Rocky the tri-paw rabbit

Rocky the tri-paw rabbit This page has been set up for the trials and adventures of our latest (and most famous amongst our friends) rescue, Rocky - the tri-paw rabbit.

Hi I am Rocky, the tri-paw bunny, I am approx 4 yrs old. In 2016 I was handed in to the Llandudno Pets@Home by someone who had found me in her garden. I wasn't feeling very well, and had sore weepy eyes, as well as long nails and matted fur, but the nice people at my new place of rest soon got that looked at for me and I started to feel better. However, I am a bit of an adventurer, and well, one n

ight when it was quiet and no-one was around I got bored, and decided to escape my cage again....

Sadly during this escape I hurt my back leg, causing nerve damage, and after much discussion (and a few raised voices) it was agreed that the leg needed to come off (which was a far better option then the one of putting me to sleep over it, which is what was originally suggested). So it came to be I was under the care of my new mum and dad from Paws 4 Thought, who spoil me rotten and make sure I have everything a little three legged bunny could need.


And of course Bunnies!!!

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Daisy and I live indoors but not all my bunny friends are so lucky, please make sure they are nice and warm xx

Please make sure your rabbits are warm, extra bedding is vital in this weather as well as making sure the hutch is covered, or as sheltered as possible. If you have guinea pigs outdoors please bring them inside, they can't cope with the cold temperatures we are dealing with at present :( If you need any help or advice please message us.


Iā€™m not a happy bunny tonight my friends šŸ˜ž I apparently have another nasty eye infection so back to eye drops three times a day :(


My lovely Daisy-boo is feeling very chilled today, look at that back foot!!


Mummy cleaned Daisy and I out again today, which I have mixed feelings about as it means lovely clean bed and new toys, but also tends to mean a bum bath, especially at the moment as mummy mixed some new food in with our normal food as a treat and it has upset both mine and Daisy's tummies a little bit.

However this weeks new toy was something REALLY special, normally it's just a new box or card tubes to chew (mummy doesn't give us hard toys as I tend to try and run over them, hurting my stump.

But today, although made of cardboard, it wasn't a box, or a tube.... but a CASTLE, yes, mummy has finally realised I am a prince among rabbits and has given me my very own castle!!

Only slight issue is, well, I'm not allowed in it šŸ˜ž as you can see Ms Daisy fatty-bum has taken up residence (although between you and me, I don't know how she got through the door! My lady is a bit broad!) and even closed the door behind her before mummy opened it again to take the pictures!

*sigh* maybe I can sneak in once she is asleep!


I have just been to see the bunny doctor, my eyes are sore and very weepy, mummy has to put drops in three times a day! And to add insult to injury, I have got fleas!!!! Mummy doesn't know where those have come from as apparently pussycat fleas don't live on bunnies


Cuddling with my Daisy-boo


My neck is feeling less sore, but the skin is still itchy and annoying me, so mummy is still putting my cream on every day and I'm being a good boy even though I don't really like it.

But one thing I DO like, is having a bunny friend, and I think Daisy likes it too - what do you guys think? Does she like me?


I've been a silly rabbit....

About two weeks ago now, mummy decided that Daisy and I should be permanent buddies and live together, well because I'm a tri-paw the hutch was never going to work for me, so Daisy moved in with me in my bedroom, and as there were two of us my little travel cot simply wasn't gonna work...

Mummy let us have the run of the room, which meant a water bowl, not a bottle.. Daisy and I actually liked this turn of events as it is more natural for us, but, here is the issue..

When you are an extremely fluffy, lionhead rabbit, you have an impressive mane, when you only have three legs, you don't stand as tall as you should.. a combination of the two leads to a soaked mane!

Now if I'd told mummy so she could dry me off, not a problem, but me being me, didn't tell mummy, and just hid it under my ear and the rest of my mane so she didn't notice and fuss.

Last night she noticed me fretting and checked me over, sure enough, soaked neck... so she started drying me and my fur just came away in her hand... still attached to scabs of dead yucky skin.

She promptly cut my wonderful mane back to get to the sore bit, washed it with hibiscrub to make sure no nasties were left, and gently patted my sore skin dry.

We went to the vet this morning and saw a nice locum borrowed from Abergele who was very gentle with me, praised mummy for her nursing skills, and sent us home with some ointment to make me more comfortable.

I love my mummy and was a good boy when she put the cream on, and I've promised next time I'll tell her, but we all know I won't.. the water bowl has been replaced with a bottle again as mummy put us in the rabbit run in the bedroom so Daisy feels safer.


Just want to wish "Dad" a happy Father's Day from me and the rest of the gang, there are many Dads out there but we are all so glad you are ours!

Herbert Wonksworth Esq

Lol my crazy little friend Herbie

This is how you play with a banner - use all your limbs! šŸ˜‚


Chillaxin in my room after mummy cleaned my ears for me

The Dodo

The Dodo

She may be different, but we think she's beautiful.


Mummy has be a bit cross with me as I've been very lazy lately - preferring to just laze in one spot, so she arranged a play date with Daisy, her other bunny who has been recently widowed when her mate Blackberry died. Well naturally I being a hot blooded male in the spring haven't been much of a gentleman but both Daisy and I are getting lots of exercise playing kiss chase lol


15 Gate Mews, Ancaster Square
LL26 0LB


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