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Mink Hollow Farm For 24 years we provided 'Hatching Packages' to local schools wishing to give their students the opportunity to see one of Nature's many miracles first hand.

The resource information we have collected and created over the years is available for all. We are now edging our way into retirement. We will no longer be offering live hatching kits, but will continue to develop the online resources, as we find time. We continue to raise, and occasionally show rabbits.

Operating as usual

Some of my "Covid" buns. :-PSome are proving themselves, and a some are still growing.All in all I'm pleased with where ...

Some of my "Covid" buns. :-P
Some are proving themselves, and a some are still growing.
All in all I'm pleased with where Mink Hollow is headed.

So there.Being the 'Parent' to your dog is actually a much more realistic - and natural - approach than notions of 'alph...
Wolf packs don't actually have alpha males and alpha females, the idea is based on a misunderstanding

So there.

Being the 'Parent' to your dog is actually a much more realistic - and natural - approach than notions of 'alpha'.
It also makes a LOT more sense when you consider your dogs' behaviour.

.... AND if you think about the theory of ego states - some of that can apply too.


You may have heard that a wolf pack is led by an alpha pair.


There are over 30 breeds of livestock guardian dogs worldwide. The most common breeds in Texas are Akbash, Anatolian Shepard, Great Pyrenees and Maremma. Crosses of these four breeds are common in Texas. Picture courtesy of www.101DogBreeds.com.



Edit: Moving this to the top because there are two pieces of misinformation that are making the rounds regarding this post that need to be cleared up. 1. Nothing below describes protective behaviour. 2. There are many stable, confident dogs who simply do not like to be touched. Nothing below suggests we should be accepting of nervy or fearful behaviour.

With the number of dogs that have been sold over the past year, I’ve begun to see a trend of posts popping up on German Shepherd Dog forums that go something like this:

“I brought my baby home 6 months ago and he’s been the sweetest thing until now. Then yesterday I took him out and just as a stranger was reaching in to pet him he snapped and tried to bite the stranger’s hand. What’s wrong with my baby?! How can I fix this?!”

Inevitably, a bunch of commenters chime in with helpful advice like “give the strangers treats and let them feed your dog before they pet him”, or “oh, you should have redirected to a toy”, or my personal favourite “you should get him neutered”.

Let me make it easier. If you wanted the personality of a golden retriever you should have bought a golden retriever. But that’s not what you brought home. You brought home a large guardian breed that is genetically predisposed to be wary of strangers. That a GSD owner is surprised by their dog’s aggressive reaction to having its personal space invaded by a stranger does not indicate a problem with the dog, it indicates a misunderstanding of the breed. Now there will be some GSD owners who will push back, saying “my boy just loves everyone. All he wants is to meet people and get pats and treats. He wouldn’t hurt a fly”. Those dogs unquestionably exist, but know this: as working line GSD breeders seeking to preserve and advance the breed, this is not a trait we select for.

To be clear, a properly socialized GSD (note that proper socialization does not mean allowing your dog to meet and interact with every strange person and animal it comes across) should not be lunging at the end of its leash at every stranger passing by. Non-reactivity should be a training goal from early in the dog’s life. However this is NOT the same thing as expecting your dog to enjoy - or even tolerate - being touched by strangers. As owners it is our job to train our dogs to be non-reactive to stimuli outside our control. A dog that does not like being passed by strangers on a sidewalk must be taught to tolerate this stimulus as we do not control who we pass on a sidewalk, or when. However it is also our job to work within the bounds of our dog’s individual personality as it pertains to stimuli that are within our control, and to have enough respect for our dog to not put it in avoidable, uncomfortable situations.

The solution is not to give strangers treats to feed your dog before petting it, or to redirect to a toy, or to spay or neuter your dog. It’s not to try to train your dog to tolerate something it is genetically predisposed not to like. The solution is to stand up for your dog and stop allowing strangers to approach it. Some pet owners may not like having to manage their dog in this way. They should have bought a different breed.

In closing, allow me to leave you with the 5 words every GSD owner should get comfortable saying loudly and firmly: “Please don’t touch my dog.”

EDIT: To avoid any spread of confusion by the few who have misunderstood the post, most GSDs can be trained to tolerate being touched by strangers. Nothing above says otherwise. But if you feel the need to train your GSD to tolerate being touched by strangers when it hates it, perhaps you didn’t buy the right breed.

EDIT 2: Once again, none of the behaviour described in the post relates to being protective. The behaviours people most often interpret as their dog being “protective” are almost never actually protective behaviours.

EDIT 3: Although it’s irrelevant to the message of the post, I changed labradoodle to golden retriever. A few people were getting hung up on what kind of dog was chosen for comparison rather than figuring out it was just intended to be any kind that contrasts “a guardian breed that is genetically predisposed to be wary of strangers”. To avoid distraction I changed it to a Golden Retriever, which is probably what I should have gone with in the first place.


This is a great day for a project. Good luck! #getyourducksinastarformation

These two are going to be trouble!Two weeks old today!

These two are going to be trouble!
Two weeks old today!

These two are going to be trouble!
Two weeks old today!

I finally got around to updating my website,including litters: http://bit.ly/mhr-littersCheck it out if you are interest...

I finally got around to updating my website,
including litters: http://bit.ly/mhr-litters
Check it out if you are interested.

I finally got around to updating my website,
including litters: http://bit.ly/mhr-litters
Check it out if you are interested.

Some interesting things to note here:"With a bankhar, everything is different. Humans, livestock, and the environment be...
Can the Mighty Bankhar Dogs of Mongolia Save the Steppe?

Some interesting things to note here:
"With a bankhar, everything is different. Humans, livestock, and the environment benefit. When herds become less attractive prey, there is a reduction in conflict between humans and wild animals. Less likely to be shot, predator populations stabilize, which in turn balances the steppe’s ecosystem—and may even protect species such as the critically endangered saiga antelope. Meanwhile, with livestock protected and losses minimized, a herder derives the same revenue from a smaller herd. And with fewer livestock on the landscape, the steppe recovers faster from grazing and trampling."


These ancient guardians of the traditional nomadic way of life are making a comeback.

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads

Perspective from a show breeder and breed preservationist:

When backyard breeders produce ‘cute, friendly’ but low quality rabbits, it eliminates one of the outlets reputable, ethical breeders have for their work.

Mixed breed litters and offspring from unbalanced pairings being sold create competition for the very few pet homes in the market.

Ethical, reputable breeders have a reason for breeding. Very often, it’s to promote or preserve a breed recognized by ARBA or BRBA. ER breeders have a plan in place for their culls before deciding to pair rabbits that will balance and target a breed SOP. Culls are a guaranteed but unfortunate byproduct of the intention to produce *quality* animals. Culls are animals that should not be bred. Many breeders sell these as pets for a multitude of reasons.

When backyard breeders sell low quality breeds or no quality mixes, it eliminates the outlet that some reputable breeders need for their culls.

As much as a backyard breeder doesn’t want *their* animals to become food, it forces other breeders who would be using the pet outlet to terminally cull their production.

If you’re going to breed, the intention should not be greed.

Photos from Courtenay DeHoff TV's post

Photos from Courtenay DeHoff TV's post


OK folks as requested--map of wild pigs in ALBERTA.

If you want to look closely at the data on wild pig occurrences in ALBERTA, take the following steps:
1. Install Google Earth on your phone, tablet, or computer.
2. Download this file https://tinyurl.com/y4o53hgv
3. Double click on the file and it will open in Google Earth. You can zoom in on the data and can turn off the pig layer to zoom around and look at the habitat underneath. Wild pigs can use a wide range of habitats but look for large chunks of forest associated with wetlands and agricultural crops. They also like some rugged terrain that is hilly and particularly like heavy will cover around lakes and along river banks.
Dr. Ryan Brook [email protected]


To Future Puppy Buyers

I have sooooo many people through calls, emails, text, etc. asking about available puppies and immediately disappointed when I don't have something available right then or within a month. Trust me, I get it. It sucks being told someone doesn't have something available when reaching out to good breeders or they have 6 months to multiple years of a waitlist. I understand that you do not want to wait that long for a well-bred puppy when you are ready for one now... Or even next week!

But, while I hate to be brutally honest, those backyard breeders, those puppy mills and those breeders only exist because of people being eager (and often times impatient) for a puppy, line their pockets with money. The public who are buying these dogs are the reason why they exist!

I cannot tell you the amount of people that have reached out to me for a puppy, and because of my waitlist, go with another "so called breeder" and end up reaching back out to me because of a sick puppy or because they know they made a mistake. Of course I don't mind helping people or giving guidance but my 1st question to these impulsive buyers is, "What did your breeder say?"

And do you know what their reply almost always is?
They ‘don’t know’ because their breeder disappeared the second money was handed over or they can't get their "breeder" to respond.

This next couple of paragraphs are IMPORTANT so read it carefully....⬇️⬇️⬇️

📍A backyard breeder doesn’t necessarily mean a large scale puppy mill of 100’s dogs in small crates. It also means a family that put their two family pets together and had a litter. Both are irresponsibly bred, even if it means one lives outdoors and the other on the family couch.

Expect more from the breeder of the dog/breed you’re looking for. Pet homes need to ask about health testing and be prepared to walk away when they find out that the puppies are not health tested.

The sire and dam being seen by a vet is NOT health testing. Health testing is being tested and cleared by the Orthopedic Foundation Of Animals in areas that effect the breed in question. It's DNA testing to make sure the parents don't pass down diseases to offspring.

Because while it’s tempting to hand over 2k to a person off Puppy Finder for a cute puppy, that same person will not be there for that same puppy after you leave their property.

That same puppy could be affected with a life risking genetic disease that could’ve been prevented with a simple DNA test. That puppy could be infected with parvo due to lack of vaccinations due do ‘breeder’ neglecting to get it checked by a veterinarian. Basically that puppy you fell in love with could possibly be a walking health issue time bomb or you could be one of the lucky ones and won the gamble this time.

So, I know you want a puppy.
I know the thought of having to wait 6 months to even 2 years for a puppy is depressing.
I know it feels like it will never happen but patience in this case may save you from HUGE heart break of buying a sick, poorly bred puppy.

We deserve better than a poorly bred dog from a person who will take your money, not put it towards bettering their breeding program and do it again and again. Backyard Breeders are the reason dogs are ending up in shelters, not the reputable breeders!!!!

Reputable breeders health test, we socialize our puppies, we temperament test our puppies, we screen the heck out of our homes and we breed to the BREED STANDARD! We take text and calls in the middle of the night if we have puppy owners who need us. We get excited with every update you provide us with and are thrilled you keep in contact as we loved our puppies as much as you have! 🐾❤️ When you are entrusted with one of our puppies you also get us - the GOOD breeders.

Before you think about jumping the gun.....Get to know your breeders. We may not have anything for you currently but we are happy to talk about the breed, our upcoming litters and why we do the things we do in our programs.

In the meantime, be careful of the scams out there! Be wary of puppies that almost seem too good to be true and please do your homework on proper breeding practices no matter what breed you’re looking at.

We need to do better for these amazing breeds we are preserving and it starts with buying responsibly and ending the purchase of BYB dogs.

Photos from The Victorian Naturalist's post

Photos from The Victorian Naturalist's post

To the Owner of a Couch Potato:Yes, Angulation Matters To Your Dog, Too
To the Owner of a Couch Potato:Yes, Angulation Matters To Your Dog, Too

To the Owner of a Couch Potato:Yes, Angulation Matters To Your Dog, Too

People “inside” the dog fancy (a sweet, archaic term referring to those who show admire, appreciate, exhibit, compete and/or breed purebred dogs) know that “angulation” in dog structure is important, but it can take time to learn why. Rarely have people “outside” the fancy heard the term...

Monitor lizard should be regarded as 'ecosystem engineer,' researchers say
Monitor lizard should be regarded as 'ecosystem engineer,' researchers say

Monitor lizard should be regarded as 'ecosystem engineer,' researchers say

Ten years of research led by the University of South Florida has revealed that a monitor lizard should be regarded as an "ecosystem engineer," a rarity for reptiles. Tortoises and sea turtles are the only reptiles considered to be ecosystem engineers, a term used to describe organisms that have a gr...



This lad wanted to make his cows extra happy, so he set up a cow brush in the field to see how they'd react! 🐮😂

I think they are on to something.I wonder what a difference it would make with rabbits?We already have nestboxes with ri...
Hip Dysplasia and whelping boxes? | Dog Solutions

I think they are on to something.
I wonder what a difference it would make with rabbits?
We already have nestboxes with rims to keep babies in, but almost all of them have flat bottoms, which is certainly not natural.

Hip dysplasia is one of those conditions that all dog breeders are very well aware. Responsible breeders make considerable efforts to eliminate it from their dogs for decades.



Fully* Pedigreed Rex
i.e. pedigrees will contain correct rabbit names, colour names, and weights going back at least 3 generations.


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