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Repeat breeder is a cow that is cycling normally, with no clinical abnormalities, but has failed to conceive after at least two successive inseminations.

Cause and Symptoms
In practice, some will have been inseminated at the wrong time, others may have pathological changes in the bursa or oviduct that are difficult to palpate, or undiagnosed uterine infections.

An early repeater is an animals whose luteal function has been shorter than normal or typical for the physiological oestrus cycle in non bred cow. In these cows the most probable event is either failure of fertilisation (delayed ovulation, poor semen quality etc.) or early embryonic death (delayed ovulation, poor embryo quality, unfavourable uterine environment, precocious luteolysis).

The cows will come into heat within 17-24 days after AI.

A late repeater is a cow that comes into heat later than 25 days after AI.

In these animals the luteal function was maintained for longer than the physiological luteal phase in non bred cows. Fertilisation and initial recognition of pregnancy probably took place but for some reason (inadequate luteal function, inadequate embryo signalling, infectious diseases, induced luteolysis) luteolysis was induced and pregnancy lost.

Good heat detection and records are key to identifying these cows.

Repeat breeders should be carefully evaluated in order to define the most probable reason for the failure to conceive (early repeats) or failure in pregnancy maintenance (early and late repeats).

Initially heat records should be evaluated to classify the cow as early or late repeat.

Cows that have had three services and are not pregnant should be checked before serving again by a veterinarian.

Ensure you are serving cows at the correct time. This means that all staff should know the signs of heat. Milk progesterone testing is also useful; cows in a true heat will have very low progesterone.
Ensure insemination techniques are as good as possible. This is particularly important if you use DIY AI. Do not serve cows previously diagnosed as pregnant without doing a cow-side progesterone test to confirm it is has a low progesterone and is not pregnant. If the cow is pregnant AI may cause foetal loss.
Identify and treat cows with whites before starting to serve them.
Don’t start serving too soon after calving. Herds that start early have lower pregnancy rates to service and so more repeat breeder cows.
Minimise stress at service. For example, try and avoid serving around turnout or when you change the diet.
A comprehensive analysis and review of your breeding programme is time well spent in the battle to reduce repeat breeding. Get together with your vet and go through your herd records and present breeding protocols and see if there are not some areas where this important area could be improved.

The disease in cattle is caused by the bacterium Brucella abortus, resulting in abortion in cows and infertility in bull...

The disease in cattle is caused by the bacterium Brucella abortus, resulting in abortion in cows and infertility in bulls, and is a zoonotic disease that can cause undulant fever in humans. The bacterium can be present in fetal fluids, milk, and semen.


today filed work Sarthak VET Pharma 9851187836


जर्मनी 2022


Internship program @ germany,duben me and@shivaram


Today filed work ojt students

Hit and Run Case

sarthak vet pharma in the treatment of calf unconscious after a car accident last night


After more than 2 hours of effort, the calf was removed. Now the health of the mother cow is normal. There will be first aid from our team this evening


After more than 2 hours of effort, the calf was removed. Now the health of the mother cow is normal. There will be first aid treatement from our team this evening.


सदैब काम मा लगनशील मेरा प्यारा भाइबहिनी हरु

today happy new year  case फिल्ड work with sarthak

today happy new year case फिल्ड work with sarthak

goat :lack of energy

फरक अवस्था तर काम मा सदैब आनन्द sarthak vet


-किसान को घर गोठ मा गइ पशुपन्छि पाल्न सम्बन्धि तथ्यांक लिने रोग र समस्या बारे जान्कारी लिने।
-भाक्सिन उपचार साथै दाना को बारे मा जानकारी गराउने ।
-छाडिएका गाई बाच्छा को phota लिने र अङ्ग भङ भएका भए तुरुन्त mobile vet team vet लाई जानकारि गराउने ।
-छाडिएका समुदाय कुकुर को तथ्यांक लिने र अङ्ग भङ्ग भएको भए mobile vet team vet लाई जानकारी गराउने।
-चल्ला को दुवानी गर्ने ।
-पशु पन्छी बिरामी भए पछि प्रयोगशाला मा दूध रगत र पिसाब र पोस्टमार्टम पछी उपचार शुझाब दिने र फिल्ड मा गइ स्याम्प्ल ल्याउने ।
दैनिक 2/3 घन्टा कार्य क्षेत्र किर्तिपुर नगर पालिका

Lumpy skin disease (L*D)
Lumpy skin disease (L*D)

Lumpy skin disease (L*D)

Lumpy skin disease outbreak in Nepal. If not controlled in time, it will be great set back to dairy sector.


URGENTLY REQUIRED VETERINARY TECHNICIAN ..Provide residential facility (options)negotiable salary .sarthak vet pharmacy 9851187836 kritipur

Chronic wound

chronic wound suffering one month now today handle this case .

morning first case

morning first case



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