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I offer home from home boarding as well as walking and daycare service - come and meet us in our home before booking x I am fully licensed, insured, DBS checked and First aid trained

Yep ❤️

Yep ❤️

How do you define being a pet sitter? In an industry made of individuals, YOU get to define what being a pet sitter is and how you service your clients with excellence.

It’s always the goldens ……. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

It’s always the goldens ……. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Happy birthday to usHappy birthday to usHappy birthday to Teddy bear dog careHappy birthday to us!!!!!! We are 9 today!!...

Happy birthday to us
Happy birthday to us
Happy birthday to Teddy bear dog care
Happy birthday to us!!!!!!

We are 9 today!!!! And what an adventure it has been! I’ve loved every minute of looking after all my little puddings ❤️ thank you to all my customers for your continued support ###xx



It’s BBQ time at teddy bear HQ ❤️🐾

It’s BBQ time at teddy bear HQ ❤️🐾


Awful awful - this is so sad 😞 this breed is already scrutinised because of stupid people 😢


Owner has been found!!!!
She now back home with her mum!
Thank you for all your help!
We have got a female dog without a collar walked into our store!!!
Is she yours? Do you know who she belongs?
Proof of ownership is needed!
Please call us on 01635 953060


Hopefully nobody will need this advice but with attacks and fights on the rise …….😢😢

I’ve spent this lovely day so far in a training room ensuring I am all up to date with my first aid so your beautiful fu...

I’ve spent this lovely day so far in a training room ensuring I am all up to date with my first aid so your beautiful fur kids are safe in my care - all done ☑️ 🎉❤️


Keep your doggys C😎😎l x



It’s that time of year again where farmers fields have blossomed into pretty yellow flowers, these plants are called rapeseed. Although it may be tempting to place your dog in the midst to take a scenic photo, please avoid this at all costs!

Rapeseed is extremely poisonous for dogs, especially in highly sensitive canines.

Rapeseed is listed by Dogs Trust as toxic to our dogs if ingested and can cause symptoms such as:

❌Haemolytic Anaemia
❌ Blindness
❌ Damaged Nervous System
❌ Digestive Disorders
❌ Breathing Problems

Even walking through these fields should be avoided! In June 2019, a dog was reported to be suffering from severe open wounds after running through a crop of rapeseed.

Please seek immediate veterinary attention if your dog shows any signs of rapeseed poisoning!

I’ve traded the woods the wet the miserable horrible English weather for Dubai - don’t worry back next Thursday - please...

I’ve traded the woods the wet the miserable horrible English weather for Dubai - don’t worry back next Thursday - please bear with me getting back to messages 🥰


After Christmas, Easter is the second most common time for vets to see cases of toxicity in dogs.

Keep hot cross buns as well as chocolate out of reach of dogs 🐣


Make sure to look out for toxic plants for animals!

With Spring slowly approaching, our pets love to play outside in all the beautiful flowers. However, there are some plants that can be toxic to animals. Here is a list to look out for to keep your pet safe. Because we always want to make sure our furry companions are safe and healthy. 💙🌷


This isn't just for kennels. This is also for home boarding and daycare.

Please do your due diligence as a responsible owner and ask to see the licence of the boarder or kennels you may be using and check to see when the licence expired.

No licence = invalid business insurance = in valid pet owner insurance.

In light of two kennels (Glendee, Hertfordshire & Woburn Forest Kennels, Bedfordshire) being prosecuted this year & last year for failing to have a current licence, or failing to have the correct licence for the actual activity...


💛Today is Dogs In Yellow Day, a day to raise awareness of what it means when you see a dog in yellow and to recognise that some dogs struggle in public spaces.💛

If you see a dog in yellow, please help them by giving them space, and give the owner a little smile if you can 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

This is brilliant - always research your breed!

This is brilliant - always research your breed!

Everyone who is thinking of getting dogs should read this because you need to understand this reality:

***I am a 21st century dog.***
-I'm a Malinois.
Overskilled among dogs, I excel in all disciplines and I'm always ready to work: I NEED to work.
But nowadays I get asked to chill on the couch all day everyday.

-I am an Akita Inu.
My ancestors were selected for dog fighting.
Today I get asked to be tolerant and I get scolded for my reactivity when another approaches me.

-I am a Beagle.
When I chase my prey, I raise my voice so the hunters could follow.
Today they put an electric collar on me to shut up, and you make me come back to you - no running - with a snap of your fingers.

-I am a Yorkshire Terrier.
I was a terrifying rat hunter in English mines.
Today they think I can't use my legs and they always hold me in their arms.

-I'm a Labrador Retriever.
My vision of happiness is a dive into a pond to bring back the duck he shot to my master.
Today you forget I'm a walking, running, swimming dog; as a result I'm fat, made to stay indoors, and to babysit.

-I am a Jack Russell.
I can take on a fox, a mean badger, and a rat bigger than me in his den.
Today I get scolded for my character and high energy, and forced to turn into a quiet living room dog.

-I am a Siberian Husky.
Experienced the great, wide open spaces of Northern Europe, where I could drag sleds for long distances at impressive speeds.
Today I only have the walls of the house or small garden as a horizon, and the holes I dig in the ground just to release energy and frustration, trying to stay sane.

-I am a border collie
I was made to work hours a day in partnershipwith my master, and I am an unmistakable artist of working with the herd.
Today they are mad at me because, for lack of sheep, I try to check bikes, cars, children in the house and everything in motion.

I am ...
I am a 21st century dog.
I'm pretty, I'm alert, I'm obedient, I stay in a bag...but I'm also an individual who, from centuries of training, needs to express my instincts, and I am *not* suited for the sedentary life you'd want me to lead.
Spending eight hours a day alone in the house or in the garden - with no work and no one to play or run with, seeing you for a short time in the evening when you get home, and only getting a small toilet walk will make me deeply unhappy.
I'll express it by barking all day, turning your yard into a minefield, doing my needs indoors, being unmanageable the rare times I'll find myself outside, and sometimes spending my days sunk, sad, lonely, and depressed, on my pillow.
You may think that I should be happy to be able to enjoy all this comfort while you go to work, but actually I’ll be exhausted and frustrated, because this is absolutely NOT what I'm meant to do, or what I need to be doing.
If you love me, if you've always dreamed of me, if my beautiful blue eyes or my athletic look make you want me, but you can't give me a real dog's life, a life that's really worth living according to my breed, and if you can't offer me the job that my genes are asking, DO NOT buy or adopt me!
If you like the way I look but aren't willing to accept my temperament, gifts, and traits derived from long genetic selection, and you think you can change them with only your good will, then DO NOT BUY OR ADOPT ME.
I’m a dog from the 21st century, yes, but deep inside me, the one who fought, the one who hunted, the one who pulled sleds, the one who guided and protected a herd still lives within.
So think **very** carefully before you choose your dog. And think about getting two, rather than one, so I won't be so very lonely waiting for you all day. Eight or ten hours is just a workday to you, but it's an eternity for me to be alone.

©️ Karen Caron


Do you have a new Puppy??
Just two places left on our Puppy Course starting 16th March - Saturday morning 9.10am in Thatcham.
Fully Qualified Instructor, positive reinforcement only. Check out our web site for more details or book here -

Well that should cover this week ……… 😂😂

Well that should cover this week ……… 😂😂


Polite request: if you are out walking, whether by yourself or with your dog, and you can see someone else's dog reacting towards you, please do not continue to approach them: either wait til they have gone out of sight, or turn and walk another way - especially (!) If the dog's guardian has asked you to. On that note, if you see a dog guardian hide their dog up a driveway, or turn & walk/jog their dog away the moment they see you & yours, for f's sake dont follow them at a quick pace. Just pick a different route!

Yes, your dog may be non-reactive. Yes, you have every right to walk right up to/past the reactive dog. Yes, you may think it is the guardian's problem.

Knowingly & deliberately setting a reactive dog off & not giving them space means that dog (and guardian) will be in a state of high stress for days afterwards.

Kindness really does cost nothing.

With 3 reactive dogs myself, I have experienced the worst of the worst: people trying to approach & touch my reacting dog (why?!) and trying to chat to me, horse riders cantering directly at us (more than once) when we have nowhere to go, the dirty looks, the unkind comments, the 'but I/my dog/my horse is fine'. That's great, good on you (you do know its mostly luck that means you have a non-reactive dog rather than your own doing?) but forcing your horse/dog past mine that is reacting will stress your animal out too.

With my own dogs & when out with my clients, I will always ask people to pause (very nicely) & will also be very explicit if you do something really selfish & potentially harmful (you'll get a bollocking, & loudly) around them.

We are trying to protect you & our dogs, so please let us.

Please feel free to share.




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