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We Love Pets We Love Pets Teesside is a Dog Walking and Pet Care Service which has gaining a enviable reputation for the standard of flexible services offered.


Does your cat like a life of luxury? 🐱

Here’s something you should know…
Your cat doesn’t have to surrender it just because you’re on holiday! 🙌🏼
We are happy to keep up their usual routine and provide the same level of love and care to them as you would. ❤️

Not only that, but they will be a lot more comfortable staying in their usual environment with their home comforts. 🏡
Our cat visits are designed to minimise stress for both you and your cat whilst you’re away and we will provide photos and updates so you know how they’re getting on. 📱

If your cat needs the best cat care, contact us today! 📞📩

Novembers Pet of the Month winners are Ray and Rudi who have walks with our Sutton branch ran by the lovely Andrea! 🎉🐾Th...

Novembers Pet of the Month winners are Ray and Rudi who have walks with our Sutton branch ran by the lovely Andrea! 🎉🐾

They are a Collie/Pomski and a Springer Spaniel who are best friends that love to run around their local park together.

'Recently, Rudi moved from half hour walks to full hour walks, following his recovery from some injuries. He instantly made friends with Ray and they have a special relationship never before seen with his other paw pals.
We are so happy to have connected these two and to witness their joy in person is incredibly gratifying.' - Andrea. 🥰

Congratulations Ray and Rudi! 🏆


✨ Dog math ✨

We’re not saying it’s a recognised subject but it all makes perfect sense in your dog’s head. 🤷🏼‍♀️ You don’t need to understand it, you just need to respect it.

What dog math examples would your dog share with us if they could?✖️➕➖🟰

This months winner is Biscuit who is looked after by our Cannock branch!Biscuit is 18 months old and started with puppy ...

This months winner is Biscuit who is looked after by our Cannock branch!

Biscuit is 18 months old and started with puppy visits but has now progressed to walks!

She loves to dig and is doing brilliantly with her lead training.

Well done Biscuit! 🐾🎉

Does one of your pets get taken care of by us? Send a cute photo over of them to your branch owner, along with a little description of the pet. They'll then be able to submit them to the contest! We want to see all animals big and small, furry and scaly! 🐶🐢

Here are 5 interesting facts about dog play that you might find surprising: 🤗1️⃣ Play Styles Vary: Dogs have different p...

Here are 5 interesting facts about dog play that you might find surprising: 🤗

1️⃣ Play Styles Vary: Dogs have different play styles. Some dogs engage in rough and tumble play, while others prefer gentle play. Understanding your dog’s play style is important for their social interactions with other dogs.

2️⃣ Play Serves as Communication: Dogs use play to communicate with each other. Play bowing (when a dog lowers its front end while keeping its hindquarters up) is a common signal that they want to play and not fight.

3️⃣ Play Teaches Skills: Playtime helps puppies and young dogs develop important social and physical skills. They learn bite inhibition, coordination, and how to interpret social cues through play.

4️⃣ Play Reduces Stress: Play is a great stress reliever for dogs. It helps release endorphins, making them feel happier and less anxious. Regular play can improve their overall well-being.

5️⃣ Play Isn’t Just for Puppies: Dogs of all ages benefit from play. While puppies are known for their playful antics, older dogs also enjoy playtime, which can help keep them mentally and physically active as they age.

Understanding these facts can enhance your relationship with your furry friend and ensure they have a happy and healthy playtime. 🐕‍🦺

Is your dog a fan of play time? 🐶❤️🐾

Isn't home boarding exactly the same as kennels?Home boarding and kennels are two very different options for pet care wh...

Isn't home boarding exactly the same as kennels?

Home boarding and kennels are two very different options for pet care whilst you’re on holiday and both provide a totally different experience. 👇🏼

Home Boarding - With home boarding, your pet stays in a private family home and is integrated as part of that family during their stay. A home boarder’s house is designed to be a home from home environment where your pet can receive personal attention and care and where they can enjoy the same home comforts that they’re used to at home. Home boarding offers a more personal service as your dog is usually one of only a very small group of dogs. 🏡

Kennels - Kennels are commercial facilities rather than a home and are usually designed specifically to house multiple dogs at a time. Pets are typically housed in individual enclosures within a larger facility. Kennels may offer group play time and socialisation but the environment is less like a home and the service is less personal. 🏢

The choice between home boarding and kennels depends entirely on your pets needs and preferences as well as your own. 🐶🐾

It’s important to research and choose a reputable provider for pet care that suits your pet’s temperament and your expectations.

That’s why we always offer a meet and greet prior to your pet’s stay with us. You will have the chance to meet your home boarder and see their home as well as the chance to see any relevant paper work such as a license, training certificates etc. ❤️

If you’re interested in home boarding, visit the link in our bio to find out more about the service we offer. We have branches all over the U.K.! 📩📞


This is arguably the hardest part of pet ownership 💔

Losing a pet is incredibly hard and can be extremely difficult to process. Alongside the joy and happiness that your pet brings during their life with you, there is always the inevitable heartbreak and the overwhelming emptiness when they leave us.

Grief is different for everyone and everyone copes in different ways but here are some tips to help you through a really difficult time ❤️

🐾 Take as much time as you need - it’s cliche but it’s true when they say that time is a great healer. There is no right or wrong way to grieve the loss of your pet so take time to process your loss and heal yourself.

🐾 It’s okay to feel the emotions - part of being a human is feeling emotion and it’s okay to! Whether that’s sadness, shock or even anger, part of the grieving process involves recognising these emotions and allowing yourself to feel them.

🐾 Keep their memory alive - you are allowed to talk about your pet and you’re allowed to keep memories and keepsakes that bring you comfort. A photo, a lock of hair or maybe your pet’s ashes are things that can bring grieving pet owners comfort after their loss.

Losing a part of your family is always hard but know that as time passes, it won’t feel quite so overwhelming. Take time to grieve and remember your beloved companion


Two dogs have won this months Pet of the Month as we couldn't pick just one! 🥰The lovely Jane, owner of the Guildford br...

Two dogs have won this months Pet of the Month as we couldn't pick just one! 🥰

The lovely Jane, owner of the Guildford branch has sent us in Sophie and Tildy.

They have walked Sophie for the past two years and Tildy for the last 6 months.

Tildy's used to be walked by another company but the owner was not happy with the service so changed to us around 6 months ago. Her owner has said how happy she is with the service she now receives, how excellent they are at communicating with her and how the walkers they have met have been lovely.

"Tildy is loving her walks, she's visited lots of new places, doesn't spend too long in the car and has made some lovely new friends!"😇

Both love to play ball and are very competitive. Being labs they both love going in the water and are great fun to walk and are very good doggies with great recall.

Congratulations to Sophie and Tildy! 🥳


It got how hot?! 🥵

As temperates surge across the UK this week and with this continuing into the weekend, we asked our in house vet, Dr.Eloise Quince to help us test just how hot it can get in your car on a sunny day, even when it's sat in the shade.

We hope all of your furry friends are keeping cool and happy in this heat and remember autumn is just around the corner! 🐶🍃

This month's Pet of the Month is the adorable Heidi, who is a rescue from Bulgaria. 🤩Her owner has been in and out of ho...

This month's Pet of the Month is the adorable Heidi, who is a rescue from Bulgaria. 🤩

Her owner has been in and out of hospital since Anna took the branch over in May and poor Heidi has been a bit confused. But she always looks forward to one of her walks with our Waveney branch.
She is full of grace and speed! 😇🐾


Our in house vet Dr. Eloise Quince has recently gotten a new puppy! 😍

So this was the perfect time to give some top hints and tips for training and taking care of your little fur babies. 🐶


5 tail wagging ideas for you and your dog this summer! 😎

If you’re looking to keep your dog entertained and stimulated throughout this summer season, here’s 5 fun ideas to make new memories with your canine companion!

1️⃣ If you live close enough to the coast, take your dog to the beach.

2️⃣ Go on a new adventure. Explore a new walk that your dog has never been on before full of new smells and experiences.

3️⃣ Arrange a play date with a friendly dog should your dog enjoy canine company.

4️⃣ Take them swimming or paddling! Allow your dog to get their paws wet and have a splash.

5️⃣ Set up a treat treasure hunt in the garden. You can have a lots of fun from the comfort of your own home.

Whatever you choose to do, let’s make it a summer full of experiences and fun for both you and your dog 🐶

Which one would your dog like best? 🤔


We’re not professionals but…

Dogs can sure help with our mental and physical well-being! 🐶❤️

Dogs are known for their unconditional love and companionship which can reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression by providing emotional support.

Just cuddling a dog can release endorphins and reduce stress levels! 🤩

The fact that dogs require physical exercise can also encourage us as owners to engage in physical activity as well which promotes overall physical well-being! 🚶🏽‍♀️

Whilst dogs can provide significant benefits to our mental well-being, they are not a replacement for professional help but can however be valuable companions that contribute positively to our overall well-being ❤️

Life is ruff but with a dog by your side it could be paw-some 🐾🥰


Continuing on from last weeks video on DIY cat toys, Dr. Eloise Quince is back with more feline fun! 🐱
In this latest video, she explores some pet shop toys that can bring some fun to your furry friends. 🐾


This one is for the owners of the mucky pups! 🫣

Does anyone else’s dog just not understand or accept that a muddy dog walk = a bath on their return home 🛁

For some dogs, the muddier the walk, the better!

Is your dog a mud lover? 🐶❤️


Here’s 7 things we always take on our dog walks! 🐕‍🦺

🐾 Poo Bags - It goes without saying that dogs usually do their business whilst out on a walk so we carry PLENTY of poo bags to clean up after them responsibly.

🐾 A Good Lead - We use good, strong leads to ensure that we have control of your dog when we need to and that they’re safe always!

🐾 Towels - The great British weather let’s us down from time to time ☔️ so we always carry towels to ensure your dog is returned home as clean and dry as possible.

🐾 A Water Bowl And Water - We carry a water bowl and fresh water to ensure your dog is kept hydrated whilst walking with us, especially in hot weather. 💧

🐾 Treats - I think our dogs would fall out with us if we didn’t! We carry treats for training purposes and to reward positive behaviour.

🐾 A Pet First Aid Kit - All of our dog walkers are pet first aid trained and we carry pet first aid kits just in case your dog is injured whilst out with us.

🐾 A Dog - Our favourite thing to take on a walk! It wouldn’t be a dog walk without one! 🐶❤️


Our in house vet, Dr. Eloise Quince, shows us just a few of the things you can find around the house to create some fun DIY toys for your cats.


What makes us happy? 🤔

Seeing the dogs we walk struttin’ around and having the most fun on our tail wagging walks! 🐕‍🦺🐾❤️

And in case you have the Monday blues, save this post for when you need a boost of happiness 💾


POV: Even though you work from home, your dog needs more attention 👀

We absolutely understand! Even if you work from home - within a busy workday, it can sometimes feel like your dog isn’t getting the much-needed attention they crave! And we know your lunch break doesn’t always provide enough time for a good walk.

We can help with that! 🙌🏼
Our dog walking service is designed to be the perfect way to break up your dog’s day. We will give them plenty of stimulation, play and adventure that they will feel satisfied with sleeping the rest of the day away 😴🐶

Let us help you with your dog’s care! Find out more about our pet care via the link in our bio! 📲

This month's pet of the month is the cute Frank, who has house sits with our Bury St Edmunds branch. Tash and Andy, the ...

This month's pet of the month is the cute Frank, who has house sits with our Bury St Edmunds branch.

Tash and Andy, the branch owners, have said - "We've known him since he was knee-high to a grasshopper (almost)!
The whole team adore him & it's my pleasure to have taken the handover from our incredible Bekka and now be on watch this weekend with him.
Gorgeous inside and out ❤️🐾🐕"


Double tap if you agree 🥹

Dogs may be expensive to buy and they may be expensive to own but aside from vet bills, grooming bills, food and toys, they are absolutely 100% worth it.

Here’s 5 reasons why dogs make great pets:

🐾 Dogs are loyal
🐾 Dogs can help you feel less lonely
🐾 Dog ownership can bring you new experiences
🐾 Dogs can help to relieve stress
🐾 Dog ownership will encourage you to stay active

What’s your favourite thing about being a dog owner? ❤️


The training process be like…🫣

Sometimes it can feel like you’re going round in circles when teaching your dog some basic commands!

Did you know that the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a myth? Dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments can learn new things. It’s actually very fun and incredibly rewarding for them!

Here’s are handy tips for teaching your dogs new things!

⭐️ Be patient, success doesn’t happen instantly.
⭐️ Reward, reward, reward! Whether that’s with your dog’s favourite treats or with play, giving your dog an incentive will really help your success
⭐️ Keep training sessions short and do them often
⭐️ Minimise distractions
⭐️ Use clear cues such as a single word

What is your dog’s most impressive trick? Let us know in the comments 👇🏼


Our in house vet, Dr. Eloise Quince, covers a few things to look out for when walking your dogs by any lakes or rivers this summertime. 🌞


This one’s for the cat owners! 🐱

Stop worrying about who is going to look after your feline friend whilst you’re on holiday. ✈️

We know it can be worrying to rely on friends and family to look after your cat and we know it can be upsetting thinking about having to transport your cat to an unfamiliar environment.

Our cat visiting service is designed to lessen these worries to ensure you can enjoy your holiday as much as possible!

Our pet carers will be more than happy to provide 20 or 30 minute cat visits however many times a day you need to ensure your cat is well looked after in your absence.

Cat visits include:
✅ Feeding
✅ Grooming
✅ Changing litter trays
✅ Letting cats in or out
✅ Providing medication if required
✅ Love, fuss and attention
✅ Play time

And we will even bring the bins in or water the plants for you! 🪴🗑️

If you have a holiday booked, it’s never too early to secure your cat care.
Contact us via the link in our bio to avoid disappointment and ensure your cat receives the best care possible 🐈❤️


“When was the last time you let your pawrent walk into a room alone?” 👀👀

Who can relate?
If you consider your dog to be a ‘velcro dog’ you’re not alone. It’s very common for a dog to follow their owner from room to room. 🐶

Doing so is actually a sign of a great attachment! It usually means that your dog trusts you and feels safe with you and therefore wants to be with you 🥰

Or, they know it’s time for walkies and want to watch you put your socks on 😆

Meet Jenny.  She made an amazing decision to pursue her dream as a dog walker with We Love Pets! 🐶❤️Why not take yoursel...

Meet Jenny. She made an amazing decision to pursue her dream as a dog walker with We Love Pets! 🐶❤️

Why not take yourself on this exciting journey by applying today at https://welovepets.care/careers and choose your local branch.

Experience the joy of spending your days with furry companions and making tails wag.


If your cat doesn’t want to play, that’s fine by us! 🤗

Toys and games are not every cat’s cup of tea. Perhaps they prefer love and fuss, grooming, training, being outdoors or maybe they’re even shy!

Whatever your cat’s personality, we can care for them all and we will make sure we respect their preferences 🐈❤️

Did you know that we always host a meet and greet before your cat care commences? That way our pet carers and your cat can get acquainted and find out everything they need to know about each other 🙌🏼

🐾❤️ Are you an animal lover who's ready to turn your passion into a rewarding career? Well, we've got a PAWfect opportun...

🐾❤️ Are you an animal lover who's ready to turn your passion into a rewarding career? Well, we've got a PAWfect opportunity for you!

Don't miss this chance to embark on a fulfilling journey where your work truly matters! Visit https://welovepets.care/careers and let's make the world a better place, one pet at a time. 🐕


5 qualities to look for in a pet carer:

🐾 They’re flexible to accommodate yours and your pet’s needs
🐾 They’re passionate about pets and are genuine animal lovers
🐾 They’re fully trained in the necessities such as pet first aid
🐾 They’re DBS checked and fully insured just in case
🐾 They’re respectful of yours and your pets wishes and genuinely want the best for your pet

We Love Pets pet carers have all of the above and more! Click the link in our bio to find out more and enquire with your local branch 📞📩


What is it about the head tilt?! 🥹

It’s extremely cute and we love it!

But why do dogs tilt their heads? 🤔
Doing this helps them to gain a better understanding of what you’re saying and process the information.

They’re studying your face, your words and your tone of voice to work out exactly what you are communicating!

Which word does your dog tilt their head at? 🤔


What should a rabbit’s diet look like? 🍽️

If you’re a new rabbit owner or just want to ensure your rabbit is getting the best, here’s an overview of what be included within your rabbit’s diet. 🐰

Fresh clean water - always
Hah and grass - daily
Leafy greens such as broccoli, cabbage and kale - daily
Pellets - daily
Healthy treats such as carrots and apples - occasionally

Avoid foods such as nuts, bread & cakes, breakfast cereals and iceberg lettuce.

What’s your rabbit’s favourite food? 😋🥕🥦


Ever wondered why your dog might be eating poo? 💩

Our wonderful in-house vet, Dr Eloise Quince, fills us in on some reasons why your dog might be doing this. 🐶


Is your dog your bestie? 🥰

Do you tell them all the gossip?
Do you share secrets with them?
Do you love hanging out with them?

Even though they may not understand us, they’re super good listeners! 🤗
Hit like if your dog is your bestie ❤️


Have you heard about our Puppy Care? 👂🏼

If you’re a new puppy owner and need some help making sure your pup is taken care of whilst you’re at work, your local We Love Pets branch can help! 🙌🏼

Puppy visits:
🐾 Help you relax knowing your puppy is well taken care of by professionally trained pet carers.

🐾 Provide company, play, fuss and attention in your absence.

🐾 Help your puppy to reach their training goals by incorporating some basic training practices.

🐾 Help break up your puppy’s day by giving them short intervals of stimulation ready for a well earned nap

🐾 Get your puppy ready for the big wide world by introducing short socialisation walks.

Enquire with your local branch via the link in our bio if you need some help taking care of your new addition. 🐶❤️

June's pet of the month is the wonderful Zeus! 🐶Meet Zeus, who has their dog walks with our Hereford branch. He is a ver...

June's pet of the month is the wonderful Zeus! 🐶

Meet Zeus, who has their dog walks with our Hereford branch.

He is a very adorable seven-month-old German Shepard who came to them for three walks a week from sixteen weeks old.

They have said 'he is such a good boy and we get compliments on his behaviour from the public whenever we walk him. Our walker Ellie has worked really hard with him as their owner can't walk him due to a foot injury. He is a beautiful boy!'

Well done to Zeus and to Ellie for all of her hard work. It's walkers like you that make We Love Pets the wonderful company it is!


What does a chicken need in order to lay an egg every day?
𝗛𝗲𝗻-𝗱𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲! 😆

Join us whilst we care for the chickens!

Our pop in pet visits aren’t just for cats and rabbits, we can care for all your pets, including your chickens! 🐓
We can provide them with fresh food and water, some exercise and time out of the coop, some company, love and fuss and we will even collect their eggs 🥚

If you’re going away and in need of some 𝗶𝗺-𝗽𝗲𝗰𝗸-𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 pet care for your hens, enquire with your local branch today 🐔❤️


Is this one of our favourite parts of the job? 🤗

It’s definitely a strong contender!
We love how excited our dogs are to see us and we are just as excited to see them! 🐶🐾

Building relationships like this with the dogs we care for is one of our main priorities! We want your dog to be happy and excited to see us whilst also feeling safe, secure and confident ❤️


Our Vet, Dr Eloise Quince, goes through just a few of the things you can do to keep your pets cool this summer. 🐶🐱


Feeling hot hot hot!

With the weather heating up and the sun beaming down, we thought it a good time to share 5 of our hot weather walking tips to keep your canine companion safe this summer! ☀️

1️⃣ Try to avoid walking in the middle of the day when the temperatures are high. Take your dog for a walk in the early morning or later evening
2️⃣ Keep an eye on your dog for signs of heatstroke. These can include: heavy panting, excessive drooling, lethargy and collapse.
3️⃣ Offer drinking water to your dog if there’s no water available. There’s some great dog friendly water bottle options available!
4️⃣ Walk in a shady place with water available if possible. Even if your dog isn’t a swimmer and just wants to dip their paws in, that’s fine! Dogs sweat from their paws and dipping their paws will help keep them cool
5️⃣ Avoid lengthy pavement walks! Tarmac can get very hot which can lead to burnt pads 😥 check the pavements yourself by placing your hand on it for at least 5 seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them.

Enjoy the sunshine with your dog, go on some amazing adventures and keep safe whilst doing so! 🌳🕶️🌤️🐶

Who else loves the sunshine?!


What do we do on Friday nights? 💃🏼

Look after your cats if you need us to! 🐈

We’re not just a weekday service, we can accommodate weekends away, weddings and holidays!

We can visit your cat as often as you need us to providing:
🐾 Love, fuss and attention
🐾 Grooming
🐾 Fresh food and water
🐾 Medication if needed
🐾 Play

And what’s more, we will also water the plants, pick up post and take the bins out if you need us to! 🤗

Our cat visiting service is designed to reduce anxiety for both you and your cat by allowing them to stay in their usual environment and providing you with peace of mind through thorough daily updates!

Need some care for your feline friend? Enquire with us today! 📩


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