get ready for 9th Grand Dog Show Form & Tickets AvailableParticipate Form Adult=1500Puppy 1000Door entry=125

Get ready for 9th Grand Dog Show
Form & Tickets Available
Participate Form
Puppy 1000
Door entry=125



The stealthiest puppy I have ever seen! 😍😂

IG: @vinnieandozzy

The Dodo

The Dodo

These families thought they'd never see their lost dogs again — until now ❤️❤️

The Yardener

The Yardener

When your dog doesn’t want to come inside 🐶

BBC Scotland

Most dogs (even human infants) have some level of fear and and many are terrified of fire crackers. Please avoid them, and it's a very very bad idea to throw them at someone else's houses!!
And to owners, remember that prevention, distraction, some snuggles and lots of love are always a good idea! ❤️❤️

This is the effect fireworks can have on a dog.

via BBC Radio Scotland



This couldn't have gone much worse 😂😭

The Dodo

The Dodo

When your dog turns 15, there isn't enough cake in the world to show him how loved he is 🎂💕💕💕

That Goldendoodle

That Goldendoodle

Bamboozle Bear 🐻 #NationalTeddyBearDay



"They jump, I jump!" Wait for it... 😂

Credit: Viralvideouk

Daily Mail

Beware of him. 😂😂😂

Beware of the dog! He is absolutely terrifying! 😂😂🐶



9GAG Cute

Look at that butt!! 😃😂

Corgi butts, so precious

By The Stumpy Legs



You've seen a dog's reaction, but have you seen a bird's reaction? 😂🐦

Angel Cockatoo



The poor little guy just wants the bone at the bottom of his bowl 😂🙈



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